Josh Gracin – National Anthem – Detroit MI

Season 2 Idol and former marine, Josh Gracin sang the National Anthem before the New England Patriots vs. Detroit Lions game in Michigan today.

Not sure what I was expecting, but he did a beautiful job.  Check  it out after the jump. And….Go Patriots! Heh.

Video after the JUMP…

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  1. Not sure what I was expecting, but he did a beautiful job.

    Yes, I was uncertain too. That was a very nice rendition. He looked so comfortable and confident.
    (though the stance with his hands clasped in front seems a bit unusual — from his military time?)

    Go Lions! I can’t believe we’re winning! If only for the moment….

  2. Loved his first album and this video is a good reminder why. The first country Idol has talent, looks, a good back story (ex-marine) and even started out with solid promotion from a good label. His arc shows how difficult and random it can be to sustain a successful recording career. I hope to hear more from him.

  3. Cool that Josh got to do this. I missed the anthem but just caught Kid Rock’s halftime performance. It was… Boring? Oh well, I’m sure some people liked it.

  4. Good job, Josh. He was much better on that, than I remember him being on his season. So cool. It’s not an easy song to do well, and he did well.

  5. Awesome. It is always exciting to hear the National Anthem sung properly with the correct words and hitting the right notes! Being a former Marine he understands what the words really mean. If it gives you chills and brings a tear to your eyes, it’s right on! Thanks, Josh.

  6. Josh always does a nice job on the Anthem. I’ve heard him do it a few times.

  7. Nice work, Josh! He sounds much better than his Idol days. Semper Fi.

  8. Josh did a very beautiful job on the National Anthem. I watched it on TV. Didn’t catch who was singing it when they announced it, but went out to the living room to see who it was that was singing so beautifully. Awesome job, Josh!!

  9. wow. He’s a much better singer now than he was 8 years ago. I’m really surprised. He sounded great.

  10. Really good job Josh! I am pleasantly surprised. He had come a long way! Kudos.

  11. Oh, and you know who I think Josh looks like? Shrek, when he was handsome under a spell or potion in Shrek 2. I can’t link cuz I’m on an iPod, but if you google “handsome Shrek” you’ll see what I mean.

  12. Josh sounded pretty good with that. I’ve lost track of what’s been happening with his country music. That recent single with the hoochie bikini girl in the didn’t get very far on country radio. Are they looking at another single?

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