Headlines: Lauren Alaina’s New Boyfriend, Eurovision May Come to America

Will the ‘American Idol’ Judges Return Next Season? Ryan Seacrest Weighs In – Ryan told Renee, “I don’t know how close [the judges] are. I do know they’re in the process of trying to work it out now.” He added, “They are great at what they do, they found such great talent, they have great chemistry, everyone respects everyone so I hope it works out.” – Read more at Extra

‘The Voice’ Eliminated Artists Share The Most LOL-Worthy Story About Kelly Clarkson! | Access

Carter Lloyd Horne was planning to sing Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” if he had made the Instant Save. Kim Cherry would have sung Montell Jordan’s “This is How We Do It.”

Lauren Alaina Dating Comedian John Crist 4 Months After Ending Engagement – While promoting her new single “Ladies in the ’90s” on The Bobby Bones Show Wednesday morning, Lauren Alaina revealed to the host that she’s been quietly dating comedian John Crist for a few months. “This is my boyfriend,” Alaina told Bobby Bones as Crist sat down to join the interview. The two initially connected when the country singer slid into Crist’s DMs — “I responded to one of his Instagram videos” — but the comedian didn’t know who she was, despite the blue checkmark on Alaina’s account. – Read more at People

Luke Bryan’s No-Nonsense Advice for ‘American Idol’ Top 3 – “These kids can go win American Idol all they want,” he told media gathered to talk to him, Cole Swindell and Jon Langston about the upcoming start of the Sunset Repeat Tour (May 31 in Philadelphia). “The present situation that’s gonna have to happen is they’re gonna have to go earn it.” – Read more at Taste of Country

Danny Gokey on Good Day FOX 4 – American Idol finalist Danny Gokey has a new album and new single out called “Haven’t Seen It Yet.” He stopped by Good Day to perform live and talk about a new addition to his family coming soon. – Read more at FOX4 Arizona

Layoffs Hit Both Disney and Fox Film Groups (EXCLUSIVE) – Layoffs are taking place across both Walt Disney Studios and 20th Century Fox on Wednesday, a spokesperson for the combined studios confirmed to Variety. The cuts are being made specifically in film staff, an individual with knowledge of the company said, and come on the heels of the Disney’s $71.3 billion acquisition of much of 21st Century Fox’s film and television assets. – Read more at Variety

Eurovision Song Contest Eyeing U.S. Move as ‘American Song Contest’ – The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has trusted Swedish production company Brain Academy with the exclusive license for the format to be shopped in the U.S. and a goal to hold the inaugural U.S. contest in 2021. The long rumored North American version of the annual European mega competition event is officially being developed as the American Song Contest for the U.S. market with an estimated launch in 2021, the EBU confirmed. While still in development, the U.S. adaptation will presumably see American states compete against each other in a gradual competition over several shows, narrowing down the field all the way to the finale. – Read more at Billboard

Exclusive: Jose Llana Sings 'He...
Exclusive: Jose Llana Sings 'Hero & Leander' from His New Album

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  1. Ugh . Carter and Kim had good save me songs . I’m sure Kim singing This Is How We Do it would have been better than Margie Mays and Vozkillz on Sunday ,lol

  2. From Variety:

    The last significant round of layoffs occurred on March 21, when dozens of 21st Century Fox executives were given pink slips in the first wave of what is expected to be as many as 4,000 layoffs.

    This is sad.

  3. I’m betting it was part of the negotiations that Disney retain a certain percent of Fox’s employees in the merger…. So Disney staff may actually suffer more than Fox in the end….

  4. Ugh.. I am still kind of bitter/sad about Carter’s crash and burn.

    “Ring of Fire”would actually have been great save me song for his voice and Kim confirmed he sounded great in rehearsals. What a bummer! Sigh.

    Hope this kid doesn’t give up and continues to pursue music. I want to see more of him.

  5. Wow I’ve never really listened to much Danny since I started watching idol in Season 10 but wow that song and vocal is so flawless. Didn’t know he was that good. Call me a fan now. So much pain in his voice

  6. Melanie Martinez posted a teaser (literally, it’s barely 20 seconds) trailer for her upcoming combination album/film. It’s like a cross between Hunger Games (the crazy wigs) and A Christmas Story (the class looks like they’re waiting for the teacher to assign a theme)!


    Brian Friedman, who previously worked on SYTYCD, XF UK and XF US, revealed that he choreographed the movie (and that it was a big secret).


  7. I’m officially joining the camp of Idol viewers who believe that the lack of constructive criticism from the Idol judges is because the producers want it that way — so it kind of doesn’t matter who the judges are. Luke Bryan may not be the most verbally articulate guy, but he knows what he’s doing and he has made comments in several interviews now that contrast starkly with the smoke-blowing on the show. He knows damn well these contestants are going to have to work their asses off — and even then, will need luck as well.

