More Spoilers From The Carrie Underwood Holiday Special

I’ve got more spoilers from the Carrie Underwood holiday special, airing on FOX December 7.

Last night, Carrie Underwood and Dolly Parton taped performances for the special, Carrie sang a satellite duet with Brad Paisley, and Ryan Seacrest and Bo Bice had cameo parts in a comedy bit.

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Thursday night, Carrie taped segments with David Cook, Kristin Chenoweth and Christina Applegate.   If you missed Thursday’s spoilers, read them HERE.

  • Dolly Parton sang “Here You Come Again” and a holiday song (not identified yet)
  • Dolly and Carrie had an interview/skit – they were both cracking jokes.
  • Dolly and Carrie sang a duet on “I Will Always Love You” – amazing, reportedly
  • Carrie sang “Before He Cheats” from her debut album and from the new album she sang “Temporary Home” (very moving), “Change”, “What Can I Say” (which is her album duet with Sons Of Sylvia, they sang with her live), and “Cowboy Casanova”.
  • Carrie also did a holiday-themed medley that started with “Jesus, Take the Wheel” and ended with a stirring version of “O Holy Night.”
  • Brad Paisley who had already taped his performance sang “Then” the lead single from his album American Saturday Night.
  • Brad and Carrie sang a “satellite” duet on the Loretta Lynn/Conway Twitty song Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man
  • There was a (reportedly hilarious) skit in which it was revealed that Carrie’s AI win and her win for ACM Entertainer of the Year award was the result of bribery, payola, and the drugging and blackmail of people involved. Ryan Seacrest and Bo Bice had cameos in the skit.
  • Producer, Nigel Lythgoe, tweeted that Tabitha and Napoleon choreographed a vampire routine for “Cowboy Casanova” @dizzyfeet.
  • Another tweet from Nigel: @dizzyfeet: “Dolly Parton was great on Carrie’s show last night. The only thing better was Carrie herself. She was simply stunning, beautiful and a star.”
  • Tweet from Producer, Adam Shankman: @adammshankman: “There’s no way to quantify my new respect for Carrie Underwood now having worked with her on the variety special.”
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  1. Damn, I can’t wait to make a massive toddy and watch this thing!

    There was a (reportedly hilarious) skit in which it was revealed that Carrie’s AI win and her win for ACM Entertainer of the Year award was the result of bribery, payola, and the drugging and blackmail of people involved. Ryan Seacrest and Bo Bice had cameos in the skit.

    AWESOME. Creepy, but awesome.

    Doesn’t this WHOLE thing make you feel like Glee world and Actual World cross over?

  2. Thanks for posting these MJ!

    I couldn’t be more excited about the Dolly/Carrie duet. It’s definitely my most anticipated performance of the night. I never thought I’d see the day when I was excited to see I Will Always Love You performed again but this is Dolly Parton we’re talking about. She did a great version with Vince Gill and Carrie’s going to have a lot to live up to but I can see her being up to the task.

    I’m also real excited about Carrie singing with Brad. I love the song they chose and it’s awesome they picked a traditional country song for the show. They always sound so great together harmonizing too. I can’t find an actual YT cap of their performance of Make The World Go Away at the 2008 ACMs but if you want HQ audio against a still pic of them then check this out: Make The World Go Away

    There’s also this Paisleywood duet from his album 5th Gear: Oh Love

    Major squeeage that Carrie sang Temporary Home because I really want to see as many live performances of that one as possible. I’m psyched too about seeing Carrie and Sons of Sylvia doing What Can I Say.

    I was so skeptical about Carrie being able to do this but the feedback’s been so good and the set list alone is gonna make this all worth it IMO. I can’t wait for Dec 7th!

  3. Is it December 7th yet?

    Can’t wait for the ‘I Will Always Love You’ duet. Have always wanted her to sing that song

  4. I’m very excited about the christmas medley, the duet with Dolly, and What Can I Say. I love Christmas specials and I hope this becomes an instant classic and Carrie does it next year too.

