Meet the American Idol 12 Top 20 – Social Media, Photos and More

The American Idol 12 Top 20 were revealed tonight! Meet the contestants via photos and social media. Plus, details from FOX about next week’s voting rounds. Get ready for 5 1/2 hours of American Idol!


Next week, AMERICAN IDOL will air on three consecutive nights and it will be up to America to decide who becomes a finalist. On Tuesday, March 5 (8:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed), live from Las Vegas, the Top 10 girl semifinalists take the stage and sing their hearts out for America and the judges in hopes of winning America’s vote. On Wednesday, March 6 (8:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed), it is the Top 10 guy semifinalists’ turn to perform. On the most dramatic night of the competition so far, this season’s finalists will be announced live from the IDOL stage in Los Angeles on a special 90-minute episode airing Thursday, March 7 (8:00-9:30 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed) on FOX.

Below are the Top 10 girl semifinalists on AMERICAN IDOL who will be vying for America’s vote(s) after their LIVE performances on Tuesday, March 5 (8:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed):

Janelle Arthur         Age: 23
Hometown: Oliver Springs, TN
Twitter: @JanelleAI12


Aubrey Cleland         Age: 19
Hometown: West Linn, OR
Twitter: @AubreyAI12

Candice Glover         Age: 23
Hometown: St. Helena Island, SC
Twitter: @CandiceAI12

Kree Harrison         Age: 22
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Twitter: @KreeAI12

Amber Holcomb        Age: 18
Hometown: Houston, TX
Twitter: @AmberAI12

Zoanette Johnson         Age: 20
Hometown: Tulsa, OK
Twitter: @ZoanetteAI12

Adriana Latonio        Age: 17
Hometown: Anchorage, AK
Twitter: @AdrianaAI12

Angela Miller         Age: 19
Hometown: Beverly, MA
Twitter: @AngieAI12

Breanna Steer         Age: 18
Hometown: LaPlace, LA
Twitter: @BreannaAI12

Tenna Torres       Age: 29
Hometown: Queens, NY
Twitter: @TennaAI12

Below are the Top 10 guy semifinalists on AMERICAN IDOL who will be vying for America’s vote(s) after their LIVE performances on Wednesday, March 6 (8:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed):

Lazaro Arbos         Age: 21
Hometown: Naples, FL
Twitter: @LazaroAI12

Charlie Askew         Age: 18
Hometown: Little Rock, AR
Twitter: @CharlieAI12

Nick Boddington        Age: 27
Hometown: Memphis, TN
Twitter: @NickBAI12

Curtis Finch, Jr.         Age: 25
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Twitter: @CurtisAI12

Paul Jolley                 Age: 23
Hometown: Palmersville, TN
Twitter: @PaulJolleyAI12

Elijah Liu                   Age: 18
Hometown: Rowland Heights, CA
Twitter: @ElijahAI12

Vincent Powell        Age: 29
Hometown: Austin, TX
Twitter: @VincentAI12

Cortez Shaw        Age: 22
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Twitter: @CortezAI12

Burnell Taylor       Age: 19
Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Twitter: @BurnellAI12

Devin Velez         Age: 18
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Twitter: @DevinAI12

At the end of each performance show, the phone lines will open for at least two hours and AMERICAN IDOL viewers will be able to vote for their favorite contestant(s) via the toll-free telephone numbers (1-866-IDOLS-01, -02, etc.). AT&T wireless subscribers can use their cell phones to vote by texting the word “VOTE” to the four-digit short code (5701, 5702, etc.) that corresponds with the contestant of their choice (standard text-messaging rates may apply). Additionally, fans will be able to cast their votes online at

To vote online during the voting window, fans should visit and follow the directions. Fans will be required to log in using their Facebook account to access the AMERICAN IDOL voting page, which will feature the name and photo of each of the current contestants. To vote, fans will simply choose their favorite contestant, complete the security verification and submit their choice. During the online voting window, fans may cast up to 50 total online votes for that evening’s performances. Only fans with a registered Facebook account in the U.S., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands will be able to cast their vote(s) online.

“Like” AMERICAN IDOL on Facebook at Follow the series on Twitter @AmericanIdol and join the discussion at #idol. Also, follow host Ryan Seacrest at @RyanSeacrest, and follow the judges: @MariahCarey; @yo_randyjackson; @nickiminaj; and @keithurban. Download the AMERICAN IDOL app for iOS devices from the App StoreSM; and for Android devices at Google PlayTM Store.** Data rates may apply for app download and usage.

