Jordin Sparks – Wendy Williams (VIDEO) (No Comment on the Cheating Rumors!) (UPDATED)


UPDATE: UUUUGGGHHH. The Jason Derulo “breakup tour” continues. He told Power 105.1’s DJ Envy that he broke up with Jordin “over the phone” because he “wasn’t in town.” He also comments on their sex life saying it was “fine.” via US Magazine

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Jordin Sparks dropped by the Wendy Williams Show this morning to promote her new movie, Left Behind. But, first on the agenda, were questions about the American Idol season 6 winner’s very public breakup with pop star, Jason Derulo.

Continuing to to stay classy and remain on the high road, Jordin refused to comment on Jason or their break up. I have to say, though, that I loved Jordin’s cute yet eye-rolly laugh when Wendy referred to Jason’s “break-up” tour!

“I’m good, really no really, I’m good.” Jordin insisted to Wendy, “I know you think that I’m not good but really, I’m good!”

“It might not seem it now because you’re only 24 years old and you spent three years together,” Wendy said. “You might not feel it now but this is one of the best things that could happen to you.”

“Well thank you, I think I’m starting to feel it!” Jordin smiled. The singer also admitted that she’s excited to get back into the dating pool.

Jordin readily admitted that with the release of Jason’s “Marry Me” single, they set themselves up for rampant speculation.

Additional dish: Jason was living with Jordin in HER house in Los Angeles. She kicked him out, pretty much. “It’s my house! I bought it!” she said. She’s ready to give him back that BMW he bought her for Christmas, too. “You can buy your own BMW,” said Wendy. Indeed.

When asked to comment on the rumors that Jason cheated on her, Jordin simply replied. “I actually don’t want to comment on that.” Oh my.

On the music front: Jordin has been working in the studio since the beginning of the year. She wants to have something out be the end of the year.

Here’s the full interview.

Also, Jordin performed the Left Behind theme song. You can download “I Wish We’d All Been Ready” from iTunes right now. The movie opens in theatres on October 3.

Download I Wish We’d All Been Ready from iTunes

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  1. I honestly don’t know how anyone can enjoy Wendy Williams. She’s the perfect description of what’s wrong with today’s society when it comes to celebrities. Digging up dirt, calling folks out, shock value statements. Just so unnecessary. Kudos to Jordin for remaining classy. She’s a better guest than I would have been.

  2. You go girl! I wish she could give him back the damn 10,000 roses too lol I do like how she’s staying classy YET saying so much but not blabbing it the way Jason has been. The “I actually dont want to comment on that” answer to the cheating question says so, so much. Classy girl as always though.

  3. The only reason she was invited on that show was to find out why Jason dumped her. And the reason was she wanted to get married and he didn’t. Do I believe he cheated, you can bet your last dollar he did. He’s a hot pop star traveling around the world with gorgeous women throwing themselves at him and he’s living with a girl who’s desperate to get married. He had no incentive to marry her. As for her album, she’s been in the studio for what it seem like four years trying to get this album out. At least we know, she won’t be touring with Jason. If she do get back in the dating pool, I hope she has learned from this relationship, it makes men uncomfortable when a woman starts talking about engagements and marriage only after being together a few weeks and they certainly don’t like women tweeting their business to everyone. No one needs to know every detail of her relationship.

  4. If he was so uncomfortable with it then maybe he shouldn’t have recorded a song called marry me. Maybe he shouldn’t have talked to numerous magazines about his future plans to marry her. Why was she seen as desperate? Anxious, maybe, she obviously loved him. What is anyones incentive to marry?

    I sorta thought shes been doing all this press (that’s been planned in advance) because she’s promoting a movie.


    Wendy’s does a post show interview about Jordin’s on stage attitude towards the break up with Jason. Wendy believes Jordin “faked” a smile for the cameras, but deep deep down was hurting. In my honest opinion, I believe the opposite. Jordin is a smart girl. I am sure she has read between the lines and noticed that Jason wasn’t as in love with her as she was with him. You could tell after a while, that Jason’s heart was just not in it and he was going through the motions to please her and the media. Oh well, maybe Jordin will pull the Taylor Swift and write some BA new music about her relationship with Jason and get her name back in the media in a postive light like she had with Battlefield and No Air!

