Jason Castro Joins Little Girl’s Cancer Battle

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Before Jason Castro hit the stage Wednesday night in southern Colorado to play a benefit for 9-year old Megan Phalen, who is battling leukemia, he stopped by her house to give her a private concert.

Years of chemotherapy have left her immune system weak–she’s   unable to leave her home. So Jason brought the concert to Megan, performing “Let’s Just Fall In Love” and “Hallelujah” sitting right next to her on the family’s living room couch.

From NBC 5:

Megan couldn’t control her joy spontaneously joining in on a few songs. Between songs Castro said, “It’s really an honor to be here, and it’s really nice to meet Megan. It’s cool to get to sit down sometimes and hangout with people I don’t get to do that too much so this is a special time for me.” To that Megan smiled even bigger. Through it all observers in the wings were fighting back tears.

The fundraiser, sponsored by 98.9 Magic, helped raise thousands of dollars for Megan’s bone marrow transplant.

Full versions of songs (via Fox 21) after the jump.

Let’s Just Fall In Love


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  1. Now I have tears in my eyes. This is just wonderful. How sweet of Jason to do this. He is such a good guy. Jason won me over when I met him on tour for season 7 AI. Another one who just brings it home with a beautiful voice and a guitar. Simply beautiful. That little girl is precious. The joy on her face is priceless. I hope she is well very soon.

  2. What a wonderful thing for Jason to do. I got teary just reading about it! So great that he was able to bring that little girl such joy with just a song and his guitar. What a sweet guy he is!

  3. thats awesome. as someone who has a parent with cancer, i know the level happiness that it must bring to this girl and it really does make a huge difference in their life. It really only takes one. Very cool Jason.

  4. Jason’s just lit from within, isn’t he? When he sings with this kind of joy (like with his first performance of Daydream and his AI exit song of I Shot the Sheriff), he’s simply the best. Looking forward to his album.

  5. Oh Jason, you are so precious and special and I am so glad Idol brought your light and beauty to us all, awww –

    just watched Hallelujah – tears sweet Jason

  6. What a beautiful girl Megan is – I can’t get over her smile. So very wonderful for Jason that he got the chance to do this and good for him too. I love watching moments like this.

  7. What a wonderful amazing thing he did. I got all chocked up. This is what the holidays are truly about. Tremendous thing to do Jason

  8. That was so beautiful and yes, I had tears in my eyes watching Jason and Megan singing Hallelujah. What a precious child she is and how wonderful of Jason to do this for her.

    Is there a place to send donations?

  9. That was very sweet of Jason to give Megan and her family their own personnal concert. It is wonderful when the idols play at benefits for good causes.

  10. That was so beautiful and yes, I had tears in my eyes watching Jason and Megan singing Hallelujah. What a precious child she is and how wonderful of Jason to do this for her.

    Is there a place to send donations?

    I believe that castrocopia.com has an address. You can also check the FOX affiliate that posted the newspiece.

  11. I’m so bawling like a baby after seeing these videos and reading the story! Wow! I had the privelage of meeting Jason in September when he came to KC for a free concert and he really is one of the nicest, most sincere people I’ve ever met. He radiates a warmth that is rare these days. I wish him so much success. No matter how many albums he sells though, he already is successful making such a difference for this little girl and her family. I bet it meant as much to him as it did to her.

  12. I almost don’t know what to say after seeing this. Just beautiful. To see that big grin on that precious little girl’s face while Jason was singing and to see her singing along was very heartwarming to see.

    That was a very kind and unselfish thing for Jason to do.

  13. It is wonderful when the idols play at benefits for good causes.”


  14. I am convinced there is a spirit that shines through Jason. It’s obvious Megan sees it. She will be in my prayers.
    Also, I do not think I have heard a more beautiful and touching delivery of “Hallelujah”. I am moved.

  15. Oh my God, my eyes are really watery right now. Embarrassing lol.

    Megan has an adorable smile and it was so heartwarming to see her sing with Jason Castro, and Jason is such a nice guy for that. Man….

  16. what a beautiful little girl — it was nice to see her smiling while jason sang to her….loved it !

  17. OMG the tears are streaming down my face. I love Jason Castro. He is a beautiful person and I hope he has a hugh and wonderful career!

  18. Just beautiful, Jason and the little girl.
    ETA easy to donate from her web site-
    monies are managed by a foundation.

  19. Aw, what a beautiful little girl – and what a beautiful thing for Jason to do for her. Her face and smile just shine so bright. *Sniff* I love how kind so many of these Idol kids are. Well done, Jason.

  20. You can also send donations here ~

    Magic FM
    Christmas Miracle for Megan
    6805 Corporate Center Dr. Ste # 130
    Colorado Springs, CO 80919

  21. That’s wonderful! So nice to see Megan smile and sing along with Jason. She’s adorable. “zip2zap”, thanks for the link to Megan’s site. Yeah, it’s easy to donate from her site.

  22. Megan is beautiful. Such sparkling eyes and a joyful smile while Jason sings.

    Jason sounds great, soothing voice. Hope his album does well in 2010.

  23. Jason is such a sweetheart! May God bless, Megan! What a nice Christmas (holidays) story. Wishing much success to Jason and to his album.

  24. That really was touching. I wish Megan well with everything. In addition to loving Jason’s voice, I love his big heart and desire to help others.

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