• windmills

    That seems like such a Kellie thing to do. I bet it was beautiful. Congrats to Kellie and Kyle!

  • CindyM

    awww, congrats Kellie!! Is that a pic from her wedding or the engagement??

  • LaRue

    Congrats to Kellie. And kudos to her and her new husband for sneaking it in on everyone.

  • abbysee

    Now see, if you want your wedding to be a private affair, it can be. Yay, Kellie, for pulling it off. I love the girl, so I wish her much happiness, and a long, fruitful marriage. I bet she has some funny material to share. Can’t wait!

  • bmms

    Huge congrats to Kellie & Kyle!

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Congratulations to Kellie and Kyle! What a great way to start the new year!

  • Truthiness

    Well congrats to her. And she looks so cute in this picture and whoa at the scenery. Looks like it would be seriously beautiful being there.

  • standtotheright

    Congrats to them both. I’m sure it was lovely.

  • tierbee

    Aw, congrats to them both!

  • JazzRocks

    I wish them a long and happy marriage. I wasn’t a fan of her music but she seems like a really sweet person.

  • awwwwwwwwwwwwww congratulations :)

  • cookcricket

    Congratulations to Kellie and Kyle her new hubby!! :D I’m very happy for them. He sounds like a good guy. I think I remember that picture from her engagement?

  • Indigobunting

    Kellie had the opposite of a “Carrie” wedding, lol!

    Congrats to them both!

    I love her hair like that. She is so pretty and IMO looks so nice more natural- so much better than the Dolly Parton look she has sometimes.

  • tinawina

    Awww!!! Congratulations Kellie!

  • MaryS-NJ

    Awww! That’s great! Congrats you (sneaky) kids!