Numbers Thread – 01/15/19

Today’s thread is brought to you by the number 60.

A soundtrack song tops the Hot 100 this week. Introduced to us from “Spider Man: Into the Spiderverse” is “Sunflower” from Post Malone & Swae Lee. It is number 3 on the streaming chart (47.6M), number 1 on the digital chart (46K) and 10th on Airplay (60.8M). Maroon 5’s “Girls Like You” is 7th.

US Vinyl sales were up 15% last year.

Norwegian authorities are investigating Tidal because they received a tip that somebody was manipulating streaming numbers. Tidal says they were hacked. Given two of the albums that were alleged to be from Beyonce (“Lemonade”) and Kayne West (“The Life of Pablo”) and those two are listed as part-owners of the service, those are the nicest hackers ever. Usually hackers don’t help business owners make more money and top the music charts. Granted, some fan bases are pretty dedicated at getting their favourite to number one. Apparently, it resulted in 320M false plays. The population of Norway is 5.3M. So, every Norwegian would need a Tidal account and would need to have listened to either of those albums 60 times. That’s on top of the real plays. On one service. Hmm…..I can see why that looks a little suspicious.

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