Nashville Star – Episode 7 – Recap

Ashlee Hewitt is eliminated! – VIDEO

It’s the Top 5 tonight! Whee? Next week is the final performance show, and the finale the week after that. Yep, they’re wrapping things up early. The snark has been fun, but I can’t say I’m going to miss re-capping this show.

The 5 remaining contestants perform songs they have written themselves. The contestants rehearse on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry. Maybe standing on that hallowed stage will confer some country bonafides on these lightweights?

Recap and Videos after the JUMP…

Coffey – “Southern Man” – Gah. He can’t sing. His original song is full of cliches, but then, so are a lot of successful country songs. He’s much better performing his own songs. He still should be eliminated tonight. Jeff says, “You pulled it off, ” although he calls it “kind of novelty.” John doesn’t think it’s good enough to be a hit song on country radio. Coffey kisses John’s ass “I think you’re the Donald Trump of country music.” Jewel says she’s proud of him because he’s stayed true to himself. – VIDEO

Melissa Lawson – “Ready to Stand” – She’s only been writing songs for a few months, but John thinks she’s a natural-born songwriter. John tells her to sing it with confidence. I have to say, the song is pretty good for a novice. There’s a nice melodic hook and the lyrics tell a story. She’s got a few shouty/pitchy moments, nevertheless she delivers well. Jewel thought she did a good job writing a song for her vocal range. Jeff loves this song too, he thinks the lyric is great and she does a great job delivering the melody. John compliments her, but cautions her to stay focused. – VIDEO

Sitting in the audience: Who the hell is “Two Foot Fred” and why is he on my Tee Vee screen? Is he country music’s answer to Verne Troyer?

John, Jeff and Jewel perform a medley of their hits… Jewel, what’s with the wonky vibrato? Holy crap, she hit a really, really bad note. Except for her very recent output, none of her songs are country. Jeff performs “What Hurts the Most” I had no idea he wrote that song, which I always felt was more pop than country. John takes the stage…and sings…I have to admit I haven’t heard these songs, being that I’m not a fan of the country music. OK, “Save A Horse Ride a Cowboy”. I’ve heard that song. Each of them sang a tiny snip of two songs making for a very choppy, disjointed medley. You think they’d parade the contestants out to sing together… – VIDEO

Gabe Garcia – “Lost Weekend” – His original song is also decent. Gabe is hands down the most authentically-sounding country performer out of this entire crew, and if you ask me he should win this whole thing. He’s got to work a bit on his performing skills, but he’s got the chops. Jeff says, “You’re ruining all my notes! Great work, great lyrics.” John liked it as well, he thinks it could be “a big ole’ hit”. He warns him that he’s up against the great performers in country music, and that he still has to work on connecting with the audience. Jewel cautions him on sounding too generic. – VIDEO

OMG There is going to be a Nashville Star concert tour. The show’s ratings are so poor, how do the producers expect to make money on the road with this bunch?

Shawn Mayer and Ashley Hewitt take the stage. One of them will be eliminated tonight, and I’d bet my house it’s Shawn. It should be the horrible Coffey, but I’m sure his big ole’ bucket of tears last week saved his ass.

Ashley Hewitt – “Mike’s Hard Lemonade” – Ashley’s been writing songs since she was 10 years old, and this one has a credible melody and a decent story. I still hate some of the little vocal tics she’s got, but she’s pretty and blonde, and she sings well enough, she’ll do fine if she wins this contest. Jewel really likes her and would like to work with her. Jeff thinks she’s doing really well for someone her age. John says even if she’s gone tonight, she’ll have a career in country music. – VIDEO

Shawn Mayer – “I’m Not Looking Back” – Not a crappy song, at all. But Shawn isn’t quite ready for prime time yet–her performance is a pitchy and uneven, but I still like her better than Coffey, who is living to assault my eardrums for another week. John really likes it, and thinks if she goes tonight, it’s just bad timing. Jewel compares her looks to Priscilla Presley and calls her “dangerous”. She thinks Shawn is best singing her own songs. Jeff gives her a very technical critique and tells her that the song could be recorded by Faith Hill or Martina McBride. – VIDEO

Elimination time! The girls giggle uncontrollably during the pause, and OMG Ashley Hewitt is eliminated. Color me shocked. Pretty, young with vocals that would sound great recorded–I thought she could win. Good thing I didn’t bet…I kinda need a place to live. – VIDEO

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