Matt Giraud – HaymanLoft Performances – VIDEO

How did these videos escape my attention? From a couple of weeks ago–Matt Giraud performs John Hiatt’s “Have a Little Faith in Me” and James Taylor’s “Steamroller” at the HaymanLoft in Nashville, TN.

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As a matter of full disclosure–“Have a Little Faith in Me” is one of my favorite John Hiatt songs, ever, and it wouldn’t take much for me to hate on a cover, but Matt, kills it. KILLS IT DEAD PEOPLE. Holy cow. Seriously, check it out.

Matt’s version of “Steamroller” is pretty sweet too. Now, I totally want Matty to do a club tour. I’d be there in a hot minute.

Check out the vids after the jump…

Videos after the JUMP…

Have a Little Faith in Me


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  1. Wow Matty……gosh I adore him. Puhlease tour somehow Matt……label or no.

  2. It’s still mind-boggling to me that Matt is still NOT signed. What?
    I hope something comes up for him soon. He deserves it so much.
    This was seriously awesome. Someone sign this boy! It’s about time.. Geez.

  3. I’m also very surprised that Matt hasn’t been signed yet. I think there have to have been people who were interested, but I guess there just hasn’t been a good match yet. I think it will happen, and he can keep moving forward. I agree that a club tour would be great-I’d be there too.

  4. I’m about ready to dial 911 and report a crime. SOMEBODY SIGN THIS GUY!!!!! Trust me, you’ll be like the editor who finally said yes (after 20-odd no’s) to Carrie.

  5. Now, I totally want Matty to do a club tour. I’d be there in a hot minute.

    Funny, hubby and I were just talking last night and said if he came to Ohio, esp. near us, we’d love to go! Thanks for posting this mj! Awesome!

    I’m impressed with how’s he getting out there! Something’s bound to happen eventually. Go Matty! Keep pounding the pavement, this is the time!

  6. It is nice to see Matt getting some love tonight. Thanks for posting this, MJ. I agree he really killed these two performances, as well as the performances at his concert a few weeks ago, and particularly his new music. (Video can be found at his fan group’s Youtube channel, which I just learned about from 3DoorsDownFan and crys.

    Matt has a bunch of talented, experienced and powerful people helping him, and I suspect something is in the works, or will happen soon. Currently, he is managing to write amazing new music with outstanding writers, so I would think he could put out a high-quality CD on an independent label if he decides to go that route. It would be nice for his fans to get some news, but artistically I think he is in a great place right now.

  7. Yes we have our Utube channel organized by playlist. For his solo show performance look in the playlist Matt’s first solo show. Or just go here :

    We also have a gallery for all of his AI performances, commericals, AI Extra stuff and are working on uploading video from the Summer AI tour here:

    Matt is such an amazing musician/performer and I agree with the other statements here…Why in the world isn’t he signed? I was one of the lucky ones who was able to catch his solo show at Cornorstone Church and it was definitely the best concert I have ever been to. Matt is a natural born performer and his voice is nothing like you heard on AI. It is simply beautiful! Can’t wait until his January show! Matt IMO will have an amazing career!

  8. OMG!! Matt has always been my favorite! We’re going to see him January 29th, anyone jealous!!

  9. what a beautiful performance. ITA that it is a crime this guy’s not signed.

  10. Matt was my fave of AI8 and these performances were awesome. I think he had a severe case of the nerves on AI and his performances were not great overall. I knew during early auditions when he did Georgia on My Mind that he had the chops. He just never achieved that level again on the big stage, imo. He is mad talented. When he records a cd, I’m buyin for sure!

  11. Lu, he had me at “Part Time Lover” a song I never liked. To me, that was all I needed to know. I want all that is good in this world for him.

    (and to those who asked,yes, I’m jealous. Where’s he playing?)

  12. I wish I could have been there that night. Glad you found and posted the videos. Thanks. and btw, really thanks, for this great site.