  6. I have a feeling that Jordin is going to be just fine. She is beautiful, talented, classy and rich. Sometimes a relationship ends because it was not the best for the parties envolved. Hopefully, you learn what you want in a relationship, what you don’t want, and then you just move on.

  7. They don’t care about her movie, they are more interested in the details why she and Jason broke up. He wasn’t actually going to marry her, he was doing what a lot of men do when they don’t want to marry a woman, telling her what she wants to hear and if they can afford it, buying them gifts to distract them for a few months. And yes, she did seem desperate, couldn’t stop tweeting about Jason and dropping hints about engagements or weddings. He strung her alone until it came to the moment when he had to put up or shut.

  8. Do I believe he cheated, you can bet your last dollar he did. He’s a hot pop star traveling around the world with gorgeous women throwing themselves at him

    Which makes him blame free. Because he’s hot. And a pop star. Poor poor Jason stuck with that pathetic girl he was living with.

    I mean. HE WAS LIVING WITH HER IN HER HOUSE. Nobody stuck a gun to his head and forced him to be with Jordin. Also, he milked the whole “Marry Me” meme for his OWN CAREER. And now he’s complaining about it. Pathetic.

    …and he’s living with a girl who’s desperate to get married. He had no incentive to marry her.

    The only one “desperate” here is Jason, flapping his mouth, spilling his business to the press. Why is it so important for him to appear blameless? He wants YOU to believe Jordin was desperate, suffocating him. His passive aggressive dissing of Jordin in the press is gross and it’s actually having the opposite effect. He looks like a heel.

    Jordin should consider herself lucky at this point. She’ll be just fine.

  9. I sorta thought shes been doing all this press (that’s been planned in advance) because she’s promoting a movie.

    Yes, she would have been on Wendy’s show in any case. The host just took advantage of the timing to make the segment gossipy.

  10. He wasn’t actually going to marry her, he was doing what a lot of men do when they don’t want to marry a woman, telling her what she wants to hear and if they can afford it, buying them gifts to distract them for a few months.

    It’s 2014. The 50s wants it’s trope back.

  11. Time might advance, but the mentality of some men don’t. He wasn’t going to marry her. He strung her alone and he’s certainly not the first man to do it and won’t be the last. Yes, it’s 2014, but its not out of he ordinary, for a man to live with a woman, enjoying all the benefits and don’t want to marry.

  12. Maybe Jordin wouldnt have started talking about marriage if it wasnt for interviews like this. If it made him so uncomfortable then HE should have shut up about the M word in the press. He shouldnt have wrote the song in the first place for that matter. And by the time the marriage talk started, at least the Marry Me video/song they were together about 2 years, not a few weeks.

  13. She started dropping hints about getting married not too long after they got together. That was long before that interview.

  14. Jordan learned a valuable lesson about relationships and men and what they will do or say to get what they want. She’s young, she’s got plenty of time to get married. Hopefully, this breakup will help her down the line.

  15. I think it is possible that he cared a lot about her and thought seriously about marriage, but then discovered he wasn’t ready for such a big step. No shame if that is true.
    Also I think that any good looking relatively successful musician has plenty of women willing to sleep with them-doesn’t mean all if them take them up on it.

  16. So if Jason was uncomfortable by the idea of marriage being brought up so early in the relationship the best way he felt to deal with it was by writing a song for Jordin called Marry Me. Real genius right there.

  17. Never said he was genius, just another guy who didn’t want to get married.

  18. I feel celebs have a choice. They can keep their love lives relatively private. And some do. If they let the world know they’re in love and want to get married, they’re not going to be allowed to have a breakup in private. So you get all this “He said, she said” afterwards. I can’t feel sorry for them being questioned about it. I think there are celebs who enjoy the attention of having their fans know all about their romances. If so they have to deal with the attention when they split up.

  19. If you answer “no comment” when asked if your ex cheated on you, you are implicitly stating they did but you don’t wish to discuss it. If they didn’t a simple “no” would suffice.

  20. Don’t you think all those women wiggling and talking dirty to him was part of his undoing?

  21. I would prefer a simple ‘none of your damn business, myself’ – which it is not.

    As explicit statements go – that is sufficient.


  22. That still implies the affirmative. If I was asked if any of my exes were serial killers the worst I could say is not to my knowledge. Anything else would suggest otherwise.

