Jason Castro – Cafe 939 – Boston – 5/14/10 – VIDEO

So yeah, my night out to see Jason Castro in concert Saturday night didn’t exactly turn out the way I planned.

Jason made his second trip to Cafe 939–a wonderful little performance space run by Berklee School of music students.  His first trip to the Cafe in January, he performed an acoustic set as the opening act for Matt Hires on what I swear was the coldest night of winter.  I made my way to the venue in the ice and bitter cold, and it was worth it. Jason didn’t disappoint–he was dynamic, connected performer on stage.

Video after the JUMP…

This time around, Jason was the headliner, and he brought a band with him. I’m happy to report, Jason doesn’t lose the ability to connect when fronting a band.  The set was an entertaining mixture of cover covers and songs from his new self-titled album. It helped that Jason recorded a strong set of songs for the new record.  My favorites were the sweetly haunting, “It Matters To Me”, the heartbreaking “You Can Always Go Home, ” and the mid-tempo “Closer.” And hooray that Jason performed all three songs!  He also sang his new single “That’s What I’m Here For” and the jaunty first single, ‘Let’s Just Fall in Love.”

Those of you who follow me on twitter already know what happened to me during the concert.  It was standing room only at Cafe 939.  I hate crowds and typically stand off to the side or in the back in open club situation. But, since I was videoing the concert, I tried to get as far up front as possible. It was hot, I was dehydrated and hungry, and well…about 2/3rds of the way through Jason’s set I got dizzy and fainted.

Yeah, embarrassing.  I tried to make my way out of the room when I didn’t feel right, but didn’t make it. The security guards had to rescue me off the floor.  Oh it was quite the scene.  I listened to the rest of the concert–including “Closer” and Jason’s encore–Tom Petty’s “Learning to Fly”–via piped in sound in the adjacent lounge.

That wasn’t the only weird incident. Right at the start of my favorite song, “It Matters To Me”, some dumb drunk bitch and her stupid drunk friend came barreling into the crowd, pushing their way past people who had been standing since the opening act.  It was pretty annoying, but then when one of them started screaming “I Love You Jason!” in the middle of the song, I wanted to punch her.  Security came to take them out, and she started arguing with them. “My brother-in-law is a cop, ” she warned.  ERGH. They were right behind me when they were arguing–you can hear the entire altercation in my video.   That happened a couple of songs before I fainted.  What an exciting night!

Jason’s little brother Michael opened the show.  He doesn’t sound anything like his brother. Interestingly, he reminded me a lot of Alex Lambert.  It would have been one or the other making the show, but not both, for sure.  I recorded one of his songs.  He writes his own stuff, and he wasn’t half bad.  Pretty funny kid too.

After the excitement died down, I got the chance to meet Jason for a few minutes after the show. He had no idea I fainted, which was really for the best…

By the way, Jason told the crowd we were his favorite show so far. Ha! Boston RULES.

I managed to get 7 of Jason’s performances on video. Enjoy them below

Michael Castro

Heart of Stone

“Let’s Just Fall in Love”

All Wrapped Up

It Matters To Me

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

You Can Always Come Home

That’s What I’m Here For

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