  13. Alright, so “Have a Little Faith In Me” is also one of my favorite songs ever (probly #2) so I’m going to see how this goes…

    MAKING AN MP3 NOW. Srsly, Kris is my favorite of the season, but Matt keeps proving that he’s a close 2nd or 3rd. His music is probly the closest to what I like, so someone better snatch him up!

    Thanks for the vids, MJ!

    ETA: As I’m from MI, I really hope he does get a club tour started. If ever he stops in East Lansing, I will be all about it!

  14. I’m sure he had plenty of offers, but he’s probably looking for something better.

  15. Although he just never managed to impress me during the season, he totally did when I saw the tour in person — he really won me over. And now, I think one of the great mysteries of the universe is how Danny, Lil, and Michael all got contracts before him.

  16. John, how Matt isn’t signed yet & some of the others are is beyond my realm of understanding as well. Record labels, what are u waiting for? Give him the right deal, he’ll make u lotsa money 4 sure!

    Oh, & one more thing….
    Oooooohhhhweeeeeee! That boy can sing the he*l outta some blues! & he’s impeccable on those keys. (Well, guess that was two things, LOL)

  17. He was great at the Idol concerts. I was very impressed. Can’t believe he’s not been signed yet!!!! That was very, very good Matty.

  18. how Matt isn’t signed yet & some of the others are is beyond my realm of understanding

    One of the mysteries of the universe… it seems there are strong talents every season that go unsigned while others who aren’t as talented get the nod…. things that make you go Hmmmmmm

  19. Well hopefully he’ll be the exception. The world needs more musicians like him to be recognized.

  20. After Adam, Matt was my second favorite, he had me at “Georgia”.
    I am simply stunned that he has not been signed yet – even Michael and Lil got signed WUT?????????

  21. One more thought – he is a great performer, he connects with the audience, which is really important, maybe it’s those years spent playing in lounges and stuff – but it really helped him become really good :)

  22. I totally want Matty to do a club tour. I’d be there in a hot minute.

    You and me both, MJ…in a heartbeat! I’ve been oh so patiently waiting for him to announce a solo tour since the moment the AI tour ended. He absolutely SHINES in these live settings. Matty, if you’re listening, east coast NY/NJ show soon, pretty please. You bring your awesomely talented self….I’ll bring the wine. :-)

  23. Woohookitty, I agree. As impressive as Matt’s covers are lately, I’m equally as thrilled with his original songs. They’re really quite good. The mp3’s of “I Miss You Tonight” & “Gimme A Break” are getting quite the workout on my Ipod lately. I look forward to the new music he’s expected to unveil at his January MI show. (Concert-goers…please be sure to bring back the goods for those of us not able to attend!!)

    I think one of the great mysteries of the universe is how Danny, Lil, and Michael all got contracts before him

    Ha-ha…at this point I fully expect the AI camera crew, makeup artist and janitor to get recording contracts before Matt because well, apparently the music gods just hate me and they taunt me. LOL That’s okay, I’m happy for the others and I have faith Matt’s day will eventually come.

  24. I’m not a Matt fan on AI. I do like 2 or 3 of his performances but the others are really not so much. I always feel that his nervousness on the show could have affected his performances and his song choices are just not brilliant. However, I’m really, really impressed with his post-AI performances as it seems like he has grown more confident of himself and loosens up all those tension. His piano skills and singing, especially his falsetto, are superb which reminds me of Gavin Degraw. I hope that even if he didn’t get a major record deal, he could always sign on with an indie label. I wish him success:)

  25. I have been a Matt fan since I first saw him, and I thought most of his AI performances sounded great (with one exception) and could never understand why he wasn’t getting more votes. Seriously, how could he have gotten in the bottom three for his “Let’s Get It On” performance? On TV, he never seemed as comfortable as he does in these live performance videos, which I guess was responsible for his lack of votes. He showed he was great at live performances on tour, and now with his post-tour career, he’s showing he can also write and perform great new music.