  8. I don’t think they mean anything nefarious with the states competing. It would be like a beauty pageant with each state having a representative, that’s all.

  9. When the disharmony is a predictable side effect…A conclusion that it is meant, or deliberate, is not unreasonable….IMO. Have you ever followed the comments surrounding a Eurovision Contest among the European States who each have a representative in the competition? Beauty pageants do not have open public voting, we are only spectators to the judges decisions…?

  10. I have no idea, never heard of him before he hooked up with Fremantle…and got an Idol gig. Which likely answers the *How*, but maybe not the *Why*??

  11. Your comment made me curious, and I had to check out the interview. I lasted ten minutes and couldn’t take any more. Bobby Bones acts like he is 16.

  12. ? Also may be a factor why some of these younger, inexperienced and impressionable Idol contestants think he is their friend…?

  13. Eurovision would work as an Americas Competition to promote harmony in our hemisphere. The was the original purpose of Eurovision when it was created after World War 2. The US and Canada can be the big 2 that have automatic tickets into the finals.

  14. What I don’t get is that they don’t realize that ratings were WAY higher back when they had HONEST judges who gave real criticism (as in Simon Cowell). People are going to get bored with this nonsense – “everybody gets a trophy and a standing ovation” judging – it’s not going to work for them in the long haul – but apparently they are too clueless to figure that out.

  15. That Bobby Bones thing with Lauren Alaina and the new boyfriend probably ought to get some kind of an award for most awkward interview I have heard lately. IMO. Maybe all his interviews are that style of awkward, IDK, never heard one before, and I bailed halfway through this one. ?

  16. Oh – I think Simon played it up – to be sure – but I also think there were honest critiques in there that quite frankly – we just don’t see in the Idol judges any longer. Maybe since our society has become so politically correct – they don’t want to see someone being “mean” to someone any longer. But it makes for a pretty dull show in my mind – and it does a huge disservice to the contestants – who are just kids – and who need the constructive criticism to either prepare them for the business or convince them to follow another path. I know that since the growth of cable and streaming services – Idol’s ratings will never be what they once were – but I think it would be a more interesting and far more popular show if they went back to at least SOME valid constructive criticism. And I think they should bring back some type of producer who is connected with the winning record labels – because if they have to sign someone – I would think they would want some more input into the process.

  17. Several years ago, I thought it was possible that society might not want mean judges. This was at the time Simon started being nicer on AGT, Idol had less joke auditions, very little constructive criticism on talent shows, etc. I think at the time some of it was because some wanted to “celebrate everyone,” couldn’t take the criticism, etc. But at this point I want it to come back & not just at random times. I understand that some might have problems with criticism from the judges, but IMO in the real world these contestants are probably going to hear harsher words.

  18. This interview is awkward. Even worse, is knowing that Lauren is one of the few country artists who is close friends with him. If it’s this awkward, think about when he’s interviewing someone he doesn’t really know.

    FYI: Bobby is on Celebrity Family Feud this summer. His “family” consisted of his radio show people & Lauren & Jon Pardi.

  19. As a country fan, I’m not a fan of Bobby’s interviewing skills or him even prior to Idol. The interviews are sometimes awkward. A lot of times his interviews are long (about 9+ mins.). I have heard interviews where you can tell he doesn’t do his homework & doesn’t know much about the artist. I wouldn’t have a problem with this if he covers it up well, but he admits he or his team had to do research & shuffles papers during the interview. Also, you have to realize a lot of times Bobby says a lot of backhanded comments including when interviewing. That is so rude! He’s a big country person in the genre, but you have to realize there’s also some pretty big country artists that have had problems with him including Kacey Musgraves, Florida Georgia Line, etc.

  20. “…long rumored North American version….” — “the U.S. adaptation will presumably see American states compete against each other in a gradual competition over several shows, narrowing down the field all the way to the finale.“

    First reaction to that is twofold – Why is America only North America, and if it is only North America, what about Canada? And secondly, American states competing against each other might have sounded friendly enough to maybe work in another decade, it has different connotations now…like we need more things to divide us? IMO, Not so much.

    A Swedish production company may not be as aware of the connotations…but then, maybe they are…and see that as a plus, not a minus! …after all, was it Sweden who contributed Per Blankens, the Golden Ticket Express ride to to the plane home without ever leaving the airport, and the Electric Chairs of Doom to American Idol? ? Rolling my eyes from here to St.Johns, Newfoundland!

  21. Well, that answers any curiosity about the weirdness I observed in that (half) interview, thanks…awkward and socially inept is the norm.

