Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Playing Nice? (Plus an Awkward Voice/Ellen Clip)

On Monday, February 13, 2012, (ironically close to Valentine’s Day), Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony will reunite on the Ellen show.  The two haven’t really been spotted together on American television since their American Idol performance in May, and through all of the divorce mess in July.  Both were allegedly not on good terms, but it seems that through serving on the talent television show “Q’Viva” they are fixing some problems.  I don’t really believe they’re too close, it’s probably just a publicity thing, but at least they’re talking.  Because it’s so touchy, the Huffington post reports that at one point Jennifer playfully tapped her ex’s head, and she had to do it again just to prove that she wasn’t doing it out of spite.  It’s a pretty weird idea if you ask me.  But Jennifer hasn’t appeared on “Ellen” to promote “Idol” yet, so there’s probably that alternate motive.

Speaking of Ellen, at about 3:20 on this clip a contestant gives the worst answer possible to a The Voice question.  Very awkward…watch below:

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