Lee DeWyze Deluxe Edition – “Only Dreaming” Bonus Track

The Deluxe Edition of the upcoming Lee DeWyze album Live It Up contains a special bonus track. “Only Dreaming” is the song Lee previewed at the Arlington Race Track for fans in September.

Many of you were disappointed when it did not make the final album.  But, if you pre-order the Deluxe album, not only will you get “Only Dreaming” but  you will also be eligible for an early download of the title track, “Live It Up”.   Pre-Order the Deluxe edition HERE.

You can also pre-order the album at iTunes and Amazon:

  • Pre-order the new Lee Dewyze album at Amazon
  • Pre-order the new Lee DeWyze album at iTunes

Thanks cristististi

  1. Live It Up (Early download on November 5th with pre-order!)
  2. Sweet Serendipity
  3. It’s Gotta Be Love
  4. Dear Isabelle
  5. Beautiful Like You
  6. Stay Here
  7. Me And My Jealousy
  8. Brooklyn Bridge
  9. Weightless
  10. Earth Stood Still
  11. A Song About Love
  12. EXCLUSIVE BONUS TRACK*: Only Dreaming
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  1. Thanks for posting this MJ! I love how everything is starting to happen now! New Lee music on Friday, music video next week, walmart soundcheck the week after AND the album release, all the promo stuff too… it’s an exciting time! :D

  2. Thanks for the link MJ! I am so happy Only Dreaming is available as a bonus track! That song is so beautiful!

  3. I’m torn now… iTunes has a pre-order bonus track, then there’s this one, then there still might be a Wal-Mart bonus track… I love Lee and all but 3 copies of his album might be a little excessive :)

  4. All these bonuses is pretty common. I ended up with multiple copies of David’s album because of them. Love, love Only Dreaming so of course I ordered. These labels sure know how to milk em! To be honest though I have a feeling Walmart won’t have a bonus since its not listed on the tracklisting on their site.

  5. I’m so glad we will get a studio version of Only Dreaming. The only version I have right now on my IPOD is from AP with all the screaming girls in the background!

  6. I hate myself being not American nor Canadian. You cannot buy the deluxe album in other countries. I love love love Only Dreaming, but now I know I have to be only dreaming about ‘Only Dreaming’ … depressed….

  7. I ordered my copy!! :) Really cool they are going to let us download Live it Up single early!!!

    Sorry to hear that Nene, odd that the AI site has “Global” in the title and you cant buy it! :(

  8. I can’t buy it either, but I am hoping that the European release will include the song.

  9. Finally , the studio version of ONLY DREAMING.
    I loooove this song – the lyrics and melodies are both so “captivating”.
    Much as I like SS, Only Dreaming has the real Lee-vibe and stamp written all over it.

    DTA: Thanks for posting this news MJ.

  10. Just ordered my copy, too! I’m so happy to get Only Dreaming! It is such a beautiful song!!! :) November 16 can’t come soon enough! :)

    rivermaya, I agree! I love SS, it makes me want to dance and smile! :) But OD is just so “Lee”, and it was that Lee, the singer/songwriter Lee that initially stole my heart!

  11. I love Only Dreaming, but I’m more excited about getting a new song in 3 days. YIPPEE

  12. Just ordered mine. Can’t wait to hear all the songs.Hope Lee does really well.

  13. I’ll gladly order another copy of the record to get Only Dreaming, I can’t wait to hear the studio version. Also cool they are offering the title track as a download on Friday as well. Great news!

  14. Just ordered. Add that one to my itunes preorder, and the hard copy I’ll buy at walmart. :D

  15. Only Dreaming studio version and Live It Up? whoa, this is soo cool! this week just gets better and better :)

    need song snippets. need them now. lol

    yes, please! lol!

  16. I’m in Asia so I guess I can’t buy the Deluxe version either :/ I love Only Dreaming, I hope they’ll make it available for International fans to buy too.

  17. Off to buy another….glad it showed up somewhere. THAT song is worth another full purchase :)

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