Jordin Sparks Blogs About Gina Glocksen’s Wedding

Jordin Sparks (along with fellow season sixer Haley Scarnato) was a bridesmade at Gina Glocksen’s New Year’s Eve wedding. Here’s what she had to say about the experience in a recent My Space Blog. It sounds like a good time was had by all:

As I was standing with the other girls, I thought about all the crazy good times I’ve had with her. All the talks we’ve had. All the secrets we’ve shared. I was realizing how important she was to me. And then I looked at Joe and thought of how perfect he was for her and how happy they’re going to be. And then thought…if he does something, I’ll kick him where it hurts! I’m pretty sure I thought all of that within a few seconds.

But as the church doors opened, and she was standing there staring at the man she loved, I couldn’t help but cry. The sparkle that was in her eye was undeniable. She never took her eyes off him. Not once. That in itself was amazing. And the fact that these two phenomenal people found each other…was breathtaking.

After a couple tears, some wedding photos, and numb feet, we were off to the reception. And that’s where the party started. Actually, no, it started on the bus. THAT’S where it started. Anyway, it was beautiful. Tons of friends and family, great dinner, and “clinking of glasses”. But, you know Gina, she likes things different, instead of ‘clinking’, the whole table had to stand up and sing a love song! You guys know how that went. Lots of singing. I sang Gina and Joe’s first dance. No pressure right!?! I sang a version of I Wanna Hold Your Hand, and they were in their own little world. Gliding across the floor like they were the only ones there. And to them, they were. Gina danced with her father to My Girl, sang by Jay and Sharlotte (one of the backrounds on AI). Then Gina got up and sang I Hope You Dance for Joe and his mom. I cried…again. I missed hearing her sing.

After dinner, some toasts, and a very entertaining slideshow. The wedding was over and the New Years party started. It was a blast! Joe’s band Then Again played. Everyone was on the dance floor within seconds! It continued like that until it was time to countdown. Then…BAM!!!! It was 2009.

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