AMERICAN IDOL is produced by 19 Entertainment, a division of Core Media Group, and FremantleMedia North America. The series is created and executive-produced by Simon Fuller, CEO, XIX Entertainment. Cecile Frot-Coutaz, FremantleMedia, Trish Kinane, FremantleMedia North America; Ken Warwick, FremantleMedia North America; and Nigel Lythgoe, CEO, Nigel Lythgoe Productions also serve as executive producers.

Top 20 Photo Gallery!

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  1. Now I remember the name of one my favorites from last week, Amber Holcomb.
    My ideal top 10 as of now would be for the girls:  Amber, Kree, Candace, Aubrey, and Breanna or perhaps Adriana. ..torn between those 2.
    For the guys…Vincent, Burnell, Devin, Paul, and Nick.  But I bet half of my choices will not make it. As Angela, Charlie, Zoanette, and Lazaro are probably going be in that group ..or at least 3 of them. I am in the minority, I suppose who does not care for Angela or Charlie.

  2. Why are the photos all yellow? And did they make Kree change to do her pick? All of them are in the performance outfit, except her. lol

  3. she is wearing it in the group photo but i guess she had to change for the solo pic cuz her shirt is the same color as the background

  4. Wishlist for top 10:
    Guys: Devin, Burnell, Vincent, Paul, Cortez
    Girls: Aubrey, Candice, Amber, Kree, Angela
    Wildcards: Nick or Charlie / Adriana or Breanna

    I think Janelle, Lazaro, and Zoanette are overrated. But one or all of them may sneak into the top 10 if they’re picked by judges for wildcards or they have enough fans or one of them goes last…. thoughts?

  5. Can I just say, I absolutely LOVE this new format. In previous seasons with Vegas rounds, next week would likely have been the first time we saw the likes of Vincent, Amber, Breanna, Aubrey and they’d have little to no chance of advancing.

    It did feel drawn out, but I definitely appreciated being able to see the entire top 40 perform (and not having to wait on results, either). 

  6. I think if Devin, Nick, Vincent, Burnell, Charlie, Kree, Amber, Candice, Angela, and one of Janelle/Aubrey/Breanna/Adriana are the top 10, then it would be a strong top 10. The only real stinkers on the girls side are Zoanette and Tenna.

  7. Wow, looking at the followers number, Lazaro and Angela are almost at the 2K mark, while the rest has yet to reach 1K… I hope this is not a sign of things to come…

  8. Not loving the top twenty, way to many R & B types, no rockers, no WGWG and a couple of country girls.  Interestingly enough the top twenty are a mirror image of the judging panel. 

  9. I think Charlie could be a rocker. He seems like someone who has the voice to do some Queen songs.

  10. No disrespect to you or Charlie, but there is no way Charlie could ever do justice to any song Freddie Mercury sang. 

  11. I am loving no wgeg thisyear finally! Hooray! Loving the diversity and except for a few, liking the top 20

  12. My predicted Top 10: Candice, Kree, Angela, Zoanette, Janelle, Nick, Burnell, Charlie, Lazaro, Devin. If there are wildcards, I’d expect the judges to save Curtis, Amber, and one of Aubrey/Breanna/Adriana. 

    My preferred Top 10: Candice, Kree, Angela, Amber, Adriana, Nick, Burnell, Devin, Vincent, Paul. Wildcards would go to Janelle, Aubrey and Breanna, because I honestly would take pretty much any girl from the Top 40 in favour of most of the guys.

  13. I agree Peter, I like your choices but I do think either Charlie or Zoanette or both get in by wildcard if voters do not put them through as Nikki is obsessed with both and she also loves Breanna too

  14. John I also think I would add Elijah to the list of not good singer too.

  15. Yes I can see Angela as she has been very good and has a lot of fans but I think Lazaro will make top ten and take the place of a really good singer

  16. Here’s my predictions of who will go through..
    NOT my Preferences or judgments of quality (yeah, maybe I should tuck this on a blog I create so not to pug up the comments section but.. no one would read it there either .. you guys have a scroll button and don’t need to here either lol)


    Charlie Askew – as much as 75% of you might hate him,  15 to 25%
    likes where he’s at , and how he’s bringing perspective on things with irony and
    seriousness at the same time “there’s always a girl” was a reference to the
    Sturges line in Gulliver’s travels. 
    Yes,  Charlie strikes me at the
    the introspective type of kid that watches old film Noir and I think you need
    to “get” film noir and go there to “get” him.  
    The thing is, while he jokes, you also suspect that there might have
    been a girl – he twists that edge between fact and fiction in a way I find
    entertaining and that tension between hope and insecurity comes through in his
    singing.. and those are interesting emotions for me.  (a bit woody allen ish if you think of it
    too).   He’s the type that will have me voting for him unless he doesn’t tame down the talking over the judges to 3 times per review from 6 or 7.