    People keep comparing him to Michael and Lil, but I’m sure he could already have a recording deal such as theirs if he wanted, on an Indie label. And I’m sure if he doesn’t end up with a better deal, that’s exactly what he’ll do. He must be getting close to having a CD worth of music because there are at least 3 or 4 songs he said he has written and recorded that he hasn’t performed yet.

    On Matt’s twitter, he has a link back to this thread, which makes me very happy. This is probably the most posts Matt has gotten on his own thread ever here, and I think it has something to do with MJ’s glowing comments (so thanks!).

    I love love love his voice, and when he jams on that piano, it adds another equally exciting dimension to his performance. I think we are watching him develop as an artist before our very eyes, and it is really an exciting thing to witness. I am confident he is going to release some amazing music in the next couple of months, and hopefully with a major studio behind him.

  26. So much frickin talent. Dude, gotta echo everyone- how the F do Lil and Sarver have deals over Matt!!?? I hope he puts out a CD soon. And shows! I’d pay good money to see him for sure.

  27. Lord God, what a way to wake up! For the life of me, I can’t figure out how to download the mp3 but Have a Lttle Faith in Me is making me cry! I have to figure this out! That song will be on my iPod before this day is through!

  28. I add my vote- Matt was my favorite on the show. He is so much more talented than most of AI’s contestants. He needs to be touring. I can’t believe with his talent he won’t be successful. It will just take time. He’s not a flashy teenage kind of artist. His talent will grow as he matures IMO.

  29. Well, I think we all know that the big money in music and the idea of being a pop *star* in music — which is what Simon has said over and over again that the show is about — are as much about looks and, especially, *fashion* as about music……

    If it weren’t, people wouldn’t have to so assiduously craft “radio friendly” singles for their albums, and then hear even about *those* that, Ewwww; *that’s* not *current*! It’s *so* 1998!!

    People like the insanely talented Matt, Melinda Doolittle, Elliott and others miss the mark on both the pretty-enough-to-be-a-sex-and-romance-symbol? criterion, and the can-he/she-be-successfully-crammed-into-the-fashion-music-of-the-moment? criterion. And, increasingly, as pop music buying involves teenagers only, and people come to prefer electronically manipulated voices to real ones, and so on, these people will *never* be seen as potential popular stars.

    Heck, the “fashion” issue is a big albatross around the necks of even Kris, Adam, and Allison, since everybody knows that it’s far less likely to be the quality of their work that determines whether they’re huge hits or not than it is to be whether people can “accept” what they’re doing as fashionable enough.

    I don’t think it helps that tons of Idol fans sneer ceaselessly at Idols who don’t go multi-platinum as failures and huge disappointments. If it’s not one’s own Idol fave, it’s all too easy to sneer that the lack of multi-plat is a *talent* issue.

    The only place all this doesn’t seem to obtain so much is in country music. So now we see a growing number of idols — virtually all of whom are *way* talented musically — toddling over to that sector.

    The good news is that Elliott, Melinda, and others are developing solid small careers for themselves, picking up fans, finding lots of work in small gigs, and so on, without having to shoehorn themselves into a “country artist” mask. …. Matt can do that, too.

  30. People keep comparing him to Michael and Lil, but I’m sure he could already have a recording deal such as theirs if he wanted, on an Indie label. And I’m sure if he doesn’t end up with a better deal, that’s exactly what he’ll do.

    ITA-I think so too. I think he is holding out to get the best deal. On tour, I liked Adam, Matt and Allison the best although I did enjoy Danny’s set and was impressed how he sounded and I liked Kris. But Admatison were my favorite. If he can’t get a major label, then perhaps Brook’s label (anyone recall the name of her’s and why do I think Randy Jackson is involved?) But he needs to get something wrapped up soon so he can go on Idol like Brook did and perform it. He needs those millions of viewers to see him so he can remind them all how talented he is.