  5. Sounds fun! And, wow, a lot of Carrie performances… To be expected, but for some reason, it surprised me. LOL

  6. Awesomeness, Dolly Parton is an icon in country music. I’m so excited to see her and Carrie perform together. I’m glad Carrie finally got to meet her and perform with her.

  7. and I hope this becomes an instant classic and Carrie does it next year too.

    I’m sorry gangreen29 but I don’t quite understand this post. How does a variety Christmas show become an instant classic. Does that mean that it is converted to DVD and sold…to be played in American households for years on end…or does it mean that you would like to see Carrie back year after year with her husband(s) and kid(s) doing the same old thing with different people aka Bing Crosby, the Osmonds, John Denver.

    I think Christmas specials are a nice little treat for families during the holidays (though I personally haven’t watched one for 20 years) and are a nice respite from hospital and police dramas. And hopefully Carrie will get some nice ratings and that this will be a boost for her career and for her guests (though some of her guests are probably more well-known than she). Wonder if it’s on before or after House or if it replaces it for the week.

  8. For me, Bing Crosby and David Bowie singing Little Drummer Boy became an instant classic…at least in my mind (and my mind is all that matters to me). It made my father recognize Bowie. I listen to it often. Yup, in my mind that song works. I think there’s a chance others from this special will work for me too. I’m selfish that way. I only care about what I care about.

  9. Or does it mean that you would like to see Carrie back year after year with her husband(s) and kid(s) doing the same old thing with different people aka Bing Crosby, the Osmonds, John Denver.

    This, this is exactly what I want. I want people to say 20 years from now that their family tradition is watching that years Carrie Underwood special lol. I want it as ingrained in the holiday tradition as football on thanksgiving.

  10. I Can’t wait to see this special. It sounds like it will be awesome.

  11. Does anyone have a complete list of all the songs and acts they did? Sounds like they shot way more than 2 hours worth… I just hope they don’t cut the stuff I’m looking forward to most. I’m selfishly dying to see the DC duet and solo, Temporary Home, the Dolly duet, and Kristin Chenoweth… I’d like to see a couple skits and dance numbers but just the best ones, and not too many if they’re at the expense of the musical numbers I’m looking forward to most..

  12. Does anyone have a complete list of all the songs and acts they did?

    I’ll take a crack at it-

    Carrie solos:
    1. Cowboy Casanova (w/ SYTYCD males, vampire routine)
    2. Songs Like This (w/ dance)
    3. Mama’s Song (w/ SYTYCD’s Lauren and Jeremy)
    4. Change
    5. Temporary Home
    6. Before He Cheats
    7. Christmas medley (Jesus, Take the Wheel + __ + O Holy Night)

    Duets/ Group
    8. I Will Always Love You (w/ Dolly Parton)
    9. Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man (w/ Brad Paisley)
    10. Why Can’t This Be Love (w/ David Cook)
    11. What Can I Say (w/ Sons of Sylvia)
    12. 50’s/60’s medley (w/ Kristin Chenoweth and Christina Applegate)

    Guest solos:
    13. Dolly Parton (Here You Come Again + ___)
    14. Brad Paisley (Then)
    15. David Cook (Lie)
    16. Sons of Sylvia (Blue Christmas)

    1. Day in the Life of Ace (feat. the voice of Neil Patrick Harris)
    2. How Carrie won Idol and the ACM Entertainer of the Year (feat. Ryan Seacrest and Bo Bice)
    3. Behind the Music
    4. Dolly and Carrie interview

  13. Thanks leilamaurizia!

    4 Skits:

    -Day in the life of Ace (featuring Neil Patrick Harris as Ace’s voice)
    -Behind The Music skit (Carrie playing instruments badly)
    -Dolly Parton and Carrie interview skit (I know there was one, idk if it counts as 1 of the 4 skits)
    -AI/ACM Entertainer spoof (Ryan and Bo cameos)

    They’re not going to cut NPH’s guest spot nor are they going to cut an AI spoof with Ryan and Bo or anything that has Dolly being Dolly. The 2nd one might not sound that funny but the one Carrie fan who mentioned it said it was. It’s the only one that has a chance of being cut IMO.

