Sales – Week Ending 07/19/2018

Drake continues for his third week at the top of the album charts with “Scorpion”. If you aren’t a rapper (or Beyonce collaborating with her rapper husband), you aren’t in the top 10. Camila Cabello’s debut album “Camila” is 40th on the chart. “The Greatest Showman” soundtrack at 21st features Loren Allred while Lauren Alaina is dieting with Kane Brown on his self-titled album at 27th
HDD Hits Top 50 Chart (69%)
1 1 DRAKE | SCORPION YMCMB/REPUBLIC 128,902 9,572 6,967 112,363

7 21 THE GREATEST SHOWMAN | SOUNDTRACK ATLANTIC 6,411 954 952 4,505 [Loren Allred]

29 27 KANE BROWN | KANE BROWN RCA NASHVILLE/ZONE 4 5,894 1,282 641 3,972 [Lauren Alaina]

41 40 CAMILA CABELLO | CAMILA SYCO/EPIC 4,620 323 677 3,620

HDD has a list of the top 50 albums of 2018 YTD and “The Greatest Showman” soundtrack checks in a number 2. “Camila” is 11th and “Kane Brown” is 21st.
2 “The Greatest Showman” Total: 1,677K Streams: 659.721M [Loren Allred]
11 Camila Cabello “Camila” Total: 697K Streams: 619.614M
21 Kane Brown “Kane Brown” Total: 482K Streams: 379.305M

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