Kris Allen – The Rave – Milwaukee, WI – 11/11/10

Kris Allen’s next stop as opener for Lifehouse’s “Smoke & Mirrors”  Tour takes him to “The City Of Festivals”. Tonight’s venue is The Rave in Milwaukee, WI.  Alyssa Bernal will be up first. Show is scheduled to start at 8:00p.m. CDT. Doors open at 7:00 CDT.  Kris, Cale and Bigdaddy are rejoining the rest of KAB on tour after a quick day trip to NYC to tape a performance for The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America Telethon with Al Rocker.  The air date for the telethon is Saturday 12/4.





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Promo Video;

The Rave

The Rave is our most popular venue. Nearly every act that has ever come through Milwaukee has played this historic venue at one time or another. This two-level venue has a wrap-around balcony, excellent production capabilites and can fit up to 1500 people general admission.

Kris on his knees during Is It Over by reoracer

Written All Over My Face

Can’t Stay Away

Red Guitar

Video Credit: reoracer

Alright With Me

Everybody Wants To Rule The World

Video Credit: reoracer

Is It Over

Video Credit: reoracer

Live Like We’re Dying


Come Together


  1. Here is some info on the added band, Oxygen playing in the bar area between sets.
    Oxygen, a group of 5 musicians with a common vision, has built a rock-solid fan base throughout the Midwest with their own signature brand of “Acoustic Rock”.
    Brent Cerny – Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocals
    Jason Mateljan – Drums, Percussion
    Yale Thomas – Bass Guitar, Vocals
    Kevin Carlson – Electric Guitar
    Justin Palmer – Keyboards, Vocals


    Sittin at The Rave in Milwaukee waitin for our set…opening for Lifehouse and Kris Allen tonight! Packed house!

  2. The Rave is a great concert venue. Danny Gokey filmed one of his WI Vision commercials there.

    Should be a fun concert for Kris and company. They will have good attendance; if you buy tickets to one concert, they will send you free tickets (with a drink purchase) for a slew of concerts. Its been a regular stop in our household :)

    The Rave can be a really rowdy place for a concert- not sure how much head banging and body surfing will go on here for this billing, but be prepared!

  3. Hllaa16
    This place is packed! The concert needs to start before I get elbowed to death

  4. OK, Oxygen is performing tonight as part of a program at The Rave.

    The Rave’s emerging artist program gives up and coming acts a chance to have their music heard live, like music is supposed to be.

    ETA: Apparently they play in the bar area between sets.

  5. painted_birdie
    Ryland is much closer to the front of the stage than he was at Valpo. No more scorn! \o/

  6. tripp_ncwy:
    11/11/2010 at 8:47 pm

    I posted the thread a few minutes early just in case the concert started earlier since there are 4 acts tonight.

    Okay so obviously I am very confused with the timing as I wrote on the other thread . Anyway great to have this thread up thanks tripp.
    This looks like a nice venue.

  7. painted_birdie
    Red Guitar! This crowd is so much more responsive than Valpo (sorry, Valpo!)

  8. Kris in response to interview yesterday in NYC

    RLM1919 (credit OK Magazine)
    #About add date: “I think a lot of radio stations have it. I’m kind of in unknown about that stuff. But I think we’ll know pretty soon.”

    #Radio Shows: “I don’t know what we’re doing right now. I know a lot of stuff is pending. At least that’s what it says on my calendar.”

    #One more, about more solo shows in btw radio shows: “I don’t know, because most of that stuff is just going to be me and Cale.”

  9. Thanks for all the tweets tripp. lol at Kris ‘s comments about what’s coming up. His calendar must get messy with things pending & then changing & some things added at the last minute like some solo shows.Its a wonder that he hasn’t turned up at the wrong place sometimes!!

  10. painted_birdie No srsly IIO is so epic liveee

    painted_birdie KRIS ON HIS KNEES. LIKE. WHAT. EVEN.

    painted_birdie LLWD

    crazyyyblonde Kris Allen is so hot!

  11. Red Guitar! This crowd is so much more responsive than Valpo (sorry, Valpo!)

    Milwaukee is always a good audience :) Glad they are loving Kris.

  12. I saw on twitter that this group Oxygen supposedly was playing in the bar before Alyssa went on…not on the actual stage

  13. painted_birdie Come together was epic, I got a high-five Kris! Wasn’t paying attention at the end and got beaned by Ryland’s drumstick. Didn’t get it. /o\

  14. this guy plays for the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks (and knows Kris’ tour manager)

    MrJonBrockman Jon Brockman
    Watching Kris Allen at the Rave. Lifehouse up next! This is a sweet little venue.
    18 minutes ago

  15. reoracer Jen Savage
    Kris was throwing Cale’s M&Ms in the crowd, among other craziness. Slapped my hand, tried to give me a pick, and I have his water bottle!
    3 minutes ago

  16. Overboarded Nick
    Is it over was unbelievably epic. In the top 3 of live performances I’ve ever seen.
    5 minutes ago

  17. So I guess Jon Bream stayed home tonight?

    LOL, you have the wrong “M” city.

    I think Jon Bream is from Minneapolis

  18. painted_birdie
    Red Guitar! This crowd is so much more responsive than Valpo (sorry, Valpo!)