  23. I really like Jordan. She has always been a classy female. I stopped watching Wendy quite a while back when she suddenly became an authority on everyone and everything. Wish Jordan the best of luck, perhaps she dodged a bullet, if so good.

  24. Derulo just finished painting her as clingy, needy, bitchy, and over-eager for marriage (having conveniently forgotten all behavior of his own that stated outright it was a True Love for the Ages and would lead to marriage) — the whole stereotype of the Needy Girlfriend.

    With one “no comment,” Sparks pwned him without saying one. single. word. against him.

  25. Not to mention Jason keeps emphasizing that there was no cheating going on, which as I suspected was damage control to try and cover his ass. So if he did indeed screw around Jordin has every right to smack him down and refute however she chooses. I personally love how she has handled everything.

  26. I also like Jordin and feel this will be a learning experience for her. When singing a break-up song, she will know the pain many of us have felt maybe once in our lives. It is better to end now, not after marriage. I wish Jordin the best as she copes with her feelings.

  27. I was with her except for giving the car back to HIM. It was a gift, it belongs to her. If it has unhappy memories attached to it, donate the car (or sell it and give the proceeds) to a worthy charity.

  28. I respectfully disagree, George. That is an inference made by the listener, not an implication made by the speaker.

    OTOH – even to answer with a negative ‘implies’ that the host has a right to expect an answer to an extremely intrusive question – a preference of mine would be “Why do you ask?” – the host can hardly answer that truthfully. Heh.

    …but Jordin appearing on such a show at this time also implies a willingness to trade publicity for her latest project in return for fielding some tacky questions – so “No Comment” does the job, in that case.

    JMO. Of Course.

  29. I agree with you that it was deftly done and had the full impact she intended. My point was in response to the people saying that she is not getting dirt on her hands by responding to the question when its clear from her statement she just chose to wear gloves.

  30. That is exactly how she wanted it. For us to infer but not explicitly state it.

    After a breakout outsiders/tabloids/news media always want to know the reason. Going on Wendy she had to expect that these questions would be asked and Wendy would be a fool not to ask her about it. If Jordin didn’t want to answer questions regarding her personal life and the recent breakup she could have stipulated this upfront. Interview conditions are a norm. She answered just about every question except if he cheated. She purposefully left that obscure.

    If he cheated, which seems likely by all indications, then she did a masterful job of saying so by not saying so. You don’t go on Wendy to talk tea and crumpets. Wendy goes from your front door straight into your bedroom in 60 seconds. Jordin went straight to the gossip hound and destroyer of reputations. Especially Urban artists. You go on Ellen if you want pleasant conversation and plug your latest project.

  31. If I were Jordin I would probably have hidden under the covers for 6 months and gorged myself on bon bons and tequila. But Jordin has a job to do and right now she is, more than probably, contractually obligated to do a round of pre-booked media interviews for her latest movie. She doesn’t have the luxury of just letting all this dissipate before she faces the talk show circuit…the timing of the movie release and her break-up couldn’t have been more ill-timed. I totally admire her for taking the high road, and if some of her comments may be ambiguous that’s OK given the circumstances. And if people want to interpret the no comment to pour acid into the wound, so be it. Jordin can’t control how others react and view the situation.

  32. Yes. That’s exactly what I said. “..appearing on such a show at this time also implies a willingness to trade publicity for her latest project in return for fielding some tacky questions – so “No Comment” does the job, in that case.”

  33. Could be that Jordin answered “no comment” because she knew that saying a definitive no could come back to bite her. There would be folks out there just waiting to prove her wrong. Or maybe she has her suspicions that he did, but no proof. He said he did not cheat, so she would be setting herself up for a public fight if she said he did. Others may want that but obviously she does not. Some may see “no comment” as a yes he did. But I see it as none of your business Wendy and I’m not going to roll around in the mud with you.

  34. UPDATE? – The proverbial sock is looking for your mouth, Jason.

  35. Remember when some people were saying what a nice guy he is and what a wonderful couple they are together, well, know you know. He’s a jerk who dumped her over the phone and the final insult, he talked about their sex life. That’s the guy she thought was going to marry her, I don’t think she knew who he was.

  36. Actually, Wendy said Jordan was scheduled before the break up. These things are usually set way in advance to align with movie releases, TV shows, etc.

