Kris Allen, David Cook and David Archuleta Featured in the New Tweet Beat

Jim Cantiello of MTV just posted a brand-spanking new Tweet Beat featuring the saga of David Archuleta’s recent oral surgury, and the fascinating exchange between Idol winners Kris Allen and David Cook discussing the all-important issue of ICE SHIFTING!

Baby - Justin Bieber covered by Mig...
Baby - Justin Bieber covered by Miguel

Plus, Jim pokes fun at his Idol obsession. Good stuff.   Check it out after the JUMP….

Video after the JUMP…

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  1. LOL

    Jim asked on Twitter if we could retweet so he could keep the show going. So I did. Of course.

  2. David Archuleta’s tweets are certainly funny, and totally random. And I love the Mad Men clip. Great job, Jim!

  3. Only David Archuleta would share his wisdom teeth extraction with his fans. He is so funny…but I hope he isn’t in too much pain. Love you David and hope you are feeling better.

  4. The “ice shift” was one of the funniest twitter sessions ever. Jim left out the comments by various anonymous tweeters. Before Kris explained what an ice shift was, someone asked Kris if he was traveling to London via the Titanic.

  5. suebrody, yet another reason I wish I were on twitter. :) Don’t stop Jim Cantiello’s Tweet Beat!!!

    He is so funny!! Love the Krim tatoo and the head explosion!!!

  6. I love David Archuleta’s randomness and dry wit and David Cook’s quick wit and sarcasm.

    My favorite tweet of the whole dental saga was one Jim missed (surely due to production deadlines) from last night.

    My mom said my face looks like Popeye the Sailor Man’s. Too bad she can’t say the same about his muscles haha.

    TrudyFOD – Though I sympathize (I had mine out when I was a couple of years older than him so I know what he’s going through), I’m sure he’s fine – he managed to attend a charity reception last night despite “Covering my cheeks so I can come support, yet not distract”, “jamming out with my friends” afterwards, and is at the Colbie Caillat concert tonight. Nice to be young and resilient.

  7. Cookcricket – “He is so funny!! Love the Krim tatoo and the head explosion!!!”

    Though the thought was funny I could have done without the visuals of the head explosion. LOL! Blech!

  8. LOL Jim, and his little Krim tattoo.

    Eee, the Kris/David twitter convo! That made me irrationally happy :D

  9. hahahahaha… Jim is a funny dude!! love the KRIM tattoo with the heart… didn’t Kris told him last interview tha ‘close is betta!’
    David A. is very cute!

  10. oh and I just saw D. Cook’s show tonight in Montreal! That was VERY good and the audience was sooo great and enthusiastic! I think he’ll remember Montreal

  11. ^^^ Glad you had a good time! I’ve been hearing it was an awesome show tonight.

  12. Where was the show in Montreal? (I went to McGill. I miss it there.)

    Oh–really funny tweet beat.

  13. Suzanne, the show was at the Metropolis. It has a standing up capacity of 2,350 seat and the place was pretty packed.

    Yes tierbee and JRB5776, I had FUN!!! I didn’t know much of his songs since I followed rather losely the show last year and even though I liked him on what I saw on the show, I didn’t follow him up afterward. I’ll get some of his music on my ipod – i bought ‘Permament’ already but it was more to contribute to his charity. I liked very much what he sung tonight. Someone in the audience asked him when his new album would come out and he said that they had 2 songs but they were not yet finished so they were not going to perform them :)

  14. just saw your post JRB5776, yes it was GREAT as I mentioned above!!thanks!

  15. LOL jts323…. you caught me already once.. I know this side of you now :)

  16. That is hilarious. They should also do Allison and her friends threatening to beat each other up (less subtle humor I guess). The saga about leaving Andy Skib at the border per Ryan Starr is hilarious, however neither of them are a-list celebrities so probably not feasible.

    Twitter gives many laughs every day, this is a great idea for a show. Hope it continues, there’s so much material out there, just with the Idols alone. How about Chris Daughtry recently upset because someone said he didn’t leave a large enough tip for takeout? I hope this is a continuing show.

    I love how the guy acts out the voices. Notice they gave David Cook a low deep voice, lol.

  17. That was funny, Archie cracks me up and the thing at the end when Jim exploded because Kris and David were talking to each other was hysterical. LOL

  18. Hahaha! Love ya to death, Archie, and all of your tweets…but the twitpic was a bit TMI for me. That must be a guy thing. It reminds me of when my cousins and pastor go hunting, and have to show off pictures of their kill, although they know I can’t stand it.

    I love Kris’s tweet about the ice shift, too: “Seriously, God…why?” He’s a cutie. That’s cool that Cook tweeted back.

    And…”I know something else you shouldn’t do on dates, Chris Brown….” Mmm-hmmm.

  19. Best Archie tweet throughout his dental dilemma was: “The nurse said I had stretchy cheeks…umm, thank you?”

    These dudes are all funny, but in different ways, and for that I heart them. I don’t like to watch anybody sitting in a dentist’s chair however. My daughter had her’s out 2 weeks ago (2 impacted and 2 through). She didn’t swell and moved into college the next day. I think she was one of the lucky ones…

    Jim Cantiello is hilarious.

  20. I always like how Kris’s and Archie’s tweets are always so cute and random. And Cook giving advice to Kris like a big brother is just so precious. I heart the Kravids!!!

  21. I liked Cantiello’s video show — like his humor. I’d already seen most of the twitters and enjoyed the Kris Allen/David Cook exchange, which was funnier because I have a problem with ice shifts, myself. My problem with the twitpic of David Archuleta in the dentists chair? Who looks good in a dentist’s chair, David? Really!

