Nigel Lythgoe Conference Call – 02/07/12 (Recap)

Nigel Lythgoe speaks to reporters today about the Hollywood Rounds, beginning tomorrow night.

  • Jimmy Iovine is coming back this year. There will be guest mentors as well.
  • Obama did not respond to his request to come on the show!
  • Thoughts on The Voice–It’s a fun format. Very gimmicky. Likes the relationship between Blake and Adam. But they need stronger talent.
  • No changes to the Idol format at this time
  • Nigel is “thrilled” with the ratings after 11 years. The voice ad the XFactor are competing for talent and viewers. Bound to dilute the ratings. He’s more worried about getting the shows right.
  • With the X Factor, it feels like 2 Idol seasons on FOX plus the Voice. There is viewer fatigue.
  • He stresses that Idol is still #1.
  • His thoughts on Smash:  Katharine McPhee is the star of Smash, Kelly Clarkson is mentoring on The Voice.  Nigel is proud to be turning out stars for American Television.
  • “I think Katharine McPhee is fantastic.”  But he’s not sure America is ready for a serious musical drama.
  • Judging is difficult–balance between judging ad supporting the artist. It’s easier for a recording executive like Simon. Harder for Jlo and Steven. “My fans won’t love me if I’m too harsh”.
  • Maybe the judges aren’t being harsh because they truly and honestly believe in their Top 12.
  • If what you want is really good talent without gimmicks without flashing lights, watch American Idol. (Diss The Voice? CHECK. Diss X Factor? CHECK)
  • We have survived for 11 years. Why on earth would we start looking for other things to put in there? AI is now in the history books. We’ll see if the other shows last for 11 years.
  • Nigel is shocked that the kids don’t realize how hard Hollywood Week is. They weren’t drinking enough water, that’s why contestants were fainting from dehydration. A bug was passed around people were vomiting. Too much 5-hour energy without eating. The fainting scenes are very dramatic
  • The most successful hopefuls were going to bed by 11-12–getting plenty of rest.
  • One of his favorites was cut in Vegas.
  • The kids performed on the Elvis stage in Las Vegas, singing late 500s early 60s music.
  • The final performances One Voice/One Instrument took place at the Vegas Mirage. The kids were able to sing along with the instrument of their choosing
  • There was an extremely dramatic group day
  • Last year was very diverse–jazz, country and rock, making those types of artists comfortable to come to the judges this year.
  • Lots and lots of Adele in auditions. There were more overweight singers who came out and were proud to be there.
  •   Nigel didn’t agree all the time with the judges’ choices.
  • Lowering the age to 15 has been a good thing. The Voice relies on older second chance talent. X Factor did both, but didn’t really know what it wanted to do.
  • Group rounds are all about how a contestant can cope.
  • Idol can survive the loss of a cast member (like Simon) but Ryan Seacrest  is the best host in the business. He would hate to lose him Ryan is the glue that sticks it all together ad moves it along.
  • Nothing bad to say against Ryan except he’s too good looking and has too much money! Hopes he and can sort out a deal.
  • Nigel He tries really hard to make sure everyone who makes the finals is featured on TV  by the Green Mile.
  • Will he judges save change? He hasn’t made any decision on the save AT ALL. He’s not sure where Randy’s comment came from (about maybe having more than one save)
  • Fewer bad contestants because there haven’t been as many “bad fun” contestants. They are more wary about how they treat people. Made the decision that they’d like to feature the talent.
  • It’s about the talent, not about the judges or the production.  We are as strong or as weak as the talent we present.
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