Alejandro Aranda American Idol Hometown Visit Highlights (VIDEO)

Pomona California rolled out the red carpet for Alejandro Aranda, declaring Tuesday “Alejandro Aranda Day.”

The singer/songwriter, a Top 3 contestant along with Laine Hardy and Madison VandenBurg on American Idol, headed to his hometown on Tuesday for the traditional “hometown visit” ahead of Sunday’s (May 19) finale. Clips from the visit will air during the episode.

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There was an afternoon parade that led up to the historic Fox theater. The mayor made a personal presentation of Alejandro, followed by a few concert on an outdoor stage constructed right in front of the theater. Alejandro also made a stop at the Folk Music Center owned by musician Ben Harper, which his grandparents started. Alejandro and Harper jammed a bit before the singer left the store.

Pomona Mayor Tim Sandoval declared it “Alejandro Aranda Day” in honor of American Idol finalist Alejandro Aranda. Check out photos from the event. There’s more HERE.

Aranda addressed the crowd briefly, beginning: “Show or no show, this is a community.”

After a break, he was introduced by musician Ben Harper of Claremont as “a once-in-a-generation artist, and he’s from the 909.” Aranda and Harper performed “There Will Be a Light,” the Harper song on which they had duetted on TV. Then Aranda did six of his own songs on guitar and piano.

“I’m trying to play for you all. They’re trying to make a TV show,” Aranda joked. “(Expletive) that.” You won’t see or hear that on TV, I’m sure.

“It kind of feels surreal” Alejandro told ABC7 “But I’m going to embrace it,” he said. He promises a “big surprise” at the finale. Hm.

Correction: Sisters identified as Alejandro’s sister’s are actually not his family! However, still read more about his day at the Daily Bulletin

Performances from the concert!

Ben Harper introduces Alejandro

Ben calls Alejandro a “Once in a generation artist” before the two perform together.

There Will Be a Light

Alejandro Aranda – Out Loud

Alejandro Aranda – AMAZING JAM SESSION

He plays four or five songs in a stream of consciousness style

Alejandro Aranda – I Won’t Fall in Love Tonight

Alejandro Aranda – Millennial Love

Alejandro Aranda – 10 Years

Cholo Love

The Mayor declares “Alejandro Aranda Day”

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  1. Such a humble and talented guy and on his way to the “big time”!

  2. Seeing him on Idol, and even instagram posts is one thing, and I was very impressed. Seeing him live, in his element, free from time limits, etc. was just amazing. That first “jam”… who does that? Who would just play a slow guitar instrumental for 4 min. straight? The crowd was mesmerized, and me too. I’ll buy his album, but I cannot wait to see him live!

  3. Yeah I think the “Jam session” is a new song that no one knows the name of lol. There’s another video of him from before the live shows, back home, just improvising for several minutes straight before jumping into 10 Years. It was so beautiful. It reminded me of improvisation in the Baroque period, the way he speeds up certain fast “grace” notes almost to get to the main note.

  4. So a “surprise”, I wonder if the will bring in someone like Vince Gill or Carlos Santana to play with him on the finale? I think he is done playing on street corners either way.

  5. Yeah, I’ve seen some of those videos. I love improvisational music… from jazz to Grateful Dead, blues, etc. It’s just alive… every time you hear it, it’s a little different, and you look for the little changes, what this version will be like. I love that Alejandro is bringing it to modern music. I kind of don’t even care about Idol anymore!

  6. I agree, I’ve never heard anyone play acoustic guitar like he does, especially if they are signing too.

  7. I’m very impressed that he did almost all original songs, I think that’s the first time that happened on a home visit. He sounded great. I also think his voice sounded stronger than it does on the show, but I think he sounds best with acoustic music.

  8. I’ve got nothing against the guy other than he’s way too hyped.

  9. I reread it, you have a good point lol. It would make more sense if all were either younger or all older, with different last names, unless they are stepsisters. But one was quoted on why she is a ‘fan.”

  10. This guy is so overrated and overhyped by the judges. I think if they didn’t act like he was the best thing ever (because he’s not) then I wouldn’t be annoyed… but he truly is overrated by the judges and producers. He’s definitely going to win because that’s who they have chosen.

  11. He will win if the people choose him. Ben Harper (not a judge) just called him a “Once in a generation artist” on Tuesday and that’s how a lot of people truly feel.

  12. What was he supposed to say, “Here’s a guy whose sound you’ve heard from dozens of others?”

  13. His relatives said that his family is very private and don’t want the spotlight taken away from him. Nobody knows why they’re not there and it’s no big deal.

  14. I know that, but if they don’t appear at the crowning moment (if that happen) it would be weird, to say the least.

  15. There’s a lot of room between those two statements to fit a compliment in if he wanted.

  16. I have a different reason they are pimping him. Maybe Laine really is running away with this. They see the buzz AA is getting and just trying to ride the train. Or maybe trying to close the gap between between Laine and him.

  17. I wondered if it could be a classical piano piece? Or maybe an electronic jazzy piano thing, like a lot of his instagram posts? Can’t wait to find out!

  18. I’d bet they’ve been there, we just don’t know who they are. I’ve heard his family is super proud and supportive, they just don’t want to be on TV. I’ve seen his nephew and one of his sisters comment on instagram posts.

  19. He has a multi-dimensional story. Interesting that the season dubbed “Story Idol” has kept it quiet. Just as Jeremiah is no longer a church janitor, Alejandro is not simply a dishwasher without experience on the music scene — he’s been on Conan with Twin Shadow and toured with him. He’s been to college (don’t know if he finished), wrote for his college newspaper.
    The consistent no-mention-of-family is unusual but it’s his right.

  20. I don’t think Laine is running away with Idol. I think Madison is right up there, too, and may actually end up and be the winner.

  21. Yep. It’s pretty clear AA is pretty well known obvious the music scene where he lives. People who believe that stuff are not paying attention.

  22. Alejandro is a “dishwasher” the way David Cook was a “bartender” and Lee DeWyze was a “paint salesman”, Idol’s at their usual shenanigans…presenting a single facet of multi-dimensional reduce them to an archetype. IMO.

  23. If you listen to youtube and some of Alejandro’s videos, you will see that his voice is loud and clear. It’s the microphone and band that drowns him out.

  24. Ben Harper didn’t have to show up but he wanted to. Why would he not? He’s obviously a fan of Alejandro’s, just like millions of others.

  25. That’s so cool of Ben Harper, a fellow Pomonian, to support Alejandro? honestly I haven’t seen a hispanic Californian contestant reach the Idol finals since Jessica Sanchez. Alejandro’s a really humble and inspiring artist ??

  26. Bliss….Alejandro live concert. Ben Harper shows up for him again! First jam was total pro. Lots of Idol staff telling him what to do and setting limits on him. But he sang his ORIGINAL songs (partly, because the crowd loudly sang his lyrics to him) and it was beautiful. Totally worth the time in a county where no one usually will take the time of their day to even go see a World Series game on time. Glad to be there.

  27. Or how Danny was a church choir director. He was, but it didn’t pay. He earned his living as a truck driver (in the city, not long haul). Idol goes with whatever “story” they think will fit their agenda.

  28. Mostly agree. But I think the “right” belongs to the family. A family has the right not to be dragged into the spotlight just because a contestant chooses to compete on Idol (or any other reality show). Also, no spotlight means it doesn’t detract from the contestant’s music. Alejandro is smart. I don’t like his music. But he’s personable. And a talented musician. And I read absolutely nothing into the fact that his family is laying low. Alejandro doesn’t seem unhappy. And his family can support him behind the scenes. Basically, it’s not our business.

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