  31. Matt was my favorite as well. It takes so much extra work going Indie but Elliott seems so happy. There is something to be said for making the music you want to make, and keeping some level of privacy along the way. Matt seems as joyful playing for a room of school kids as he does for a stadium crowd–this quality reminds me of Elliott and I think it is what it takes to be a successful Indie artist. Matt can have a great career on an Indie label but was so hoping one of the majors would pick him up. It seems like “fashion” in music is stuck in the Ugg boot syndrome—when will it ever go away. A return to talented singers, beautiful or not, is long over due.

  32. I like the way Matt looks; I think he’s sexy.

    I think he’ll be able to have a career as a musician, one way or another. I’m not too worried about his not being signed yet; like others have said, there are other paths he can take.

  33. There are a lot of ladies of all ages who find Matt very attractive. I’ve never met him, but by all reports he has a charismatic personality, which probably helps. His smile and the tour pants have also won him a lot of female admirers.

  34. Idolbeat not sure what happened but I made a new download link. It’s at the end of the thread. Try that one. Just click on the link and then scroll down to the end of page and click on the blue download link. Then a box will pop up click save. Let me know if that doesn’t work. I can try uploading it to yousendit if it doesn’t.

  35. If incredible piano skills (beyond his time) and remarkable heart are not sexy then I don’t know what is. His soul is very sexy to me. And his sense of humor. He’s so gifted and such a joy to watch. That’s music for the soul. Great vids. Thanks MJ!

  36. Matt is a super talented guy who deserves to be signed. He was too inconsistent on the tv show to win (he was my 4th favorite after the Kradison trio), but he shined during the AI tour and the little I’ve heard of what he’s done since tour has been very promising. He’s been working with some big name writing talent recently, and hopefully that will pay off in terms of a demo he can get to the labels. Throw in his live stuff, and I gotta believe someone will take a chance on him. He’s oing a good job of not sitting back and waiting for things to happen, as he’s keeping busy and has written a lot of stuff. Fingers crossed that he gets signed soon. If he does a tour an comes out this way, I would definitely go see him.

  37. I just wanted to comment to everyone saying that Matt shines in the live setting. While I totally agree, do not forget that the boy’s a BEAST in the studio. While some may not have liked all his Idol performances, he hands down had the best studio recordings of the season. Have u listened to the studios of “My Funny Valentine,” & “Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman?” Straight FIRE!
    I think Matty’s adoreable! To those who think he doesn’t have that sex appeal, please speak to a member of Matt’s fangroup “the bad girls.” they’ll set u staight LOL!

    & LOL csprof @ “tour pants” Gotta love those!

  38. Oh, be still my heart. He was my favorite on Idol after Adam.

    Matt *was* inconsistent on Idol (I adore him, but cringed more than once when he went pitchy) but he was amazing on Tour and garnered a lot of interest on the Tour–he was usually named as the best performer in the first half or the tour-100 percent agreed. (He also went Top 5 on Idol, so he certainly had a lot of supporters, and not just b/c he’s very cute ;)). For whatever reason he hasn’t been signed, he is out there making music, just like he said he always wanted to do, and I would go to his concert if it was in my area so fast my head would spin.

    #sgnmattgiraud ;)

  39. i cant believe that with this talent, matt hasnt been signed yet. i mean c’mon michael sarver and lil got signed and (no offence) but matt is way more talented than them.

    #sgnmattgiraud #sgnmattgiraud #sgnmattgiraud #sgnmattgiraud

    (oh wait i need to do this in twitter right?)

  40. Great vids! Matt is amazing in studio and what a stunning live performer. A real musician, lovely personality and he definitely is very adorable! Can ´t wait to buy his music. #signmattgiraud

  41. Meant to say, thanks for posting Matt news, MJ. I don’t keep up with his fansites and stuff but he was my runaway fave last season, and it’s so nice to be able to keep up with him here. I’m hoping we get news soon about his plans. It’s unfathomable to me that he still isn’t signed. I just hope he puts out music and tours near me soon :)! I hope he does pull a Brooke White at least and get out a new single to be performed on AI9. Those semi slots may be a tad crowded this year what with Matt, Lil, even Megan all coming out with stuff… but I’m hoping Matt gets something. Lurve watching him play…

  42. I’m in love…all over again :-)
    What an amazing artist #signmattgiraud!!

  43. In reply to Lucy’s
    “People like the insanely talented Matt, Melinda Doolittle, Elliott and others miss the mark on both the pretty-enough-to-be-a-sex-and-romance-symbol?”