    Songwise I don’t think they’ll cut anything of Dolly’s, she’s the legend here so we’ll probably see her 2 solos (Here You Come Again and her holiday song), and her skit and duet with Carrie. IMO they won’t cut any of the stuff from Carrie’s guests, solo or duet (except MAYBE What Can I Say). The only guest solo that MIGHT go is Blue Christmas but it’s 1 of only 3 Christmas numbers so I think it’ll stay.

    What’s more likely to go is 1 or 2 of Carrie’s songs *sadface* They’re not going to cut Carrie’s holiday medley nor do I think they’ll cut any of the Carrie solos that had choreography. Therefore Cowboy Casanova, Mama’s Song, and Songs Like This will probably make it. Temporary Home was reportedly a special moment so I think it’ll stay. Before He Cheats is the Carrie song most people know so I’d guess it would stay but on the other hand, there’s already lots of TV performances of it out there. I’d guess Change and What Can I Say are the most vulnerable. Hopefully not What Can I Say because I don’t think we’ll get another chance to get a TV quality performance of that song.

    I’m hoping there’ll be a DVD or Fox will put up whatever gets cut online so Carrie fans can see it. Or even if they put the show on i-Tunes and include bonus footage I’d take that.

  14. Thanks, windmills! And I completely agree with your analysis. I’m also pretty sure they’ll be submitting this special for Emmy consideration so I’m trying to find out if there’s a specific requirement on the length of the skits-portion. So far, there doesn’t seem to be any that I can find. Maybe they can eliminate one, which will most likely be the “Behind the Music” one because that doesn’t have cameos.

    Performance-wise, I agree that at least one of Carrie’s solos is likely to get cut. Reports say that “Change” was performed to a backdrop of Carrie’s Idol Gives Back Africa trip footage. Maybe that can be saved for next year’s IGB instead. Oh man, I wanna see everything! I’d buy the DVD too if there was one.

  15. Vinman’s reporting @ Pulse that the skit with Dolly was live and there was a live skit with Cheno too. Idk how long any of them were.

  16. Yeah, I saw that. Too bad I can’t edit my post above anymore. I know there was also something with her mom that leads into “Mama’s Song.” Carole’s “Stand By Your Man” before Carrie steps in.

  17. For me, Bing Crosby and David Bowie singing Little Drummer Boy became an instant classic’ ¦at least in my mind (and my mind is all that matters to me).

    Oh my goodness, this is the first thing to come into my mind also. Their duet is one of the most popular played each and every Christmas! I love Christmas specials. Some moght even remember Bob Hope’s traditional shows with the USO.

    I can’t wait to hear Dolly sing, and it will be good to see Bo again.

  18. We were there last night. The holiday song Dolly sang was I’ll Be Home For Christmas. They had to do 3 or 4 takes because there was snow falling directly above her – she was getting drenched, it was going down her shirt and such (really funny, and she was a great sport). So they had to move the snow machine behind her.

    They will not cut Change, they asked us to emphasize the standing ovation since it’s the closing performance, which she introduced by asking everyone to get involved in a charity, and there is the charity package from Idol Gives Back. I don’t think they’ll be cutting anything… I’m sure they’ve already scripted/storyboarded everything out prior to taping. They will have to fit everything in at 86 minutes. Based on what we saw, I calculated up an estimate based on 4 minutes per song/skit (give a little/take a little on different pieces), and its 82 minutes. I think they will be ok. ;)

    The Cowboy Casanova performance with the dancers was AMAZING. Carrie was in a hot black leather jumpsuit w/ stiletto boots. There were 8 male dancers, and Mark from SYTYCD Season 4 was one of them. I didn’t recognize any of the other dancers and I’ve watched all 5 seasons but, we’ll see.

    Carrie wore about 10 different dresses for the pieces taped Friday night, all of them were STUNNING. One was a short tight red sparkly dress, there were 2 or 3 gold dresses, one was a long fluffy white princess dress, one was a long sheery silver evening dress, and a short sparkly retro silver dress.

