Canadian Idol 6! Episode 17 – Top 9 Performance – VIDEO

Canadian Idol starts tonight at 9 pm ET. I’ll be posting the video as soon at it’s available, but you can keep checking for it HERE.

Canadians and border-dwellers, chat–the rest of us will catch up with you…

The Idols can sing anything they want, as long as the original artist is DEAD! It’s Rock n’ Roll Heaven Week on Canadian Idol! Heh. I love the irreverent attitude–rather than fawning–attitude being taken here regarding the dead rock stars.

  • Theo Thames – “No Woman No Cry” by Bob Marley – Theo continues to be in a class by himself. His interpretations are always fresh and unique. The judges loved it. Zack says it’s his best so far. It’s definitely one of my fav Theo performances.
  • Mitch MacDonald – “Angel Eyes” by Jeff Healey – I’m not crazy about his tone and phrasing here, and he’s pitchy in spots. Zach found his vocals annoying. The others liked it. Sass says she thinks her good friend Jeff Healey would like it.
  • Earl Stevenson – “Light My Fire” by the Doors – Earl begins the tune sitting down, and the way he stood up and tossed his stool away is just Pure Rock Star. The arrangement is a ripoff of nothing and is pure Earl. The judges give him many props, as they should.
  • Sebastian Pigott – “Love Me” by Elvis Presley – I’m still pissed he beat his way more talented brother Oliver into the Top 10. Geez, what a f*cking poeseur this dude is. And off key. Oh, and the looks thing only goes so far. The judges all agree: Ya look great and then uhm….
  • Katherine St. Laurent – “Move Over” by Janis Joplin – Katherine has decent rock vocals, but she’s got ZERO stage presence. She’s like a dead fish on stage. The band outplays The judges aren’t quite so ga ga over her this week as they’ve been in the past, but they kinda give her the “Only 17 OMG!” age pass.
  • Drew Wright – “No Rain” by Blind Melon – Zzzzzz. There’s nothing special going on here. He changes nothing from the original. Who needs a karaoke of a one-hit wonder? Sass and Farley liked that he performed with a little more animation. Zack and Jake liked it too. A great big EH from me. Ha ha: Mulroney dressed as a Bee!
  • Mookie Morris – “I Feel Good” by James Brown – Mookie gives James Brown the Mookie treatment, and it’s totally the coolness. Like, totally, man. He scores on all points – vocal, arrangement and performance. Interacting with the woman in the audience was a nice touch. The judges loved it.
  • Amberly Thiessen – “Redemption Song” by Bob Marley – After misfiring last week, Amberly is back with her beautiful, plaintive take on Marley’s moving “Redemption Song”. Just gorgeous – and the judges agree with me!
  • Mark Day – “Dance With My Father” by Luther Vandross – Mark gets the pimp spot. He avoids a ridiculous performance (like last week’s insane “Dancing in the Streets” by just standing still and singing. He actually has the ability to sing well. He needs to stick to ballads. The judges like! Zach called it “incredibly lovable” Mark tells a story about his dad losing his leg. Mark ain’t going nowhere!

The video is UP. Check it out after the JUMP…

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