    Long interviews are great when the interviewer is good at the job and the material is insightful, or fresh, or fascinating in some way…this guy’s interview style would be a hard pass! ?

  22. “…his radio people, & Lauren & John Pardi”

    So that explains someone named John Pardi singing on the Finale with one of the contestants? Not a person I had ever heard of before…but now I see the connection. Good Grief.

  23. The problem wasn’t wanting to celebrate everyone, it was that people, while amused at first, quickly realized that the insults weren’t really constructive. They were mostly just nasty.

  24. The only way a Eurovision format can exist here in the Western Hemisphere is make it truly American. And by that, I mean all of North and South America. I’m not entirely sure the USA will support it (although we should send a representative). However I see Canada, possibly Greenland and most of Latin America/Bahamas/Bermuda going for it.

  25. I can believe that because of all people, I would think Katy would be honest about her critique.

  26. How did he get so huge?

    ETA. Sorry. Didn’t see your response to Craigin.

  27. For years, he had the top radio morning show on Austin. Then he got a syndicated deal with Clear Channel & iHeartRadio to broadcast his show.

    IMO he’s a personality that resorts to doing things to get people to like him, boost ratings, “act before you think” situations, etc. Some examples are “accidentally” triggering the emergency alert system (led to a $1 million fine by FCC to iHeartRadio), he launched a big negative PR campaign which he paid for to garner sympathy, etc. He criticizes artists after their interviews publicly which is why there are a # of artists who dislike him.

  28. Pretty much what he contributes to AI contestants. I can only surmise he’s closely related to a Disney or ABC bigwig as nothing else makes any sense. But then they are pay Katy Perry 25mil to act like she’s still a teenager and not mid thirties.

  29. Family member way back when called and said “you’ve got to watch this judge on a program called American Idol” – I did and thereupon lies a tale –

  30. Bobby’s already revealed that. He was auditioning for an ABC pilot for a daytime talk show which failed. While waiting to audition, he talked a lot with a British woman who turned out to be, Trish Kinane, Idol’s executive producer.

  31. I don’t believe that is a big connection…”Correlation is not causation” — just because two things correlate does not necessarily mean that one causes the other. Every other show with proportionally lower ratings than National TV used to have in the past have other causes to point to for the same result.

    OG American Idol with Cowell playing his Nasty Nigel character (that he does not play anymore) was just as dishonest as the Pollyanna Trio on the Reboot…just at the other extreme. And while there may be some tacit recognition of the hyperbole between the lines from Luke’s interviews….Cowell spoke of his schtick quite openly, the gimmicks he would use to influence the votes…and the fact that he had hired some writers to supply him with insults and bon mots.

    He was a natural as the Bad Guy, since somehow the myth of Honest Simon still lives…but google The Nasty Nigel story someday, he created the character Cowell played so successfully. ?

  32. There were some honest critiques buried in Cowell’s schtick, true…and there is about the same amount of truth buried in the remarks from the ReBoot judges…mostly from Katie, just like the truths in OG Idol were mostly from Cowell. They were/are the lead judges of their seasons.

    The producers set up the framework for the judges…but their employees seem to have always had a little leeway, as long as they kept to the PTB party line.

    I have to agree that more diversity on a judge’s panel made up of three performers would be welcome, but the record execs won’t take direction from TPTB, and mostly don’t make “good TV.” Idol had Iovine and Borchetta in a separate position, since they were active reps of their labels…and controlled the edit to try to make them come off as insightful, or even slightly likeable….while Cowelll was a *Former* A&R man who actually worked for them, did interviews, etc. It made a difference to what they could be asked to say.

    Even so, the record execs were able to bring pressure for the results they wanted without officially being on the judge’s panel, anyway. But they also learned how hard it was to lead the voters …or to find a winner who connected enough with the buying public to last long enough to make them a profit, no matter how much they mismanaged them. Which they frequently did.

    But the judge’s attitude is just a societal reflection. Cowell playing nasty had shock value when people were more circumspect and polite…and he always had Paula for a counter-balance…when the tenor of public interaction turned more mean and nasty…then escape entertainment like Idol became kinder and gentler…right now it’s about as nasty out there in media as I have ever seen – but as always…Idol overdoes it.. hyperbole IS their stock in trade. ?

    Whoever the judges are now or in the future will have the same problems with TPTB finding a balance, IMO…only difference is the optics. But they don’t WANT equitable, real judges who give honest critiques, like Ben Folds…for what they are paying, they could hire some if the wanted them. . Unless someone could convince them real judges would also have Shock Value, as a new schtick!
    JMO. Of Course. ?

