Ivyrae’s American Idol Tour Detroit Recap

The anticipation for this concert grew so immensely since the tour started that yesterday we were ready! All the information and tid-bits that I learned from others here at MJ’s gave me the ammunition needed to have a full Idol experience.

Warning: I am not a writer, I am terrible with punctuation. I will spell check and that about it. So, here it is.

Myself, two daughters 12 and 16 and her friend also 16 arrived at the Palace at 3:30pm. Earlier in the day it rained like crazy and we were getting a little worried, but alas, it cleared up. There were about 100 fans waiting for the idols to come out pre-show. At one point, there was a group a people inside the venue watching us from a big window. It took a minute for the crowd to realize it was the Idols. The screams started instantly. And then they were gone. We kept our eyes focused and Matt came back waved, took a picture of the crowd and disappeared. It started to become rather late and it was looking like there would be no signing before hand. At around 5:15 they told us Matt was coming out. He was awesome. Detroit showed him love and he delivered back. Matt started at one end of the barricades and took time to sign and take pictures with everyone. Very sweet!! None of the other Idols came out pre-show.

I am in no way qualified to pass judgment when it comes to who was on/off key, high register/low register etc. I can’t carry a tune myself and frequently asked by my kids to not sing along because I’m killing the song. So my re-cap is not going down that road.

Audience is a mix of a lot of women, teen girls and surprisingly couples. Not as many little kids as I thought. No need for it to be family friendly imo.

Concert time: I am sitting with my 12 yr old on main floor. We are ¾ of the way back. She had a very difficult time seeing. Ladies asked me to sit before Sarver came out. I politely explained, this is a concert and you are sitting on the main floor and standing was the only thing that would be going on here. Sorry!

MICHAEL had a lot of energy, and I really enjoyed his interaction with the audience. A great way to get things going. I liked him.

****First warning from video nazi’s. O come on, this little sony camcorder is not producing award winning vids. Plus, I was only taking pics. Oh well, I put it away.

MEGAN is beautiful. She is very quirky, and thought she did a great job. I will be curious to see what type of music she will pursue. Poodle hair. It did nothing for me during her set. She was at the barricades after the show, and I must say it is very cute up close. It is pinned up on one side and the back, and a flower on the side and very curly. I liked. In a complimentary way, my 16 yr old thought she looked like Anna Nicole Smith when she was in her prime.

LIL was making it happen. Working the stage and sounding awesome. She was the first to get the majority of the audience on their feet and it was for Single Ladies. I actually loved the words on the screen. I think this helped the ppl get motivated, they could stand up, dance and sing along.

SCOTT rose from the floor and did his thing. Said his jokes and entertained us. He appears extremely talented. I don’t follow him that closely but enjoyed.

ANOOP lots of love. What a beautiful voice. Very rich and strong. Audience on their feet singing and dancing. I think he really needs to promote himself. Seems he has a lot of potential and could do well.

*****Trying to vid Matt. Here come the nazi’s, I quickly put away. They are bumming me out.


Yes, I know I didn’t talk about Matt because I truly feel his talent does not fit in here.

1ST HALF quick review. I decided not to review each song in each set because we have heard it all. It is a personal choice on song favs. Even songs I necessarily wouldn’t care for, I enjoyed. Potentially, they all have a shot at some level in the industry. Each had some level of interaction with the crowd. They all thanked us in some way for the support and I found myself smiling throughout. What a great opportunity these kids are living.

MATT received great love from Detroit. He took the time to extend his gratitude to home town fans, Told us that not too long ago he was simply the one out in the crowd at a concert and now look where he is. He gave shout outs to his family, friends and former music teacher all in attendance. There was a large section of fans off to the side of the stage and you could tell those were his peeps. Matt needs to get signed for sure, he impressed the hell out of me. Mad piano skills and sang the crap out of his set. I would say his talent by far was the most misrepresented on the show. And yes, his pants seemed tight, but ok with me. He looked dam good.

Intermission. Answer the text questions correctly. We had 4 phones going. No winners for us.

I decided to switch seats with my 16 yr old, so my 12 year old and I went up one section and a little closer to the stage. I made a big difference.

ALLISON came out with tons of energy, you know fans blowing. I think her red hair does something electrifying. ****Took out vid camera on the sly, dam vid nazi breathing down my back. This is ridiculous. Anyhow, that girl is all over the place. Didn’t matter some had previously commented on too much cleavage, I don’t think so. She may be 17, but she can rock it out. And thus, no Disney type labeling for her. Yea. I heard a lot of positive comments from ppl around me. She has a great future ahead of her. I hope to hear some slower/ballad type songs on her album. I think it would help her fans hear the lyrics more clearly.

Everyone sitting around me had been pretty subdued, so I just had to ask who their fav was. ADAM, ADAM, ADAM. OK, good, me too lets get this party started!!! Oh wait one more set.

