Jason Castro: Car Chases, Cops and Trailer Parks!

Jason Castro, back home with the family in Texas for the holidays, had quite an adventure last night.

His car was re-ended by a dude who did not stop. Jason took off in hot pursuit of the perp, and with help from the local cops, trapped him in a trailer park.

R Kelly super fan gets arrested
R Kelly super fan gets arrested

Jason tells the story, via twitter:

tonight i got rear ended and the person didn’t stop so i chased him and wound up trapping him in a trailer park. crazy annoying.

he lost me in the trailer park. it was a green 90s chevy truck single cab short bed with ground effects. he must live in the neighborhood bc

there’s only one way out of that neighborhood and cops came after me and monitored the exit. so annoying. my little hybrid was too slow!

tonight was kind of fun though… haha you should’ve been there!

for the record i did call the cops… they backed my up like within 2 minutes. they were awesome!

ive also had a sore throat for the last 4 days… all this and its still been an AWESOME WEEK HOME! wouldn’t trade it for anything :)

Er. Sounds a little dangerous!

Jason begins a nationwide tour on January 20th in Jacksonville FL, opening for Matt Hires.   His 5-song EP, The Love Uncompromised EP, drops on January 12.

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  1. If you’ll remember, on American Idol Extra, Jason told us how fond he is of getting on a race track and racing, and how he wished that there were more of them in Texas. He must have been a race car driver in a former life. ;)

  2. Don’t forget these tweets made between those mentioned above:

    “in my experience, teeth whitening strips from the store work better than the special molded trays. the trays are burning my gums. now. ouch!

    also today i hurt my foot playing soccer… its swollen and i can barely walk.”

    LOL Someone had tweeted that they sold soccer cleats to Jason Castro last week.

    One thing about Jason–he’s not pretentious!

  3. Ha, must be something about these Texas guys. My DH witnessed a hit-and-run a few months ago and took off after the guy (while calling the police on his cell phone). Chased him to a trailer park, too, and watched the guy pull into a driveway; gave the address to the cops, who got there a minute later and arrested the dude. I was plenty worried when DH called me to tell me what he was in the middle of, but Texans don’t like to let someone get away with something like that. Way to go, Jason! BTW, Jason, we live within sight of the Texas Motor Speedway; drop by for a visit, and we’ll get you out to the race track to drive a car. ;-)

  4. It is funny, Jason being so laid-back, yet likes to race cars and chase runaway hit-and-runners, lol. There’s obviously more to him than meets the eye. What a cutie.

  5. I’m hearing the Cops theme. Bad boys bad boys whatcha gonna do whatcha gonna do when they come for you… And seeing the dreadlocked Jason chasing people down in his hybrid while the opening credits roll. Someone should pitch the idea. ;)

  6. Okay that sounds funny, exciting and dangerous at the same time. I would never have taken him for the confrontational type! I guess he was full of righteous indignation, can’t say I blame him.

  7. That was a risky move…Jason isn’t the biggest most intimidating guy…he could have got hurt.

    I thought matt hires was opening for Jason?

  8. Jason joined Matt Hires tour that was already established, so Jason is opening for Matt Hires.

  9. That is dangerous. The dude ran for a reason. Could of been no insurance or license.

    But could of had a gun, dope, or a warrant on him. You just never know.

  10. It is funny, Jason being so laid-back, yet likes to race cars and chase runaway hit-and-runners, lol. There’s obviously more to him than meets the eye. What a cutie.

    I had to chuckle at everyone’s post about Jason and this car chase, but I, too, am glad he is okay. My husband is also a laid-back guy, and he had a Trans-Am when we first dated and got engaged. He says that it was actually slow, but I pictured it as a fast car. He always wished he could race, but never got the chance. He does plenty of it, though, when he plays video games with our oldest sons, lol. PattyP, do you have drag racing, too, at the Texas Motor Speedway? My oldest son used to love drag racing at one time.

  11. i love how he switched topics from the car chase to his sore throat, like it was the clincher. =)) oh jason, you’re too funny.

  12. hope this dispels the rumor that Castro is ALWAYS high…..he takes a break from the bong from time to time :) glad nothing “serious” happened.

  13. Oh my goodness, I hope the car that hit Jason wasn’t going too fast. Sometimes, there is a whip-lash effect 24 hours after an accident. I hope he takes good care of himself.

  14. PattyP, do you have drag racing, too, at the Texas Motor Speedway? My oldest son used to love drag racing at one time.

    Nope, but the Texas Motorplex is south of Dallas and always hosts big-name drag racing events. However, the Texas Motor Speedway did have a weekend drag racing for street cars program at the track all summer long, to try to keep kids from doing drag races on public streets. It’s supervised, and they could win prizes.

    Plus, Jason could always just take his own car out on the track during “Laps for Charity,” a twice-a-year event that raises money for the speedway children’s charities. You get to drive your own vehicle (even a motorcyle; my DH did that once) around the track for a few laps at about 90 mph (more, if the people in front of you are going faster!). Have done that several times — very, very cool!

  15. Jason went through a period of being a car guy.

    I’m glad that Jason did not catch up with the person while he was alone. I’m glad that he’s safe.

    I hope that he is all healed and healthy for his wedding Saturday. I’m excited for him.

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