Jason Castro – That’s What I’m Here For – The Ellen Degeneres Show – VIDEO

Jason Castro sang his new single “That’s What I’m Here For” today on the Ellen Degeneres Show.

The new single comes from Jason’s new self-titled debut album, which bowed on the Billboard 200 at #18 this week, selling 19, 679 copies. Congratulations, Jason!

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  1. Jason on my TV again! Now thats what I have been waiting for – he did so good, he is just precious beyond words, oh wow – I want to cry. I am so happy for him – wow, crying?

  2. Jason, I missed you!

    He sounded great. And I really like the use of the violin. Very well done.

    Now, can we have a hair discussion? ;) j/k

  3. Wow, that was actually pretty fantastic! Good job, Jason :) . I need to pick up his album, I got the EP and I love it.

  4. I’m not sure that performance wasn’t even better than the recording… FANTASTIC Jason, Steven, Ben, Jordan, and JD (and strings)

  5. Jewel- I prefer Jason live too. This song so deserves radio play and I hope I hear it soon. He’s like a modern day Arlo Guthrie/Dylan ( I’m talking voice here peeps, lol).

  6. That was such an amazing performance. Wow! He and the band mesh so well. Blown away. Just Wow!!

  7. I love how Jason always sings straight from the heart. It’s so obvious that he truly loves making music…there’s real joy in it.
    He’s come a long,long way in just 2 years. I’m very happy for him.

  8. Awe Jason…..Every time I go to the grocery store I here Jason’s “Let’s Just Fall In Love Again” playing over the sound system and I always catch myself humming along. I might just have to go buy his cd;)

  9. Jason’s album is very good. He always brings such a joy to his singing. It’s always fun to watch him perform and his voice is really soothing and lovely. I do wish that he had recorded the “Plugged -in” version o Hallelujah on his album, though. (It was on the internet at the TAMU concert.) That was the most fabulous version of that song I’ve ever heard.

  10. wow he did sound better here then the cd version..note perfect..

    speaking of which did anyone catch him when he visited the If I can dream house a couple days ago? the acoustic set he and his band did in there was fantastic…probably the best live versions Ive heard them do live…great harmonies…and then of course his band jammed with Alex lambert on his butterflies song and made it sound even better and it was great to begin with.

  11. Aw, Jason! You’re such a breath of fresh air! Congrats on your continued success!

  12. Hey, does Jason have any ties to 19 or anything idol, other than a former contestant?

  13. he has no ties to 19 entertainment..Jason signed with Atlantic records….probably why he has not been invited back to idol.

  14. Really happy for Jason on his sales. That’s really good news. Happy to see him on Ellen too. Atlantic is doing a great job for him.

  15. That’s a lot of musicians for such a quiet song.

    I have Jason’s album. I’d say the genre is pop/folk, and I do like it. This is a good song but a little (as Randy would say) sleepy. He has other songs that I think have better hooks, but maybe there’s a reason why this is the next single. (What do you think? A movie placement?)

  16. Congrats to Jason on his debut CD! Enjoyed seeing him on Ellen today. He’s definitely one of the good guys, and I wish him well in his career.

  17. Ahhh… Jasonnn! Love it. Thanks, MJ.

    he has no ties to 19 entertainment..Jason signed with Atlantic records….probably why he has not been invited back to idol.

    Neither did Elliott and they’re always inviting him to do stuff. Brooke White makes sense since she’s in business with Randy. But what about Micheal Johns and Carly? Weren’t they both invited back at some point? Or did they get canceled?

    I’d love to see him promote this on the show.

  18. I don’t think Jason has any real connections to 19 anymore, but they did have him at the If I Can Dream house the other night, so somebody must have invited him there. Now if only they would freaking invite him on Idol, but I doubt that would happen.

  19. On another note, one of my friends from college (heh.. I went in the late 80s/early 90s) posted a youtube link to the new single on his page and said he sounded a little like Dylan and that it was a really good song. Kinda cool. Go Jasonnn. Win over the guy listeners! :-)

  20. That was terrific! Can’t wait to see him tomorrow at the House of Blues in San Diego. This’ll be a much different show than when I saw him in February. Now he’s touring with a whole band. Should be a great show.

  21. I have this performance on my DVR, and I’m going to wait and watch it there, but I am glad to see him getting some publicity and doing this promo for his new single. Does anyone know if this is his only stop or if he’ll be on any other talk show to perform it? He’s so much fun to listen to, I wish him every success!

    I hope we get some YT video of these full band gigs. Boston is the closest he’s coming to me (3 hours away), but I think it’s is sold out anyway. I would love to get a little taste via YouTube, lol.

  22. i really like it. Jason’s performances on AI are some of my favorites: Hallelujah, Travelin’ Man, Over The Rainbow. I just simply enjoy his singing.

  23. Thanks for posting this, MJ, as Hockey playoffs intervened!
    Really good performance, I love the Violin and Cello; they give the song a little Bluegrassy sound. I’m happy for Jason.

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