    Ellijah Liu –  here is
    the cute boy –  works great for kids from
    urban areas or many suburbs of the NY chicago, LA and San Francisco and others where many many kids have many different  ancestries and he looks kinda normal.

    Paul Jolley  – pleasant
    looking guy who can sing pretty well – not a heart throb for the younger girls
    though but not needed to get through the first vote –  no other competition in the cute normal
    looking white guy departmentVincent Powell (I think and hope people who like rhythm and blues will put him through – I like to think that people who like this music value that warm and vervacious  personality over technical skills of another,  Curtis.  I bet it is going to be close.  Can both get through ?  I doubt it… can neither ? only if the voting isn’t divided among my other list of three.

    One of :(Burnell Devin, or Cortez, or Nick)  — These guys all have strengths – it will irritate
    many of you that they might go home before other people who connect to singers
    with less skillful voices for what they emotionally convey to their fan base
    but it’s about favorites.


    Angela  – I don’t need
    to say much.. stong voice with a comfortable personal appeal to suburbs across
    the whole country

    Kree –  musical people
    will like her for her voice and artistry while she’ll also strike people
    outside urban areas as someone who could be a quieter but pleasant neighbor.

    Janelle (I have to figure the strong country voice will get
    out some votes to make the cut even if she flops entirely)

    Adrianna Lantonio (she’s cute ,  sings pretty well and has a spunky self
    confidence  — and the phillipino vote is
    a shoe in for at least one round….every fillipinio American household watches
    idol (well hast to be 80%) and relishing whats hot and with it for good fun is
    part of what fillipinos are about — 
    they won’t keep at it if she struggles by the top 7 or something .. won’t
    vote blindly for someone who’s had a chance and isn’t a match but they’ll give
    her a chance (and some foreign voters will try to sneak around the rules too ..
    athough idol is getting smarter about that evidently)

    Breana or Aubrey or Candice — Wow you say ?  yeah I’ve laid it out above.. unless the
    country voters don’t turn out,  or Kree
    misses the cut because people who admire her just don’t cast as many votes per
    person.. it will only be one of these three. 
    Maybe Kree will go home and it will be two.. but I think Kree has a leg
    up on them.   My guess is that Candice
    might not make it if either Breanna or Aubrey has a huge night, but that if
    not, those two may take enough votes from each other to have Candice go

  17. People were talking about Amber a lot last week so she could also make top ten if she nails her song next week. I think Angie, Kree, and Candice make it as they seem to have alot of fans since auditions

  18. My top 5 girls would be Janelle,Angela,Kree,Candice and Amber and my top 5 guys would be Paul,Nick,Vincent,Burnell and Devin

  19. I really hope Charlie, Zoanette and Curtis don’t make the top 10…….

  20. If I had to predict finale today… I say it will be Angela vs Paul, Lazaro or Vincent or maybe Charlie based on internet chatter now. It may all change but those names keep popping up. Not sure any girl csn best Angela as she has early big fanbase. But I can see Kree and Candice finishing 3,4TH

  21. IF Charlie can get it together, I would like to see him in the top 10. But that’s a big if. I agree about Zoanette. I feel like she will take away a spot from a more deserving contestant.

  22.  “there’s always a girl” was a reference to the

    Sturges line in Gulliver’s travels. 
    Yes,  Charlie strikes me at the the introspective type of kid that watches old film Noir and I think you need to “get” film noir and go there to “get” him.  

    That’s some interesting insight, Tom22…I think you meant 1941’s “Sullavan’s Travels” – with Joel McCrea and Veronica Lake – and one of my fav Classic movies – although I wouldn’t exactly call it “Noir”…more of a satire, using comedy for social commentary. 

    Still, Charlie is the only one so far who makes me curious as to what he will do – I may not end up liking it – but I wanna know what it is – I am a big fan of the WTF Factor – and the rest have yet to intrigue me at all.


