Kris Allen Pranks A Vocal Coach

Gah! I completely missed this yesterday.

Kris Allen pranks a vocal coach during a radio interview with Y100FM.   I heard peeps in comments talking about this yesterday, but only got around to listening to it a few minutes ago.

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It’s hilarious!   He tells the vocal coach dude he wants to sound like Adam Lambert.   He repeats, “Kris Allen sucks” several times and says “Clay Aiken’s the bomb.”

Vocal coach can’t tell the difference between Clay and Kris, which leads me to believe he’s not much of an Idol fan to begin with…

The guy was pretty surprised when he figured out it was a prank.   Check it out here:

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  1. I love Kris’ sense of humor. It’s rare that people can laugh at theselves, and be funny without being nasty towards other people.

    Kris cracked me up before the prank call, when he referred to the dj paying the people to come into the studio. Kris performed acoustic versions of Man in the Mirror, Heartless, and Live Like We’re Dying during this interview, and each performance was amazing. This LLWD was as good as the recorded version.

  2. Yeah that was so funny. When he was on and I was listening to him, I couldn’t quit laughting. Kris is really a good sport. I like people that can laugh at there selves. Kris good job.

  3. There is this guy that was on the show, Adam Lambert, that I would really love to sound like …


  4. Kris was hilarious. Also loved his “I am down to get some coaching whenever . . . Tiger Woods has a coach.” Seems Kris knows that having a coach is not above even the very best in their respective fields. ;)

    It was hilarious when he mentioned that he just sang at the Dolphins game, and the “coach” said that, yeah, he could set him up doing the anthem at some pee wee Little League games if he wanted. LOL

  5. washpd, that was my favorite part, too, when Kris said he’d played at the Dolphins game and that sailed right over Ralph’s head LOL! Ralph was already too busy thinking of his next pitch to listen :)

  6. I really did laugh out loud when I heard this. Kris’s wonderful dry sense of humor was in full force, and he was pretty quick too. And of course the self-deprecation is very Kris Allen, but still with some gentle zing, like at the end when he’s like ‘it’s too late now,’ after the reveal and the coach saying how much liked him.

    And what was with that vocal coaches obsession with Clay Aiken? Guess Adam and Kris don’t measure up to Clay’s abilities, oh wells, guess that’s a burden both men will just have to bear.

  7. that was awesome. im glad the vocal coach also was a good sport about being pranked. good times! thanks mj for the clip.

  8. For anyone that calls Kris “boring” they should look at this – the true Kris shines here!! Very funny- he’s such a good sport!!

  9. that was great, MJ. Thx for putting it up. Kris did great taking the lead on that. He’s got such a great sense of humor. (I wish he was my neighbor.)

  10. Kris is THE funniest idol ever;


  11. My whole family was laughing hysterically at this! The coach had such a strange reaction to Kris’ saying that he’d played at the Dolphins game yesterday. Did he think Kris just stood in the parking lot with his guitar and a hat on the ground, LOL? Kris was so funny, and very quick on the uptake!

  12. Okay I have to ask. Hey luv, wtf does ROTFLMFAOROTFLMAOROTFLMFAO mean?

  13. Everything is so funny in this pranks. Even the part that he said “…What’s his name.. just making sure he wasn’t my vocal coach..” and the little laugh he made when the coach said Kris Allen sounds like Clay Aiken.

    How can anyone say Kris is boring? Love him!

  14. Great choice on the picture for this thread mj!!! :D

    This prank call is hilarious! Love, love Kris’s self deprecating sense of humor! The whole Clay thing is too funny!

    BTW, I’m thinking this is the same station where Kris performed “Heartless” and MiTM acoustically and the dj (I think) said he never grows tired of these, must have been a personal request.

  15. I want to go on a road trip with Kris. I’m pretty sure he’d have me laughing the whole way (and stopping at every Chick Fil A along the way).

  16. Man, that was funny! Kris is lovable and genuine. He’s the greatest guy. I wish him all the success in the world!

  17. Hilarious!!! Kris shows again that he’s a great guy with a great sense of humor.

  18. Oh Gawd that was a good laugh.

    Bahhhh, Clay Aiken? This vocal coach is really on top of his game.

  19. That was so funny, I love how he doesn’t take himself seriously. He has a great sense of humor.

    “Don’t lie to me now man!” Lol.

    Thanks MJ!

  20. thanks mj for posting it.
    how can someone not like him?
    he’s so genuine and has a great sense of humor!

    thanks girlygirl for the links

  21. This is so funny. I spilled coffee all over myself with this one. LOL.

    BTW, girlygirl thanks for the links. :)

  22. Did MJ remove the link or something? I can’t see anywhere to click… is it just me?

  23. I was just going to post … what happened to the link? Here it is for those who missed it. And that is a perfect photo of Kris sticking his tongue out.

