Monday Morning Mediabase 04/22/2019

Four milestones this Monday Morning.

Morgan Wallen from “The Voice” moves into the top 10 on Country with “Whisky Glasses”. As Carrie Underwood’s “Love Wins” also returns to the top 10, that means 3 reality stars are in the top 10 on Country this week (Chase Rice from “Survivor” is in 3rd position). Also, Country radio sees Lauren Alaina’s “Ladies in the 90’s” achieve top 40.

On CAC, Danny Gokey makes waves with “Haven’t Seen it Yet”. The song is the lead-off single for his upcoming album and it entered the top 10 this week.

We close with Normani hitting a milestone with her Sam Smith collaboration. “Dancing with a Stranger” hits top 30 on AC. It is already top 20 on UAC, top 10 on HAC and top 5 on Pop (in second position).

Ally Brooke:
“Low Key” featuring Tyga: ^25 Pop (23); ^25 RHY (29)

Carrie Underwood:
“Love Wins”: ^9 Country (12)

Chase Rice:
“Eyes on You”: ^3 Country (5)

Danny Gokey:
“Haven’t Seen It Yet”: ^10 CAC (11)

Kelly Clarkson:
“Broken and Beautiful”: ^26 HAC (30)

Lauren Alaina:
“Ladies in the ’90s”: ^39 Country (42)

Morgan Wallen:
“Whiskey Glasses”: ^8 Country (11)

Niall Horan:
featured on Julia Michaels’ “What a Time”: 45 Pop (40)

& Sam Smith “Dancing with a Stranger”: ^2 Pop (5); ^7 HAC (9); ^29 AC (31), ^16 UAC (15)

“The Greatest Show”: 46 AC (44)

Upcoming Adds:
None Listed.

Stats collected on Monday Morning.

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