  23. Thanks for the corrections Incipid. you were right on both.  My memory was sketchy.. I actually thought the line was from a Raymond Chandler film … but I’m not one to pull out facts well.. remember contexts and flavors and miss names and stuff.   I googled the phrase with the a few other keywords to try to put details to my vague memory then wrote it down wrong still (I have seen the films but I was.. why does it have the name of that giant and figured I ‘d sort out where I went wrong later).  

    I could get tired of Charlie in a snap – keeping the mojo up will be quite a hurdle and it is a huge stage… but.. I’m also excited to see him try to come up with some twist or another.Yes,  “noir” isn’t exactly right for that movie;  I like your words “satire, using comedy for social commentary” .   (the Cohen brothers adored and found inspiration from “Sullavan’s” and other films..   their comedy “rasiing arizona” is one of my favorite movies ever and for reasons far broader than the manic comedy cover) .  I’ll leave it there.

  24. In order of preference: Girls 1. Amber 2. Breanna 3. Aubrey 4. Adrianna 5. Candace/Kree Boys:1. Burnell 2. Devin 3. Vincent 4. Charlie 5. Elijah. As an aside I think Nick looks like Ellen Degeneres. 

  25. 90 minutes to reveal the top 10? Seriously? Let’s say 30 of that is commercials, it takes probably 5 minutes for all the revealing, what are they going to do for 55 minutes?

    And they’re wondering why ratings are down so much?

  26. Did they say that for the voting of the top ten, they would take the top 5 girls and the top 5 boys? Or will it be the top 10 vote getters boys or girls.  So that it’s possible there could be more girls than boys??

  27. She might be my favorite too, but I’m worried she won’t make it.  Zoanette throws things off.  I think Angela, Kree, Candace and Janelle have a good chance of being 4 who make it.  Will Zoanette steal that fifth girl spot and push a super talent like Amber out?

  28. Hasn’t the speculation been that we will probably have wild cards this year since a top 10 doesn’t fill out the schedule?  If thats the case then I could see them having 4 or 6 performances to add 2 or 3 extra contestants.

  29. I’m so not hyped for this season. It’s giving me season 9 vibes. Kree is our Crystal, going for the perfect WNTS game.

  30. I’m not convinced by any of these people yet but would love to see an urbanite do well, and get a hometown visit with Devin in Chicago or Tenna (yeah I know) in my beloved Queens for example.

  31. At least viewers finally vote… Surprised if judges/nicely don’t get 1 boy girl wild card… Will viewers go for back story like Lazaro or wacky like zonetta

  32. It’s interesting when it says voting for at least 2 hours.. Cuz that can be 2.1 or 5 or more

  33. Also Candace, Zoanette, and Teena look like they went through the dragulator, and not in a good way.

  34. I see Zoanette making it whether people like her or not. If she doesn’t, they will do wildcard and make it a top 11. It will also create buzz. No way will Nigel let her slip out. Prepare for her to be in the competition for a bit longer.

  35. I don’t think Kree will be our Crystal going for a perfect WNTS game, nor will she have as many 5 star performances. I like her but I’m not seeing it. 

    Definitely in the Top 10, though.

    My ideal Top 10:

    Girls: Angela, Kree, Zoanette, Candice, Janelle
    Guys: Paul, Devin, Vincent, Nick, Burnell/Charlie

    That top 10 is solid, but mostly average without a single standout (Zoanette, but for different and extremely awesome reasons).

  36. She does seem to be the only buzz worthy one so far. I think she’s a hoot, but at least entertaining.
    Speaking of generating buzz, I’m surprised Uncle Nigel didn’t use this pic of Kree, LOL

    (That was one campy, bad, Indie movie she was in!)

  37. I thought Nigel said there wouldn’t be wild cards this year.  This has turned out to be my least favorite Idol season, and I doubt that I’ll even vote for anybody.

  38. I have to agree that the format change from the “green mile” episode to the new Top 40 Vegas Rounds has been nice.  In previous seasons, those in the T40 who were selected for the live shows (T20) who had breakout performances in the “sing for your life” number had no chance to build on it and gather fan support.  As it is now, based on their T40 performance, everyone in the T20 has at least a week, two weeks for some, to generate buzz and consolidate a fanbase.

    This format has also given Keith, Nikki, Randy, and Mariah time to hone their skills as judges and build a chemistry at the panel for the live shows.  I already have bonded with Urban, Minaj (especially Nikki – yay), and Carey (why won’t you look at Nikki?), that may have taken a few more weeks to achieve under the old format.  This should all help ratings.  Well done Nigel.