  22. MJ:

    Any chance of putting the photo of David Archuleta’s mouth below the fold? I don’t wanna click on MJ’s bigblog and hurl all over the keyboard.

  23. Ahh I love Jim!

    All these guys are awesome! Gingerly, the stretchy cheeks comment was hilarious. Some of the stuff these guys tweet is awesome!

  24. You may not be aware of the backgroud of David and his fans who donated enough money, that his dentist and team were able to go to India and do an enormous amount of dental work for the children there. If you haven’t had the chance the children were featured in a video singing Somebody Out there thanking David and his fans and showing off their dental work. David allowing this photo and tweeting his experience has a deeper purpose than meets the eye, in my opinion. His dentist even has the wrist band that symbolizes Rising Star Outreach. David even showed up a day or two after having his wisdom teeth were pulled, puffy cheeks and all. to support Rising Star Outreach I enjoyed Jim’s video ha! ha! but am also proud of the back story. I can just see how thrilled those kids are to know their hero also had dental work!! There is a quilt and pillow with David’s picture and signatures being auctioned off on Ebay to benifit Rising Star outreach, this quilt etc was lovingly made by David’s fans.

  25. I always like how Kris’s and Archie’s tweets are always so cute and random. And Cook giving advice to Kris like a big brother is just so precious. I heart the Kravids!!!

    For real! I think this pic belongs here. Idol to Idol bonding is the cutest thing ever.

    I just knew this Tweet Beat was gonna be epic. Ice shifting and stretchy cheeks FTW!

  26. @DavidArchie: My mom said my face looks like Popeye the Sailor Man’s. Too bad she can’t say the same about his muscles haha.

    @DavidArchie: At a reception for Rising Star Outreach. Covering my cheeks so I can come support, yet not distract lol.

    I’m surprised no pictures have surfaced yet of puffy-faced David at the the Rising Star Outreach benefit. Where were Archie’s CIA? You have failed me! :lol:

  27. For real! I think this pic belongs here. Idol to Idol bonding is the cutest thing ever.

    David Cook likes to hug, doesn’t he? Haha! He did a lot of that with Archie too.

  28. Bahaha. Probably he is the only celebrity who would report the oral surgery saga at the dentist office. Yes, it’s not his first time reporting from the dentist office, and he is always aware that he is involved in charity works related to dental works.

    It surprised me that the next day, he went to the Rising Star Outreach charity event with his swollen face. Yesterday, at Colbie’s concert, someone reported.

    David was pretty much right behind me when Howie first went on. No, I didn’t say anything to him. I tried to act like he wasn’t there, but my sister kept looking at him. I think he stayed unnoticed for most of Howie’s set. I actually kinda felt bad for him because the girls next to me noticed him and took a bunch of pictures of him. Then in between sets he went outside and they told everyone in that area that he was there and where they could find him when he came back in. So right before Colbie’s set a bunch of people were looking for him and trying to take his picture when he came back in. I know that this stuff comes with fame, but it kinda sucks to see it go down. I don’t think he has chipmunk cheeks anymore. If he does I couldn’t tell ’cause he was wearing a scarf.

    It’s good to be young and healthy. When I had my surgery, my face looked asymmetrical for a week because I had only two wisdom teeth in the left side. haha.

  29. Just for fun, David A’s fans made a GET WELL video. It’s amazing that they collected fan photos so quickly for the video. The theme is Chipmunks cheeks. So enjoy!!

    All I can say is that when they say they love him, they reeeaaallly LOVE him!

  30. Jim tweeted this today:

    Nothing kills the heat of passion like your wife taking off your shirt to reveal a homemade sharpie tattoo that reads “Krim.” HAHAHA! TMI?

    So funny!! He cracks me up.

  31. For real! I think this pic belongs here. Idol to Idol bonding is the cutest thing ever.

    That pic deserves a caption – how about “Forever Plaid”?

    Any chance of putting the photo of David Archuleta’s mouth below the fold? I don’t wanna click on MJ’s bigblog and hurl all over the keyboard.

    Seriously? You find this pic to be stomach-churning? What delicate sensibilities… ;)

  32. Lots of good reviews for Kris Allen’s first release including a ranking of A- (the highest of any new release this past week) in Entertainment magazine. I’m a little surprised not to read any of them here on MJs including Billboard, MTV, Entertainment Weekly. Lots of praise for this year’s American Idol.

  33. That was hilarious, I love checking out D. Archuleta’s twitter, he’s so random and humorous. If you think of it, he’s being a good role model for teens having to go through the experience of having there wisdom teeth out also :wink: I love how he updates up all the time.

  34. Okay that was funny but you guys do realize he was making fun (& not in a nice way) of David Archuleta right?

  35. Of course he was making fun of him. But I didn’t feel it was mean-spirited at all. They were funny tweets. David handed him the material on a silver platter. I don’t know of any of the fans that have taken offense and I don’t think David would either.

    Last week’s was kinda questionable though. haha!

    But hey, David is still a fairly large blip on the radar despite nearly a year and a half since his Idol season. He pops up as a cultural reference in the weirdest places.

    Including this reference yesterday about college football…

    SOUND JUDGMENT: When players [Ohio State Buckeyes] come out on the field for pregame stretching and workouts an hour or so before the game, most have iPods with ear buds. In between knee bends and pass routes, they stand in one spot and kind of bounce around to the latest hits by Lady Ga Ga, David Archuleta, the Black-Eyed Peas or U2.

    People still talk about him. I’ll take it. lol

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