  33. I think judges could give criticism without being nasty. I think the viewers perception of Simon, who could be nasty, was based on if he was too hard on their favorites. Or when you started watching. I don’t like record label executives on the panel, or even as mentors, because the contestants and the judges are trying to please them. And label executives, not on the panels, had little say in voters decisions even if they liked someone. Hard for contestants to play to them when they don’t know what they want. But the behind the scene executives did have the ability to sign anyone they wanted, win or not. RCA had first dibs on any contestant they favored, even if the show was not in the mood to brag about their winner. Sometimes multiples ended up on RCA. Other times some were sent to Jive. Multiple contestants at least got a chance. Now seems only the winner is signed and if you are not what they want good luck. The industry has changed and it would be a lot of money to sign several people when it is hard for any to payoff.

  34. The Kenneth Briggs (genetic disorder), Jonathan Jayne thing in 2007 crossed the line. Both mentally disabled. Simon called Kenneth “bush baby.”

    From NYT:

    “Your dancing is terrible, the singing was horrendous, and you look like one of those creatures that live in the jungle with those massive eyes,” Mr. Cowell added. “What are they called? Bush baby.”

    Once the contestant had left the room, Ms. Abdul and Mr. Jackson began to convulse with laughter.

  35. Looks like Adam is going to Australia next month to promote his single!


    “International pop powerhouse Adam Lambert has confirmed he’ll be heading down under for an Australian promotional tour. Hot on the heels of the release of his latest single ‘New Eyes’ (cover above, video below), Adam’s confirmed he’ll be on the ground in Australia next month to promote it. Naturally, he’ll also be using the opportunity to plug the upcoming release of his fourth studio album ‘Velvet’, due later this year.”

    iheart radio Australia
    International superstar Adam Lambert has released his highly anticipated new single ‘New Eyes’, the first single from his upcoming fourth album ‘Velvet’. Written by Lambert and Paris Carney with Jamie Sierota producing. Since releasing ‘The Original High’, Adam has been touring the world with Queen (Queen + Adam Lambert), including a huge world arena tour, with a North American summer tour kicking off in July, and a recently announced stadium tour of Australia and Asia.

  36. You could be right. But Jon Pardi is well known in country circles. He had a few #1s (“Dirt on My Boots” may be his most well-known song); several songs were certified double platinum; he’s gone on headlining tours; and he’s won several awards (a CMA for New Artist of the Year and an ACM for New Male Artist of the Year). So he’s a legit country artist.

  37. According to his publicist Adam will be doing promo in Germany and London too.

    Also, he taped The Ellen DeGeneres Show a few days ago which will air on May 31st.

    It’s great he has time to promote his own music before the QAL tour starts in July.

  38. I believe you, plus, I looked him up…and I saw something interesting.

    The fact that TPTB paired Laine with not just a Country Artist, but this particular Country artist can be seen as an indicator that IF he wins, the Delta Blues fans who figured Laine would be channeled into Country had cause for concern… Could be there is a plan to work that 1950’s rock-a-billy throwback style …and the Blues lovers would be SOL.

    Pardi says he mines a similar vein…and it even has a name – Neotraditional Country:

    Jon Pardi – Jonathan Ryan Pardi (born May 20, 1985) is an American country music singer, songwriter, and record producer known for his neotraditional style Signed to Capitol Nashville, he has released two studio albums, one extended play, and eight singles that have charted on the Hot Country Songs and Country Airplay charts.


    His shtick – emphasis mine –
                “There’s a growing audience for throwback,” Pardi says. “People want to hear somebody who really enjoyed the ‘90s country music era and brings that to 2016 country. A lot of this record is bringing an old-school flare back to a mainstream sound, but that gives me my own lane.”

  39. Thanks, the abc link worked fine – sort of a metal Mad Max Band of Anarchists, looking for a Thunderdome to trash? I agree, Americans as a whole country would not advance that act as representative…but there are always pseudo-nihilists to be impressed…?

  40. It wasn’t Lauren I found awkward…she just seemed uncomfortable. I would never have known Bobby existed without the Idol connection, and now I find that even off Idol, his personal style would not be my cuppa ??.

  41. If Lauren was uncomfortable with her boyfriend there, she never should have agreed to have him on the BB show.

  42. Adam did a mini concert for Trespassing on Kimmel. Also a mini concert with Queen. Maybe he will go on Kimmel for his album or do another mini concert with the album. I’m sure Corden will be there somewhere down the line too, lol. They are nuts together.

  43. Yes, and it sounds like he’ll do anything to get ahead. I think he is becoming overconfident thinking he could become governor of Arkansas and president of the US.

  44. I wonder if Adam is going to Japan. He’s always been popular there.

    I hope he goes on Jimmy Kimmel. Jimmy has liked him from way back. He was pretty upset when Adam’s mini concert was cancelled due to the ABC ban.

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