    My Top 10

    Girls – Angela, Amber, Kree, Breanna, and Aubrey

    Boys – Zzzz

  39.  I think like Crystal the rest of the field will be so bad that she will look better in comparison and therefore get all of the awards.

  40. It probably just feels that way because of all the fodder and bad performances we had to get through with the top 40.

  41. The Crystal/Kree comparison is making me not like Kree lol. And it’s really making this season look a lot worse, since Crystal, Jessica, and to an extent, Haley, Elise and Siobhan at this point have sung circles around Kree yet she’s one of the best girls in the bunch. What does that say about Angela, Janelle, Zoanette, and everyone else whose names I keep forgetting?

    Everyone’s gonna have to step it up, but I think the season can be good if they do.

    The good thing about this format: Everyone got a chance for exposure. The bad thing about this format: “Everyone” includes the crap singers. I’ll take the “Where has this person been hiding? Stupid TPTB” format over this one. I do like surprises.

    I also do think that the bad thing about this format made this group look a lot worse than it actually does. This season isn’t gonna be S3, S6, or S9 bad. It’ll probably be one of the worse ones, but it won’t be as terrible as S9. I still think those girls I listed sing circles around the other girls AT THIS POINT, but it’s still early. Way early.

    I’m probably just bored because every season until now has had at least one grabbing performance even at this early stage.

  42. Amber, Candice, Kree, Angela, Vincent, and Nick can kick anybody’s ass from Season 9(maybe not Crystal, but that’s just one). The talent pool is definitely deeper than Season 9, by far. Were you expecting them to all peak at the top 40? It doesn’t work that way. I’m sure most of them haven’t even given their best performances yet. We are barely scraping the surface with some of them.

  43. Maybe it seems average right now, but I think we are barely scraping the surface with some of them.

  44. Maybe. As much as I think a handful of contestants who didn’t win from the past few seasons sing circles around every single one these S12 contestants, they did have full seasons behind their backs, which these people don’t have yet. Paul, Devin, Kree, and Angela have potential to at least contend with those contestants, I think. Also, in addition to Crystal, I’d throw Siobhan, Lilly, and Didi into the good S9 contestants who would kick these guy’s asses. At least, when Siobhan and Didi were on their game, because they had a lot of clunkers amidst some gems. But, again, that’s just at the scraping the surface level we’re at with these S12 contestants.

    I keep forgetting how we still haven’t even hit the semi-finals so it’s still early in the competition, how there was so much fodder to get through to get to this point, and how there’s still so much fodder to get through before we get to the Top 12/13 (It is not going to be a Top 10. The season would end too early. Nigel says “No Wild Cards”? Either he’s cooking up something or he’s lying).

    I will say that at least the contestants in the Top 20 for the most part sing circles around P2 and Lee, but that’s not exactly something to be proud of :P.

  45. I still wish they’d go back to America voting the last few weeks of February. I don’t understand the logic of delaying the one activity that makes the show most engaging – letting the viewers fell like they are making the decision.

    Having said that, I much prefer what they’ve done this year to the last few years.

  46. I think Kree’s first performance was better than most of the girls you listed. Crystal’s first semi finals performance was good, but criticized by Simon when he said he could see anybody doing that at a subway station. Haley’s was mediocre and people were wondering how she got through. She didn’t really start getting better until Bennie and The Jetts. Siobhan also had her breakout performance the 2nd week with Think.

    I like Kree, but I’m not even sure if she is the best singer this year anyway. That goes to Candice, Amber, or Vincent. Amber had one of the best semi final performances I have seen. Every year people talk about the whole season that there have been no “moments” yet, then when the next season rolls around there were suddenly many “moments” the previous season. Next year we will probably see people say “nobody has given a Hollywood solo like Angie yet” or “nobody has grabbed me like Amber did.”

  47. You could almost think of these top 40 rounds as the equivalent to the Seasons 10 and 11 SFYL rounds. They didn’t show all of them, so we didn’t see all the mediocre ones. Next weeks shows would be a better comparison to the past seasons first semi-finals.

  48. Those performances were all later than the one we saw from Kree, but even then, in HW, Crystal had Natural Woman, Siobhan had Living in the City, and Haley had God Bless The Child. I didn’t think Kree’s Lights nor her Up to the Mountain were at that level, but that’s just me. However, all three of those performances were really early. And, for Siobhan and Haley, you’re right, they took a while to hit their stride.

    I barely remember Candice and Amber other than “They were pretty good”. 

