Kelly Clarkson’s New Single “Mr. Know It All” Officially Debuts!

Yeah, we’ve heard it already…but so what! Listen to the official debut of Kelly Clarkson’s new single, “Mr Know It All” right here at 5:30 pm EDT.

The single will reportedly be available on iTunes, Sept 5. Kelly’s album, Stronger, drops on October 25.

The big news to come out of a Q&A Kelly conducted after the single played:  She pretty much confirmed the duet with Kara Dioguardi, and unfortunately the song she recorded with Chris Daughtry didn’t make the album.

I posted a stream of the song, interview and a recap of the interview if you don’t want to listen. But trust me, you do want to listen, because Kelly is beyond adorable.

And I officially adore the new single.  I’m glad she’s gone in a new direction, rather than try to mine past glories. She sounds both soulful and fresh on the track. The song is a total earworm. LOVES.  I’ll be surprised if it’s not a hit.

“Mr. Know It All”  LISTEN:

Kelly’s Interview: (It cuts off at the end) She apologizes HERE.



  • “What Doesn’t Kill You” will probably be a single.
  • One of the duets made the cut. It’s a girl. She is somewhat affiliated with American Idol. (Kara DioGuradi confirmed!)
  • They have been trying to do a duet with Chris Daughtry, but the duet she recorded with him did not make the record, because the song they recorded didn’t fit with the direction the record ultimately took.
  • The album is about strength and empowerment.  The theme of Stronger “I love being sassy, raining on boys. parades.”
  • Starting tour in the New Year, around January after the TV and radio stuff. Band is already rehearsing the new album.
  • Confirms “Mr. Know it All” September 5 iTunes availability.
  • Album is vocally different than anything she’s done before. Every producer captured how she sounds live.  It doesn’t sound auto-tuned.
  • Her favorite song is “You Love Me” on the new album. The subject relatable subject.  It sounds happy, but she puts a dark twist on it. She wrote it in 15 minutes. It’s good when a song flows from her that fast.
  • She would love to do duets with Adele and Miranda Lambert. She’ll be a weird stalker fan to get it accomplished.
  • What has she learned since American Idol? It’s been 10 years, she’s 29 now, but she joked, “I’m still young and awesome!”  She’s learned to be a little more confident, to adapt to the “multiple personalities that I have”. She loved singing different genres of music on Idol “I’m going to be the annoying girl that shows up in every single kind of genre”.
  • She wants to show up at random karaoke bars to sing with fans on tour.  Jim C. asked this question, and she mispronounced “JambaJim” hilariously.
  • She got an email about the final track list list today.  The basic 13 are down, but still working on bonus tracks, etc.  Won’t release the track info until closer to October 25 release date.
  • She’s not mad at the leaks. It kind of ruins the fun of it all. She’d listen to leaks from her favorite artists, too.
  • Just shot the music  video for “Mr. Know It All” in Nashville with Justin Francis. It’s cool and different from what she’s done so far.
  • Her favorite song to perform live is “Walk Away”. She feels like Annie Lenox when she sings it. It’s a “Big ballsy girl song.”
  • Kelly wrote half the album. She did have a lot of great songs from other writers. Would not want to write the entire album herself. “It would be the same 12 songs.”  She loves sassy music. Writers really honed in on her personality.
  • Random: She loves Coffee Bean and Folgers.  However, she is “quite bubbly and annoying on my own.” A fly fell in her coffee this morning.
  • The album will be released overseas the same time as the US, and she will tour abroad. “We’re going to Europe, ” she said.
  • Favorite TV Show: “The Closer” with Kyra Segewick.
  • The musical influence for the album were Prince, Tina Turner, Sheryl Crowe. Some is country influenced. It’s all cohesive, despite the different genres.
  • Her celebrity crush is Kyle Chandler from Friday Night Lights. “He’s so hot..if he weren’t married, I might stalk him. He’s a hottie.”
  • How does Kelly stay grounded? “It’s hard not to be grounded when you are a giant nerd.”
  • On her off days, she writes, or maybe has “a drink or two or three” with friends.  She also loves the outdoors.
  • Touring with Reba McIntyre was great for Kelly to learn the “entertainer” side of things, rather than just focusing on vocals. She learned not to talk over people clapping for her.
  • Already Famous with her backup singers is a fun side project. She’s not sure what she’s going to do with it.
  • The live stream abruptly cut off at this point.
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