Jason Castro in the Philippines – VIDEO

Photo Credit: Beatriz Isabel Acosta

Like many Idols before him (Kris Allen, Michael Johns and Taylor Hicks to name a few), Jason Castro traveled to the Philippines this week to perform a series of shows in and around Manila.

Tonight, he performs his 4th and final show at at Market! Market! Activity Center, Philippines.

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Longtime reader and poster, Purplesmile attended the Thursday night show at Trinoma Activity Center, and Friday’s show at the Glorietta Mall.

Here’s what she had to say about Jason’s performances:

So I finally got to see Jason. Woot! It’s taken a while to get him here but I/we are no longer complaining. He is here and he is as sweet and dorky in person as he seems on TV and the youtubes. I’m also still loving the music.

I have managed to go to the first two of his shows. I almost didn’t go to the first one at Trinoma on Thursday, because work was just killing me. In the end, I decided I needed that break so I went. I’m glad I did. It was a great show and there was a good turnout. (I confess I was afraid the crowd may be small because it’s been so long since he was on AI and there wasn’t a big online presence of Jason fans here to indicate great interest. I’m pleased that I got it wrong.)

Jason came with just one of his band, Stephen Kanicka on the guitar. (His dad and Mandy are with him on this trip, too.) I’m a little disappointed his setlist is too short. On the other hand, since it’s an acoustic show, that may have been a good idea. It’s a solid set, nonetheless (although I wish he had inserted Daydream in there, if only because that’s the one he had me with, heh:P) and the crowd gave him some good love.

Check out the high quality photos taken by Beatriz HERE and HERE. After the jump, enjoy a set list of videos taken by Purplesmile at the Glorietta show.

Video after the JUMP…

That’s What I’m Here For

Love Uncompromised

It Matters To Me

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

If I Were You

You Can Always Come Home

Let’s Just Fall in Love Again


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  1. Cool! Sounds like fun. Thanks to all contributors for the recap and videos. :-)

  2. Thanks for the vids!

    Purps, so happy you got to see him. I was going to see him at Shuba’s in Chicago at the beginning of February, but life unfortunately got in the way.

  3. I’m really glad Jason had a good turnout in the Philippines. They really seem to love their idols and are a great and appreciative audience.

    I think it’s a very good move to do some of the most loved Idol performances on these tours. This reminds the audience of what they loved about them and makes them open to the new material. ‘Hallelujah’ and ‘Over The Rainbow’ were my favorites from Jason and I’m glad he’s performing them.

  4. Thanks, mj! :)

    pj, I know. :( How are you? I hope you’re coping well. *hugs*

    I’m sure you’ll get a chance to see Jason soon. His album is coming out and I believe a headlining tour is being arranged for the near future.

    Jason really is adorkable. :P

  5. He sounds great – his lower register is really lovely – sexy:)

  6. Thanks for the report, Purps! So glad you got to go. I hope everything is going well for you.

  7. cool that the crowd sang along with him….”moment’ for sure.

    love the screen and camera work….added to the experience.

    his voice has come a long way! beautiful stuff..guy is a shining star.

  8. Jason just has heart in everything he does. You can see by the twinkle in his eyes that he loves performing. So glad to see him have some success. My only complaint is the new single, I would have picked Love Uncompromised instead, but I never agree with the label on what makes a good single. Hope it works for him.

  9. Everything Jason does seems to come from his heart and for the pure love of music. I’ve always liked his voice and his style of music and his attitude. I’m looking forward to the cd dropping so I can hear some new music.

  10. Really happy to see Jason promoting his music and having fun.

  11. Copies of Jason’s EP were sold at the concert venues here. He signed them after each show, giving everyone who bought a copy and went to the shows a chance to meet or at least get close to him. I thought that was pretty cool. =)

    He didn’t sell any other merchandise, but gave away some shirts at the Glorietta and Market! Market! shows…


  12. i just watched the videos from his performance at Cebu city…that place looked nuts..girls were freaking out for him…singing along to every song….great atmosphere to play

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