    MATT IS TOTALLY SEXY!!!! This is something I’ve never doubted or debated.

  44. Oh Matt. You need to move to Nashville or LA, and get yourself out there. I need a Matt Giraud album. #signmatgiraud

  45. I agree with all the comments regarding Matt’s sex appeal! I find him very attractive but wow when he sings and plays that piano with such gusto and passion there is no one sexier IMO!

  46. MATT IS TOTALLY SEXY!!!! This is something I’ve never doubted or debated.

    Well, I didn’t see it on the show (in fact I was pissed when the judges praised and saved him). But BOY HOWDY did I see it when Matt performed on the American Idol tour. His version of Hard to Handle was sizzling! And both Have a Little Faith in Me and Steamroller are favorites of mine and he sings and plays them great! … I would love to have a Matt Giraud album of even better, to see him play live in a little venue near me.

  47. I don’t understand why Matt Giraud isn’t signed yet. He is so talented.

  48. Great videos! Count me in on the “I want a Matt Giraud album” bandwagon. I NEED to see him perform live again. Go Matt, #signmattgiraud

  49. I think I was attracted to him on the show because of his insecurity.

    But, he really has proven what a great performer he is with these tour and post Idol videos.

    MATT’s HOT!!! #signmattgiraud

  50. I actually hope that in his first disc, Matt does some great covers. It really helps sales, I think, for an artist is not widely known. I wish Kris had included some in his album.

    Meanwhile — this great rendition of the Hiatt song just reminds me of how terrific Matt was on the tour. He just knocked it out of the park, vocally and on piano.

    Hey song choice, song choice, song choice……that’s gotta be the mantra of every Idol contestant. That’s where Matt stumbled, but maybe this is better for him — not so much pressure.

    Beauty is in the eye of the you-know-what. He’s a nice looking kid, Melinda is a great charmer with a gorgeous smile to go with the gorgeous voice and Elliott has always been adorable. Thank God not every singer looks like Britney, Shakira, Justin etc…..

  51. I am dancing a happy dance to see Matt getting this much-deserved attention. Must be some trend because Allison’s thread from yesterday has over 150 posts, and Kris’s is going on 200 posts. I follow all three so I am really enjoying this weekend on MJ’s.

    Since video from Matt’s concert came out the same day as the AMAs, and since there are still people reading this thread, I am putting links to the two new Matt songs that most closely match the vibe of the two covers from Hayman Loft in case folks have missed them. If you like the covers, you should like these too.

    “I Miss You Tonight”:

    “Breaking in a Broken Heart”:

  52. Ohh I love Breaking in a Broken Heart. It has such a sexy cool vibe to it! And I Miss You Tonight is breaktakingly beautiful! So raw and emotional! IMO it’s the best song I have heard coming from an Idol contestant!

  53. I have totally loved Matt and his music since Hollywood week. I agree he often was nervous on AI and didn’t shine as much as he is now. He is so incredibly talented and I have no doubt great things are in store for Matt. His fun and outgoing personality only adds to my appreciation of him. I have TOTAL faith that Matt has a wonderful future in the world of music, and I cannot wait to witness it!

  54. Kay, just rewatched that “breaking in a broken heart.” I must say that Matt G singing the blues is like heaven! I LOVE it!

  55. Matt Giraud is simply amazing. His originals are by far my favorite but he knocks covers like this out of the park! somebody needs to #signmattgiraud asap! I need an album to buy!

  56. OMG. I totally agree on Have a Little Faith in Me. That song, too. Just amazing.

    Somebody please sign this guy. Seriously. I’m not a huge fan of 4am, but it’s got potential, and so does he. Wow!

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