Maddie Poppe Drops Song, Addresses Caleb Lee Hutchinson Split

Maddie Poppe

Maddie Poppe just released a new break up song “Screw You a Little Bit” and the question on many fans’ minds is whether the song is about her fellow American Idol alum Caleb Lee Hutchinson.

In a new interview with Iowa radio station KWAY, the American Idol season 16 winner confirms that it is indeed a breakup song, no, it’s NOT about Caleb. But she also more or less confirms that the two broke up.

The two seemingly broke up last fall when they stopped appearing in each other’s social media. Maddie only addressed the situation in an Instagram story, Answering a fan’s question, “Are you happy?” she answered, “About 90% of these have been the same question over and over, but I’m not ready to talk about it yet, tbh. I’m not upset with you for asking, I get it. I probably owe you it.”

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That day has come, more or less! But the interview is awkward. She still seems hesitant to open up about her personal life. For instance, while she’s obviously talking about Caleb, she never once utters his name in the interview.

“This one is not about who everyone thinks it’s about!”

“I didn’t know if I’d have to talk about it!” Maddie said awkwardly when the host brought up what prompted her new song. She hems and haws until the host finally asks if “Screw You a Little Bit” is a break up song.

“It is a break up song!” Maddie says, however, “This one is not about who everyone thinks it’s about!” She adds, “That relationship I still have a place in my heart and I have nothing but love and respect on that side of things. So this is NOT about that person. Because I don’t have negative things to say about that particular person. If you are out there and if you are wondering. There you go.”

“I will only look back fondly on that relationship”

The host then straight up asks, “Are you still with Caleb? One could feel Maddie blushing without actually seeing her. “Oh my goodness, is this MTV Live! No this is not about that relationship. Again. I will always have a place in my heart…about that relationship. I will only look back fondly on that relationship. There is no bad blood there.”

“Every aspect of my life for the past five years has been in that kind of spotlight. Especially my relationships,” Maddie shared about living life in the spotlight. “That’s not easy. It’s great when it’s going great. But when you are asked about why you are no longer posting pictures together and why it’s not happening.”

She says that overall fans have been respectful, albeit a few feel entitled to know her business just because they have been following her for so long.

“I have nothing bad to say. There are a lot reasons for a lot of things,” Maddie said, “You can’t just believe everything. People only post good parts on social media. People should know that by now. It’s such a comparison game on social media.”

“I know we can’t be as honest as we should or would like to be on social media because you would look crazy. That’s hard too.”

More new music is coming

As far as her music is concerned, Maddie is planning to release an album eventually. “This is the very start of it. I know this song is very honest, very blunt and in your face. They’re not all this hones. But they are all songs that were written by me and they are all coming very fast,” adding, “I’m working very hard behind the scenes to try and get everything together on the timeline because it’s crazy how much in advance you have to have everything submitted before you can actually release it.”

Maddie will concentrate on singles for now, but promises “there will be a collection to follow it all up.” She promises another song in about six to eight weeks. “It will be consistent,” she says of the release schedule.

Still, it’s tough to get a song out there, no matter how good it is, Maddie concedes.

“It’s not just about a good song. It’s about who you know and who hears it and how much money you spend and marketing and if it gets in front of the right people and if those people share it.”

Still, the singer is optimistic. “It can happen in so many different ways. That’s what’s hard about this industry. but what keeps me hopeful too. It’s not like there’s one path. Everybody has their own path. Everyday there is something that happens that is unexpected.” 

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