    I really don’t remember too many performances from last season, so I’m definitely not going to be saying that “this season has had no moments yet compared to last season” lol. And I do see other people saying that about Amber/Angie next year. I don’t think it will be me unless next year’s HW round is really bad :P.

  49. I actually said that last week :).

    I said that, with this format, they’d be forced to show all the fodder that went to the SFYL round. They edited them out in S10 and S11 so that it looked better :P.

    …I keep forgetting that, too.

  50. Yeah, still wayyyy too early in the season to say whether its the “best evah” or the “worst evah.” I see a lot of great potential in this group. Once we get to the top 10 show I think there will be a better idea of where this group stacks against the others.

  51. I know I am going to sound incredibly racist here, and I don’t mean to in the least, but I’m really surprised that there are only 6 white people in the top 20.  It’s a bit of a refreshing change, no doubt, I’m just surprised. 

  52. Well at this point I’m with Keith, I think Kree has one of the best voices in the competition. There are so many divas in the market already with the high soprano voices,(most recently Jessica) that its almost overload. As was noted last year by P2 winning, I think the market is looking for original, more than the technically best singer, I hope so anyway! At this point I’m not saying Kree will continue to be the best, as others certainly have lots of time to be stand-outs but, I do think,  song choices will be critical!

  53. I’m definitely with those in that it is still far too early to write off this season.  Poor S9, but I don’t think we are in that sort of situation.  Unless somehow 10 of the most talented wind up getting sent home next week leaving us with the Charlie, Lazaro and Tenna’s of the bunch.  That said, at the same time, I still haven’t seen anyone either male or female, that I’m totally crazy over.  That doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of talent here, but some seasons there are just people that jump off the screen at me and I immediately connect with them before I even know how it happened. It tends to be cyclical.  Some seasons I find it.  Some I don’t, which in many ways I prefer.  On paper I was most excited for Candice based on last year, but admittedly I can’t see myself caring enough to actually pick up the phone and vote.  We’ll see how it shakes out.

  54.  I mean we are at the semifinals and there’s no one I’m really excited to see. Last year I was stoked to see Hollie, Jen Hirsch, Hallie Day, Elise, Skylar. Here there’s just no one that piques my interest really :(

  55. I’m not going to follow any of them, but I went to check out there twitter pages, and Aubrey and Breanna may be the big re-tweeters of the bunch, so heads up on that :)

    So far, Angela has 4 times as many twitter followers as any of the other girls, while Lazaro has 4 times as many followers as any of the other guys (whether that means anything, TBD). A few of the contestants have yet to tweet anything (including Zoanette, which surprises me — for some reason, I thought she would be a chatty social media person)

  56. WOW at the difference in followers between Angela/Lazaro and ALL of them.  Since there is supposed to be so much buzz over Zoanette i’m surprised she doesnt have more. I’m telling you dont underestimate Lazaro having some major tween girl appeal. The tweens I know dont give a crap about good singing anyway LOL

  57. Instead of a wildcard to fill in the empty week….they could have a Scotty night and a P2 night.  One (1) hour each would suffice.

  58. American Idol has been very fortunate to be able to be a launching pad for a career in the music world for winners and non winners.  I really wish we had Asian or Latino win AI for once. We only had whites, black, and mixed winning the show. It would great to see a different ethnicity just for the sake of the show. It probably won’t happen. One can dream. 

  59. On the really small… I guess article thumbnail at the top of the page, Tenna (?), Amber, Kree, Adriana and Angela really looked like Fifth Harmony. lol

  60. I can’t at these numbers! PP at the tweeter, that he began to 12/01/19 and finished 12/02/24, is 16k followers so far (I don’t know where to check the rest of the contestants), and now have I to believe that Angie having 8k followers has life? Or Burnell with 2.5k? For the sake of God, guys, March already!

  61. It makes me feel a little better than Zoanette only has 114 likes on fb and barely a thousand on twitter, no public support so far.  Last thur she only had 94 on fb and only a dozen more since then? Please Nigel stop making us endure her, she is not entertaining and she cannot sing, she is not funny so stop it already

  62. Daang, Angela’s twitter followers went up SUPER fast last night. :-O  Guess she has a big following.  Although it’s weird that the other contestants don’t seem to have quite as much?  Maybe they have more now. 

  63. Daang, Angela’s twitter followers went up SUPER fast last night. :-O  Guess she has a big following.  Although it’s weird that the other contestants don’t seem to have quite as much?  Maybe they have more now. 

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