    This was a riot. There are just so many lines that are keepers. I would LOVE to see a video of him and the DJ while they did this.

    Thanks also for the links to him singing at the station. Now I get why he said, ‘Did you pay these people to be here?’ That one guy behind him on the floor looked like he was sleeping, or trying to. What time was this?

    The acoustics were great and I just loved the tone of Kris’ voice both singing and speaking. Hot!

  24. Did anyone else notice that when they start talking about Clay Aiken that “Invisible” comes on in the background?! Clay has kind of turned into a douche, but I still have a soft spot for the Measure of a Man album. Also, I loved when they’re dialing and Kris goes “Craig’sList is the BEST!” :)

  25. I know this doesn’t belong to this thread but don’t see where to post this:

    Many “Idol” fans, including yours truly, were very disappointed when Kris Allen’s track list surfaced and the song Kris wrote with Daughtry was not on there.

    But rest assured “Idol” fans the song did make the cut as a bonus track!

    Daughtry clarified it all on twitter this evening saying, “The song “Send Me All Your Angels” is the song I wrote with Kris.”

    He added, “It’s not on the standard album…it’s on the Walmart exclusive album.”

  26. Mtlfan: Wow, that is awesome news. I think it is a very smart move too! Any Daughtry fans will need to purchase Kris’s whole CD to get the song legally. It really does look like they are pushing more for album sales vs single sales. I bet they did that with a couple of the other highly anticipated colarborations too. I can not wait until 11/17.

  27. Oops. I got so excited about that news, that I forgot to comment this thread. This was SO funny!!! I have listened to it a couple of times and it puts a smile on my face each time. He really does have an awesome personality, I LOVE the snark.

  28. jmom376, yes it’s awesome. Can’t wait to hear what it sounds like… Anyway i wanted to buy a physical cd too so guess where i’m gonna buy it! :)

  29. Well for the first time, I actually enjoy something Kris did. I think I may just respect him now. I still don’t think he should be the winner. But that is funny. At least the guy has a sense of humor.

  30. Kris has such a dry sense of humor:)

    Re: tracks/ album I hope the one with Mat Kearney makes a bonus track.

  31. LMAO! That was classic! I can see why Kris and Matt are best buds! They are both hysterically funny! I loved the way Kris said “man that Kris Allen guy sucks!” LOL!

  32. Loved it. So funny. Now he will have to duck the Claymates as well as the Glamberts. :)

  33. Thanks Mtlfan for the news about Chris Daughtry’s track being a bonus on some albums!!
    I’m just sad that us International fans can’t get this as we can’t order from Walmart!! Would love to hear how it sounds though!!

  34. Loved it. So funny. Now he will have to duck the Claymates as well as the Glamberts.

    Uh, why would Claymates be upset? Kris said “Clay Aiken, he’s the bomb”, which is a compliment.

  35. Cauri24
    October 28, 2009 at 12:06 am
    Loved it. So funny. Now he will have to duck the Claymates as well as the Glamberts.

    LOL, do you think either group cares what the plaidstans are up to ?

  36. So happy that Daughtry’s and Kris’ product made the release!!! Only problem is now I’ll have to get another copy from walmart. My husband is gonna kill me.

  37. Here’s the YouTube link for the 3rd song Kris performed at Y100 One on One:

    Man In The Mirror

    Thanks! Oh man I STILL love this song on him! He really knocks it out of the park! Kara was wrong about this when he sang it before in the Top 36. This song fits him so well. He just has this really beautiful and magnificent tone to his voice and he just soars on this song.

  38. LOL I can’t believe that the guy was confusing Kris with Clay. He DEFINITELY doesn’t watch much Idol.

    Kris was pretty funny though.

  39. LOL. I like that Kris can totally laugh at himself.

    Thanks for the bonus track info Mtlfan. If they play the bonus song strategy properly, they’ll be some interesting bonus tracks offered so that people are tempted to get all of them. A bit manipulative, but it seems standard practice by now.

    I expect iTunes will also have a bonus song on offer and Target will probably have something (didn’t they have a poster for Archie?)

  40. Good to hear that the Kris/Chris song will make a bonus track. My opinion of Chris Daughtry was elevated when I learned he had reached out to Kris as a mentor and friend. I’m very interested in hearing what their collaboration resulted in.

    I’m hoping we get a Mat Kearny bonus also.

    I’m going to have to tough it out. I normally boycott all things Walmart.

    On the Ralph guy (World’s Greatest Vocal Coach – I bet his kids bought him that mug for Father’s Day), he has to have watched at least a little AI. He brought up Kris’ name when he said he wanted to sing like that Adam Lambert guy. He also brought up Clay Aiken, who isn’t exactly in the news or played very much.

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