More Thoughts on the American Idol Semi-Final Group 2

Will go through:   Adam Lambert, Matt Giraud, Allison Iraheta
Should go through: Adam Lambert, Jesse Lang, Allison Iraheta
Should be wildcards: Nick Mitchell, Mishavonna Henson, Megan Corkrey and maybe Kris Allen

Week 2 of the semi-finals–better than Week 1– but still chock full of suck, with more bad singing, bad performances, and bad song choices.

If Dial Idol’s numbers are to be believed, Matt Giraud could sail straight into the Top 12 tonight. Considering Matt had, arguably, the worst performance of the night–that’s just some crazy sh*te going down right there.

Based on his initial audition and his Hollywood performance of “Georgia”, I was intrigued but not sold. His vocals were good, but oversung in spots, and I had yet to see real charisma. Still, I wanted to hear more.   Now that I have? Well, after last night’s trainweck combo of over-vibrato, painful falsetto and out-of-tune notes, I think I’m done.

Matt insists that “Viva La Vida” is the kind of stuff he wants to sing in the real world, and I cringe as I imagine all the painful Top 12 performances ahead from a singer who has no clue who he is as an artist.

That Matt already has a strong fanbase at this early stage, ready to cut him some slack based on a couple of OK performances from the early rounds, is amazing.

Other than Adam Lambert and Nick Mitchell, Week 2 was all about the GIRLS.   If life (and Idol) was fair, 2 girls would go through tonight. I just hope Dial Idol is wrong.

My Top 3 from last night: Adam Lambert, Jesse Lang and Mishavonna Henson.     Honorable mentions go out to Megan Joy Corkrey, Allison Iraheta and Nick Mitchell.

Completely baffling were the judges critiques for Mishavonna Henson.   Her song choice, “Drops of Jupiter” was risky, but with her smokey alto, she managed to put her own spin on it.   Did not get the comments about seeming “too old” and “too put together.”   The judges were sandbagging her for reasons we’ll never know. I hope they bring her back for the wildcard, but I’m not holding my breath.

Other than Paula, the judges didn’t seem too keen on Jesse Lang’s   “Bette Davis Eyes, ” despite making an over-blown 80’s classic seem new with smart vocals and unique phrasing. She handles the stage like a pro, seems to know who she is as an artist, and draws from a huge well of musicality.   And I loved when she forced a specific critique out of Randy.

Hope is not lost–Dial Idol has Jesse running neck in neck with Matt.   She could advance tonight–here’s hoping.

And Adam Lambert.   I’m not convinced he can be a pop star yet.   He’s still so much theatre boi to me.   But so what?   He’s got that incredible vocal range and mad mad performing skills.   Maybe he’s a little over the top, but he’s entertaining as hell and has me wondering what he’ll do next–exactly what I want from an Idol contestant. Thank Jeebus for Adam.

And speaking of highly entertaining.   Go Nick Mitchell, aka Normund Gentle: Screaming and crying while he hangs on to the Idol logo, throwing off his glasses “Can you hold that?”, “The one at the end, he’s hottest to me, ” “Doogie!”, To Simon, “Takes one to know one sassy pants! Karate kick!”–Every viewing of his video leaves me in a puddle of LOLZ.   I really want him back for the wildcard.   There’s so much meh in this group of 36, there’s room for a contestant who Does Not Bore Me.

Though not my favorite, Allison Iraheta was the obvious star of the girls.   Her performance was a little overdone, but I didn’t think of one other Idol performance as she sang this done-to-death Idol staple.   I hope she sticks with the rock stuff and stays far away from the Whitney and the Celine Dion.   The judges love her, and obviously the viewers do too–her score on Dial Idol is second hightest next to Adam.

Megan Joy put on a fine performance, until she got all Screechy McScreechfest at the end there.   She’s quirky, she’s got an unusual vocal quality, she picks great songs–I want to hear more. And although the judges had criticisms, they cut her some slack. Simon even gave her the Michael Saver “I hope America votes you through anyway” deal I thought he had reserved for Jasmine Murray.

Speaking of Jasmine Murray.   I’m not shocked she kinda blew it, but really surprised by the judges de-pimping.   She was a favorite going into this thing, but obviously no more.   “I’m really disappointed, ” said Simon, “I don’t think your ready for this.   Alrighty then.

The rest of the suck:   Matt Breitzke reaches for his best Daughtry with   Tonic’s “If You Can Only See”.   His charisma-free, edge-free performance proves he’s no Chris Daughtry.

Kris Allen is a total cutie, has great vocals, but picked the wrong song.   He had his moments, but overall it was a big old mess.   Lucky for him, the judges are in his corner.   “You may have put yourself back in the running, ” says Simon. O rly?

Kai Kalama–he’s been boring at nearly every stage of this game. Last night was no exception. Next.

And poor here-to-for unseen Jeanine Vailes, begging the judges for her last chance after a weird and awkward performance of “This Love”.   Sads.

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