Laine Hardy New Song Says “I ain’t perfect, but I’m working on it”

Laine Hardy

Laine Hardy laid low for awhile after his arrest for stalking and secretly recording his ex-girlfriend. But in the past few months the American Idol Season 19 winner has been posting on social media again. Mostly, he uploads snippets of songs, or shot clips of himself playing the guitar.

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But over the weekend, the country singer-songwriter debuted a new song that appears to be a message to his fans and to the world in general. He’s trying to be a better person!  He also asks his followers to “stay tuned.”

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“i’ve been writing songs lately,” writes Laine on social media. “Here’s one i wrote with @kyliesackley & @grantvogel “That Man”. hope y’all like it! miss and love y’all, stay tuned.”

Laine wants fans to know that “I ain’t perfect, but I’m working on it”

The lyrics go:

I wanna drink less whiskey on a friday…
I wanna go to church on a Sunday, talk to God a little more than I am
I wanna be that man

I wanna say what I mean when I say it
I wanna shut up and listen
I wanna wake up and be proud every day of the way I’ve been living if I can
I wanna be that man

I ain’t there yet, I ain’t perfect, but I’m working on it
I’m more wrong than right most all the time but hell I’m just getting started
Learning on the fly how to be a better guy I’ll die trying to fill those boots
I wanna be that man, I wanna be that man for you

Through his lyrics, Laine appears to be saying that he’s trying not to be the guy who would creepily stalk and spy on an ex-girlfriend. And he knows he’s not perfect but wants to be “That Man” who is “proud every day of the way I’ve been living.”

He’s working to “uncancel” his career. And it seems that he’s trying without a team of fancy and expensive crisis professionals.

At some point he could just sit down for an interview with a friendly reporter. But his case doesn’t appear to be resolved yet, and he probably can’t talk about it one way or another. The closest thing he can do to address it right now is to write a set of cryptic lyrics letting fans know that he’s trying to do better.


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After breaking up Laine planted a listening device under his ex’s dorm room bed

Back in April, news broke that Laine was arrested after his ex-girlfriend found a recording device planted in her LSU dorm room.

The ex found the device under her dorm room bed back in February. Investigators found several recordings on the device dating back as far as Feb. 10, including some where they could hear Hardy’s “very distinguishable” voice. Some of the recordings were taken after the two had broken up in February, according to arrest documents.

The two only dated for about four months. She told police she first confronted Laine because he knew a suspicious amount of detail about what she did during her Christmas break. He allegedly admitted to planting a “bug” but claimed he disposed of it in his pond. The ex also provided police a screenshot of a text conversation where he admitted to leaving the device in her dorm.

The warrant also suggested that Laine removed the recorder at some point to check it before planting it back in the victim’s room.

The crime, Interception and Disclosure of Wire, Electronic, or Oral Communication, carries a maximum penalty of a $10,000 fine and up to ten years in prison.

Prior to his arrest, the singer taped a performance for The Great Idol Reunion special. It was too late to edit out his performance, but American Idol didn’t upload or publicize his duet with Laci Kaye Booth.

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  1. His mistake was creepy, but I honestly don’t think all hope is lost for him. He is doing the right things, laying low, admitting his guilt and showing that he’s trying to do better through his music.

    If he can put enough time between the incident and when he wants to make a comeback or attempt a comeback he might pull it off.

    Cancel culture is just crap. Everyone makes mistakes and deserves the chance to grow from those mistakes especially after dealing with consequences. I hope he gets another chance in time.

  2. If Laine is able to resolve the issue and put it behind him, he should be able to move forward. But like most winners in recent years, and contestants from his season, he did not have a big career and much fame outside of the Idol bubble. So unsure how much cancelling took place or how much he lost but hope things work out for him.

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