Laine Hardy American Idol Hometown Visit Highlights (VIDEO)

After being voted through to the Top 3 of American Idol, Laine Hardy headed to Livingston, Louisiana for a hometown hero’s welcome. Laine’s day started early at the Governor’s mansion where he declared it “Laine Hardy Day.” Later in the afternoon a parade started at the Livingston Parish Post Office and ended at the Livingston Parish Fairgrounds where Laine gave a concert.

Laine and his fellow finalists, Alejandro Aranda and Madison VanDenburg, will perform for your votes and a chance to be the new American Idol when the 3 hour finale airs live coast to coast on ABC.  Clips from Laine’s hometown visit will air during the episode.

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Check out a gallery of photos HERE. From The Advocate:

Thousands turned out to watch the “American Idol” finalist party through town aboard an airboat pulled by a truck. Mom and dad Cindy and Barry Hardy sat next to a grinning Laine Hardy, who waved to the crowd. Hardy rode near the end of a parade of Jeeps, ATVs, flatboats and a few truck floats. The Walker High School Band of Legacy played “Boogie Shoes” as they marched.

Check out highlights of Laine’s big day below. 

KATC 3 Coverage of the Day

Governor John Bel Edwards welcomes Laine home and declares it “Laine Hardy Day”

“Happy Laine Hardy Day! The First Family and I had the honor of welcoming our hometown American Idol at the Governor’s Mansion this morning. Good luck Laine, we’re rooting for you!”

From the News Star:

“American Idol” finalist Laine Hardy rolled up to the Louisiana Governor’s Mansion Tuesday morning in a black limousine that seemed as long as a football field.

“I was so nervous,” Hardy told Gov. John Bel Edwards. “I’ve never done anything like that before.”

“Today, all of Louisiana is going to party with Laine Hardy,” said Edwards, who proclaimed Tuesday “Laine Hardy Day.”

The Sheriff of Livingston Parish awards Laine a plaque

Laine arrived home in a boat!

Laine’s Parade

Laine’s concert. He sings Stevie Ray Vaughn’s “Pride and Joy,” an original song, “Home” by Marc Broussard, “Hurricane” by Band of Heathens, “Louisiana Lady” (Original).

And uhm…. Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser tweeted during Laine’s visit. President Trump also happened to be in Louisiana at the same time. He wrote, “I asked @POTUS today if he would tweet his support for @TheLaineHardy @AmericanIdol. I reminded him that LA supported him, while CA and NY, the homes of the other 2 finalist, did not. Trump responded and said, “Billy, I will see what we can do!” #MakeSocksGreatAgain”


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  1. Hope Laine wins! He’s going to do big things and I’d love for Idol to have a big winner again.

  2. Billy Nungesser is a “character” and no one takes him seriously. Lt Governor in Louisiana is nothing more than head “cheerleader” / tourism head – he would never be elected Governor. But yes – the moron should have kept his mouth shut. Louisiana is pretty conservative – but the rest of the country is pretty split – politics don’t belong in music – imo.

  3. If you haven’t listen to the studio version of Louisiana Lady. There is one of in the bayou also.

  4. Such an overrated guy. Sings the same way every performance. Too bad he’s gonna win because of all the pimping.

  5. The song set for Laine’s Homecoming was light on the 50’s material from his Idol playlist, other than the obvious R&B musical bones in the style of songs he chose to do, and the inclusion of “Hurricaine”, the only song he has done on Idol from the Delta Blues style songbook. Impossible to say whether that is a future indicator, or just suiting the set to the setting…that is a question remaining to be answered.

    I was interested in hearing “Louisiana Lady” as an original…and IMO, that was an unremarkable ballad where one could hear the 50’s antecedents in the structure, but that is part of the genre, IMO.

    The Lieutenant Governor’s remarks were unfortunate and non-retractable…casting political shade where I doubt any was originally intended by the artists at the Homecoming. JMO. ?

  6. Happy for Laine. Seems like a nice kid. Only 18, he’s done what the powers-that-be told him to do and done it well. Potential for additional growth and a future in the industry.
    Tweet from Lt. Gov was dumb and unfair to Laine. Sick of constant attempts by both extreme sides to divide the U.S.– even on something that’s supposed to be uniting and pure fun like Idol.

  7. If he wins, it will be despite how heavily Alejandro has been pimped. A case could be made that Alejandro always sings the same way as well, but that would have to come after making the case that Alejandro can sing period. It will be a lengthy process and the show only has one more week.

  8. Nothing like making American Idol political, but Trump is really more of a tv personality than a president anyway. Is this any worse than O’Reilly showing on his then highly viewed show Adam kissing a boy picture.

  9. Neither would be good, lol. But it is already a given (and often reported) that contestants from certain regions of the country generally win. And that is fine. If fans from those areas are the ones doing the most voting so be it. But who the hell would want racism or homophobia or Trump attached to a win that they probably were going to get anyway? Trump does not need to do Laine any favors.

  10. LOL! Who was pimped more than Alejandro and before that Jeremiah? And their performances were pretty much the same too.

  11. Do we really need idiots, again, trying to publicly call for voting based on anything other than talent and appeal. If you bring out voters for other reasons, (with a call to arms) who are not even watching the show or the talent, they are likely to disappear from any career support, even with a win. Then you are looking around wondering where all the people you thought loved you went. And headlines about a benefit based on a divide are not helpful to any career. Laine does not need that kind of support. He has been one of the frontrunners from the beginning and has been doing just fine without the crap. UGH! Unfortunate that adults can’t behave. But happy for Laine and wishing him good luck!

  12. I think in the old days judges had more sway and could influence the vote, probably not so much with this current crop. My point is that the heavier pimping IMO has gone Alejandro’s way, other than Katy’s dopey gushing over Laine. I don’t have a horse in this race trust me, I think it should be declared a draw, everyone goes home and no one wins. I haven’t really been moved by one performance all season.

  13. He’s come such a long way now. A comeback contestant and now an Idol finalist ??

  14. Nah, if he wins it will be because he had carry over fans from previous season. This kid personifies production pet perfectly. With all the tacky merchs and new teeth. If he had Wade’s appearance with that voice he would have been toast a while ago.

  15. The audition “oh I wasn’t going to audition!”, the tacky merch, the new teeth, the fact that he had carry over fans from previous season. Yeah, he’s definitely the most pimped contestant this season. No contest. Alejandro may sings the same but he dares to take risk with his arrangement. Laine just coasts every week.

  16. Picky picky picky. ;-) I like Laine’s hometown concert better than some of what he’s done on Idol. I’d like more songs in the vein of “Hurricane.” And as great as it was to see Marc Broussard, I’d like to hear Laine cover “Home” himself. Or something like it. I thought Laine’s original, “Louisiana Lady,” was pretty decent. But as with many of the Idol kids’ original music, the songs often have good bones and/or interesting lyrics, but could use a little finessing to make them really stand out.

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