My American Idol 11 Wish List. What’s Yours?

American Idol 11 premieres Wednesday night at 8/7c pm on FOX. Are you excited as I am for the new season? Unlike last year, there will be very few changes to anticipate in this year’s format.  In Season 11, it’s Nigel Lythgoe’s job to build on the sturdy foundation he set with Season 10’s  Simon Cowell-less reboot.

To be honest, after suffering through a season of Simon’s joyless X Factor, I’m feeling super charitable towards Idol these days. But I would like to see a few changes.

1. Jennifer, Steven and Randy. DO YOUR JOBS. Please grow a pair and quit blowing smoke up the contestants butts. I have no idea why the judges suddenly lost the guts to really critique the contestants. There was a period early in the live rounds where the judging was pretty solid. There’s no need to rip these kids a new one. But honest constructive criticism will help the kids. And in the end, help YOUR careers because we’re all going to respect you more.

2. Please shell out the dough for some new songs. – There’s going to be a 50’s themed round to get down to the Top 24. So can we consider that the oldy-mouldy portion of Season 11 and get on with more current fare for the live shows? We want to see the contestants perform tunes that reflect what kind of artist they’ll be once they leave the show. Give them an opportunity to perform a wide variety of music that includes more current selections.

3. Don’t care if I ever hear again: Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and Motown in general. NO MORE HALLELUJAH FOR GODS SAKE. Songs by Whitney Huston and Mariah Carey. No more Adele covers PLEASE.

4. Give the Kids Some Wiggle Room: Mentor, Jimmy Iovine and his team of producers were a little too bossy-pants with the kids. The contestants need professional advice, but the team also needs to allow the kids to bring their own sensibility into their performances. I missed the contenders living or dying by their own decisions. Let them take risks, even if it means they could fail.

5. I miss the live band on stage performing with the contestants. Bring them back! Cut down on the pre-recorded tracks.

6. One thing X Factor did get right–they had a nicely-diverse group of contestants. The best casts are those that have something for EVERYONE.

Those are my thoughts on the new season. What are yours?

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