Paula Abdul Partners with Dubious “Psychic Friends” App

Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul told in an interview that psychics predicted she would join a successful TV show.

She said: “I had been told by two different spiritual advisors and psychics that I’m going to end up doing a job – a show… ’60 million albums is going to be nothing compared to a TV show that I’m going to be doing that is going to be a global success around the world’.

“I was told the difficulties of the job and who I’d be sitting in between.

“Almost three years to the time that I got this advice, it all happened with American Idol. So it was, you know – it’s crazy.”

Yeah, it’s crazy. But even crazier? She shared the story while announcing her new partnership with the “psychic” platform, Psychics1on1. Yes, our psychics are on standby waiting to rip you off for you to connect!

Paula is not the first pop singer to front a “psychic” enterprise

Paula’s announcement is giving me major Dionne Warwick and her “Psychic Friends” vibes. Back in the 90s the legendary singer did TV commercials and informercials for an outfit called “Psychic Friends” (PROBLEMATIC VIDEO) which purported to spiritually advise clients over the phone.

But it came to light that Psychic Friends, and companies like them, hired random people, training them to milk as much money from vulnerable marks as possible. Clients would call in and were charged by the minute. The idea was to keep them on the line and keep them calling back. Some folks lost their life savings. Eventually the company went bankrupt.

In short, the business of reading minds, communicating with the dead, predicting the future et al is problematic, to say the least.

Paula claims that psychics told her during readings the show would turn out to be a “juggernaut” that would “transcend generations” of viewers. Did psychics really predict Paula would land a job as a judge on the biggest TV show in the world? So called psychics probably dished out some vague predictions about TV being in Paula’s future.

As far as using psychics to advise her show business career, Paula said, “It’s served me very well. I am just really all about spiritual guidance and these amazing people have helped me.

“Sometimes you just need a little bit of guidance and advice.” I don’t know…maybe hire a competent talent agent? Or see a therapist!

“It’s helped me look out for things that I may have not even considered and, you know, I pay attention to signs.”

For her part, Dionne told The Guardian years later that the “Psychic Network” gig “kept the lights on and food on the table” during a period when she wasn’t recording.

What’s Paula’s excuse.

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