Phil Stacey: Idol Isn’t Rigged, Contestant Contracts are Fair

Season 6 Idol, Phil Stacey weighs in on Season 8 Top 36 contest JuNot Joyner’s charges that Idol is rigged in a blog posted on his MySpace page. (Pssst…he’s also plugging his new album, Into the Light, due to drop 8/25).

Phil doesn’t believe Idol is rigged.   He also thinks the contracts the contestants sign are fair.

He also swears the lawyers Idol provides are working on behalf of the contestants. In fact, he continued to work with them beyond his Idol stint. (I side with JuNot here–I wouldn’t trust an Idol provided lawyer–a total conflict of interest there…)

Read more at Phil’s MySpace. Excerpt below:

OF COURSE we’d like to think the show’s rigged! We lost! Haha’ ¦ But unfortunately, in my personal experience, there is no reason to believe it is.

Are the contracts reasonable? Yes. They are more than fair. In fact, I guarantee that if the contract were offered to any of my friends that are trying to break into the business, they would gladly sign it’ ¦ And on a side note, all respect intended, if you ‘understand’  the music business and ‘understand’  how recording contracts work, become an entertainment attorney instead! There’s far better money in it! As an artist who has experienced and benefited from three major deals, I still have no idea how they work’ ¦ A recording contract is full of technical jargon that is meant for lawyers… That’s why they get paid the big bucks.

Are the lawyers they provide working for Idol or the contestants? They are working for us contestants. We are talking about some of the most high profile music attorneys available. In fact, I continued to work with our lawyers long after my time on American Idol had expired. Of course, we have absolutely no bargaining chips, no fan base, nothing to bring to the table and 100, 00 other people who would gladly take our place, but I felt our attorneys got us a great deal!

Do the judges have favorites? Let me answer this question with another question’ ¦ Do you have your favorites? If so, than I think it is perfectly fair for the judges to have theirs. We all have the same opportunity to make them like us. If we don’t take advantage of the opportunity, should we blame them or ourselves? I’m just saying’ ¦

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