    I can believe this. Valpo really was a very polite crowd. Btw, this is the lady who made those stick figure drawings and then got the band to sign hers.

  19. Well, I’m sure Jon Bream would have been delighted to make the trip to see Kris. :)

  20. I just peeked back at the old thread and realized that I speculated that NoBo could be the acoustic song being made available soon for fans. I meant reggae NoBo. But now, I’m wondering if it could be a Christmas song?

    Glad Milwaukee isn’t the home of Jon Bream. Does this tour go to Minneapolis?

  21. Hi everyone. I’ve been traveling on business and have been checking in and reading threads when I can. Thanks for keeping up with all the fun!

    I’m actually going to the concert tomorrow night in Des Moines.

    Ross, interesting that you mention the infamous JB. I can’te even write the name. I’m headed back home – and am glad to go to a concert where JB will NOT be (like he was at the concert in my hometown, Minneapolis). Des Moines is 4 hours south of Minneapolis.

    I hope to recap after the concert tomorrow night.

  22. Ross, interesting that you mention the infamous JB. I can’te even write the name.

    Yeah, I don’t think that any of us want to see him around ;)
    I’m glad the whole set was videotaped :D
    have fun tomorrow linsmile!!!

  23. Elle_Higgins This. Night. Was. Amazing. Best iio ever, wonderful parking lot hangouts. Silly pictures, fun times!
    25 minutes ago via Touiteur

    reoracer I will start uploading vids as soon as I get home, promise. I was right under Kris so they should be great!

    kramanda PICTURES!

    kramanda MORE PICTURES!!

  24. Enjoy the concert linsmile- sounds like you need a bit of r&r!! I’m not sure who Jon Bream is but sounds like its someone I don’t really need to know about!!

    Oh btw I was downloading 2 new / oldsongs from Michael Johns on i-tunes[ from before AI] & I just checked on Kris’s page & they ironically now have the video for The Truth available [ so I bought it] but not the single or LLWD [ neither the song or video] or the album. How random is that. The only albums from Michael that have sold here have been compilation ones with some of his songs on there. Maybe Kris should do a compilation album with other idols & it might actually be put on i-Tunes here!!

    Okay back to the concert!!

  25. I think kramanda should keep her day job. I’m not loving those pics :) Nice effort though.

    hoosiermama, I’m hoping for a Christmas song. One of my suggestions when asked was for Kris and the KAB to do a Christmas EP or song just for fans a la The Beatles. They used to send an annual Holiday greeting and song just to their fan club members.

    To linsmile: Enjoy your concert in Des Moines!

  26. oriharakaoru

    #And I grabbed @overboarded’s arm and flailed all over him when Kris came out to sign looooooooool and we had JUST met lmao

    #Also, I talked to Kris and Cale about dinosaurs because I am awesome lmao

    #Show was amazing. Iio was ridiculous. Afterwards was great. Kris finds the metric system boring, but likes dinosaurs and fords.

  27. kramanda @steveluna una conversación en español va?

    kramanda You guys. Kris Allen gave me his banana.

    kramanda @steveluna y Te gustaron las fotos? :)

    steveluna @kramanda si muy bien!

  28. Well I wonder what is on it?

    steveluna ALERT!!! Someone dropped a Lexar memory stick near our tour bus. Let me know asap!

  29. BriObscene Alyssa Bernal came out to sing Falling In with Lifehouse. And like. Wow.

  30. reoracer
    @Elle_Higgins I videoed Kris’s whole set. Will be up on youtube reoracer probably tomorrow. I’ll start uploading as soon as I get home.

    #Ooh my Kris videos are great! Can’t wait to see them on my big screen!

    #Me with Ryland

  31. Elle_Higgins
    Since I didn’t tweet at all, ima go old school and write a show recap. Look for it tomorrow

    #Seriously I stood there during iio with my mouth hanging open. Kris never fails to stun me with how amazing he is.

  32. Where have I heard this before? No #2 on the bus. lol :-)

    991WMYX @lifehousemusic shares BIG secret about their tour bus with @kiddradio and @ElizabethKayFM

  33. STAR_MrAllen: last minute spot opened up for lunch today with @krisallen. Wanna come? Let me know if you can be there 12:30-2p today.

  34. iowaradioguy
    Today, driving around American Idol Season 8 winner Kris Allen. Tomorrow, driving roller derby girls.

    STAR_MrAllen Sound check with @krisallen

  35. Posted a link to some great photos of Kris at The Pageant thread.

  36. Waiting (im)patiently for the epic IIO video. That picture of him on his knees is such a tease. (drumming fingers)

  37. Yes we sure are Mtlfan. I just came on to see if it was posted also. Gotta go do some more School Work. Be back later to check in.

  38. Don’t know if anyone will read this! Just got to my hotel and will leave in 15 min to arrive when doors open at 7PM for the 8PM CT concert. Weather here is VERY unpleasant. Very rainy, cold and windy. I won’t be tweeting, but I hope to recap when I return. Later! :)

  39. Have fun linsmile!! I wondered if you would be seeing him soon! :D

    ETA: Looking forward to your recap!

  40. Thanks for adding the videos tripp especially the IIO one – & thanks to reoracer for taking it.

  41. Thanks for the IIO video! I love watching Kris when the song/music just sorta takes over and he shows so much emotion.

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