    And Jason was the one singing the marry me song. I think he was all cool after he broke his neck being a one woman man. Then success came with 2 big songs and girls shaking their tales. Now he feels pressure.

    Jason knew who Jordan was…. he just changed his mind.

  37. Or there was never a plan to marry her and he was just enjoying the sex and then dumped her when he couldn’t avoid having to commit.

  38. From how he was portrayed in the media, he was a nice guy. IMO that ship has sailed since this break-up happened. I think that he’s trying to change his image. Is this going to harm his career? I don’t know because there are certainly artists out there that at least for a period of time do better in sales/charts when there is controversy.

  39. It’s not going to hurt his career. He just dumped a girl, he didn’t commit a crime. He’s a self absorbed jerk, but the entertainment field has a lot of them and this won’t be held against him.

  40. I don’t think it’s going to hurt his career either. But it has changed what I think about him. I didn’t think he was necessarily a nice guy before this, but I certainly didn’t think if he broke up with Jordin he would “blast” their whole relationship in the media.

  41. Am I the only one who thought Jason Derulo was gay and Jordin was his beard? Something about him just PINGS the gaydar.

  42. All of these stars have a public image and the one that they show behind close doors and sometimes those two images don’t jive. I’m not surprised he’s talking, he wants to make sure people know he did the dumping instead of getting dumped. These days a lot of these stars have a bad habit of sharing too much and I think the women are worse than the guys, but either way, all of them need to show some restraint.

  43. If he identifies as straight does it really matter what someone else’s gaydar pings?

  44. 1. Boy does he sound like a prize.

    2. Yes cuz girls only put out if marriage is in sight.

    3. We all know boys don’t marry girls who put out.


  45. If Chris Brown beating up Rhianna didn’t hurt his career, this certainly won’t hurt Jason’s career.

  46. My goodness. Is he trying to replace Robin Thicke as the jerk of the month. Robin was riding high for a minute until he found out he wasn’t as sexy and irresistible to women as he thought. What a crash to earth that he took.

  47. Maybe he’s just acting with unbelievable stupidity as a kind gesture to Jordin — to make sure she won’t regret for one millisecond that they’re no longer seeing each other.

    Mission accomplished.

  48. Well, so early in the unfolding of events, I think you’d be ill-advised to give any answer except “no comment” or “buzz off,” or the like.

    Unless you were handcuffed to the other person throughout the relationship, at this point you’d be very unlikely to know for sure whether there’d been cheating or not, no matter what you thought you knew.

  49. Of course they won’t care…now they can join the thousand of fans who “dream” their little dreams about catching their favorite in their own little love nest. It’s the people who don’t have any real fan attachment to him that may choose to not support him or his music in the future because they don’t particularly agree with his callous handling of the situation.

    I haven’t seen a Tom Cruise movie since he unceremoniously dumped Nicole for the sake of his religious big deal to him but it always makes me feel better to ignore the bastard. And now I’ll just do the same with Jason.

  50. I know right? I know Chris Brown is held as an example of how the biggest jerk can still have a huge career, but Robin is a great example of how just the opposite can happen. As soon as he showed what kind of douchebag he really was he went from having one of the biggest hits of the year and a #1 album to crashing down with a 72% drop in album sales all in a matter of a year. Jason better watch if he keeps shooting his mouth off I wouldnt be shocked to see people turn on him.

  51. I don’t know who decided to start calling women “a [fill in the blank] female” but it needs to stop. Terms like thirsty female or even “a classy female” as you put it are so offensive even if you meant that as a compliment. She’s a woman. An honest to God woman. Slang rooted in misogyny needs to stop. “A female” sounds like you’re referring to a dog. I don’t care if some women are now appropriating it themselves. I used to only hear remarks using it like that from men’s rights activists.

  52. Well to be entirely fair Jason gets asked about the break up a lot. Aren’t his interviewers just as brash as Wendy Williams? I mean what jerk interviewers even has the nerve to ask about Jason’s sex life to his face? Doesn’t mean that Jason has to rise to the bait, though.

  53. I thought he called into Ryan’s radio show on his own? Either way, he could just say he prefers not to discuss it and not give details.

  54. I doubt that was his motive. However, I do think it helps to get over someone if they act like an asshat. My latest boyfriend dumped me and gave no real reason. Information is helpful.

  55. Agree. I was joking. : )

    The good thing is that it works when they’re not intending it, right?

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