    The skit between Dolly and Carrie: At one point, Carrie joined Dolly on stage, she came out in a head-to-toe spandex bodysuit, with big fake boobs and a huge blonde curly wig. They joked about how Carrie used to dress up like Dolly when she was little, Dolly poked fun at herself by asking her if her mom was a drag queen. It was cute. :)

    I personally thought “I Will Always Love You” was just ok. Of course Carrie was amazing… but their styles are so different, and I much prefer Carrie’s to Dolly’s. I’m sure it’ll be great, I just liked the other performances better. :p

    Adam Shankman, Tabitha, and Napoleon were all there at the taping. Nigel was there too, but out in the trailer watching all the footage, so we didn’t see him. Adam addressed us many times, he was funny. :)

    They started taping at 7:30 and we didn’t get out until 11:15. Even though it was boiling in there for the last 2 hours, everyone had a blast.

  19. Thanks so much, socalprincess! I can never get enough of the recaps from those who were at the taping. And yay for the fashion talk! I only realized after reading your post that the recaps I’ve been seeing so far are all from guys and, of course, they don’t pay that much attention to the wardrobe. So an additional thanks for that!

  20. It’s too bad Bo Bice didn’t get the chance to do a duet with Carrie this time. I’d have love to see them do it again.

    Their version of UP WHERE WE BELONG during Season 4’s finale was one of the best I’ve seen in a long time :

    For those who missed it, see here :

  21. Socalprincess thanks for the added deets! I love the fashion review. Did you get any opinion of What Can I Say?

    Little Boy Blue: I’d have loved another Barrie & Co duet. I’ve always thought Bo’s Southern rock style complements Carrie’s country style really well and their voices blend well too.

  22. Windmills, “What Can I Say?” was gorgeous. It was the first performance Carrie did Friday night, and it was my first time seeing her live. It’s a beautiful song, and I was amazed at how ON her voice was… her performance was perfect both times they did the song. It made me realize that when she duets with people, she is always the better singer. He was pretty good… but just not technically at the level of Carrie’s vocals. Of course her performances continued to be flawless the rest of the night.

    The set was really beautiful too. The whole set… the background, the walls, the floor, started out kinda blue and purple with abstract “swirly” things in the background. At one powerful moment in the song, everything turns purpley and hot pink – and I just remember it having an effect on me.

    The set was pretty cool for Cowboy Casanova… she starts out in the very back sitting in a throne with her legs crossed over the armrest (in her hot black leather jumpsuit and boots), and the male dancers (also in black leather) are out front. There was lots of fog and the set was really dark and melancholy, there were like grayscale winter trees at night on the video backdrop. It fit in with the vampire theme, very Twilightesque. The throne rolls out to the main floor at the beginning, where she gets off and starts singing/dancing with the guys. There is A LOT of interaction between the dancers and Carrie, they are up on her quite a few times in the piece… which was different b/c as you know she doesn’t usually have choreography in her performances. The whole thing was very sexy.

    Bo was in the recorded skit for all of about 15 seconds. Same thing with Ryan.

  23. Socalprincess: I would hug you for all those details if I could and if I knew you’d be OK with it :p Thank you so much!! I love reading your descriptions of how the staging worked for some of the songs. I’m glad you liked What Can I Say! I’ve only heard the 30 second clip of it at Amazon and I’m curious to hear the whole thing. If they show that duet on TV I’ll be sure and watch for the lighting change you talked about.

    I’m glad you got to see all this. Thanks again for reporting with all those great details.

  24. Love ya, socalprincess! Love the details and you’re getting me even more excited for the special if that’s even possible.

    Did you find the skits funny? I’m probably most anxious about those. Skits, even those on SNL, always have that risk of falling flat.

  25. This was horrible, even Brittney Spears in her little mind could and has performed better than this. Carrie sung what 3 Christmas songs, I have never seem Dolly Pardon so dressed down before either. Was she instructed to come in her normal street clothes.

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