DANNY really never did it for me. Great surprise!! After all the crap said about him, and not that I had taken any of it as truths, it didn’t matter. I was there to be entertained and he delivered. Strong vocals and his dancing, by no means excellent, but fit into the songs he was singing. Although, not my type, definitely looking good.

*****OK vid camera out. I am going for it.

There is a noticeably long break between Danny and Adam. This just added to the anticipation. The screams were deafening. Like nothing I had heard at a concert before. My heart rate just doubled. I now understand the feeling others have described of Adams set. . My heart rate just doubled, that whole tingly thing started happening and my hands were shaking. Wait, I gotta get some vid of this. Hands please stop. My daughter is squeezing my arm so tight, she loves Adam and knows what is coming in his set. Yes, you say 12, but she is more like 16. ( I think I have a clone of luvadamlambert) Shout out!!!

ADAM’ ¦.HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could write several pages, but wont. Here is the important stuff.

WLL the full treatment. Emo hair, a long womaaaaaaaaaaan, some extra bumping and gyrating, (giggle) and a lot of mic love, back door man. All over the stage, everything and more. Like nothing I have ever felt. Yep this guy is the real deal. Starlight, everyone still on their feet, MW unbelievable, I don’t think I will tire of this. Slow ride, They had tons of fun on the stage together. Bowie medley is freakin great. This is when someone tossed a green stuffed animal snake on stage. He let it sit there for a while and tossed back into the crowd. No other goodies. Love it when he takes his jacket off, tons of screams. I did notice that it is bluer than it appears in vids. ****** vid nazi, busted right at the end of Bowie. OK, what’s the deal security guy. Well, if the Idol production ppl catch you the will take it and not give back. They are trying to put a stop to the stuff that ends up on you-tube. LOL I say, there are thousands out there, not going to make a difference now. OK, I will take my chances, can you just ignore me and pretend I am not here I ask. He walks away. The only time I notice the crowd quieting down was during MW, but we were still on our feet. Somebody needs to create a new word for what Adam does to us.

KRIS our pocket idol. His set starts so fast after Adam. Would like to see a few extra seconds for the crowd to get their bearings together. Very, very good. He had lots of love regardless of what the reviews were. Crowd responded almost as loud as for Adam. Kris got everyone going with the glow sticks, cell phones. I liked Hey Jude, it was up beat and he moved a little more on stage and showed some power in his voice during the chorus.

DSB Journey. WE have all seen vids. It is pretty cool when Kris and Adam come up from the floor.

General thoughts. Yes, I am a big ADAM fan & the only reason I bought tickets. Would not have gone otherwise. I could go on and on about this glittery alien from planet fierce, but wont. I would be happy to respond to particular blog questions later. My intent for the re-cap was to relay my experience. Knowing a lot of what would happen at the concert, I had reminded myself that the other reason that I was going now was to have fun, be entertained and enjoy all the Idols for what they can bring to the table. And it was all good.

OK now I am going to elaborate a little more about after the show.

We got a great spot at the barricades. I let my daughters take the front and I stood behind them. I had met a gal before the concert and saw her again afterwards with her mom standing about 50ft from us. So I bopped back and forth talking with her. Hey Tracey !! There were probably 300 fans waiting about 3 people deep. We waited and waited. OK here comes Meg and Allison. The each started at opposite ends. Meg is a beauty. Allison seemed to take longer moving down the line. She is very short . LIL came out and moved her way through the line. LIL very pretty too. All of the girls stayed until they saw everyone. My daughter asked LIL to write’  All the single ladies’  and then sign it and she graciously did. (I think my daughter and her friends have an inside joke about that song because they were pretty pumped about it.) During this time the crowd started screaming. Kris was walking to the buses with his guitar, only he was going to the wrong buses by the fans. I don’t think he intended on signing, cuz he had a deer in the headlight look. He couldn’t disappoint now. He made it to only about 30% of the crowd and security took him away. It was looking pretty dismal for an Adam sighting. It was already 11:40 ish. Bummer’ ¦.. but wait, the crowd erupts, and Adam makes his way to the barricades. OH shit ‘ ¦. That feeling again. He started at the end closest to my girls. He was, and had to move briskly to attempt to sign for everyone. I positioned myself behind my girls held out my RS and yeaaaaaaa it’s signed, more like a scribbled. None the less I got it. I saw him very close up. He is a beautiful man. He still had his make-up on glitter and all. It was definitely an Adam crowd. I think he got to almost everyone until security dragged him off. On that note my fan girl mode persisted and by luck, when we were leaving, the buses were next to us exiting the parking lot. We rolled our windows down, honked the horn, screamed a little more and concluded that we really had THE FULL IDOL EXPERIENCE.


I am in the process of down loading vid of WLL, Bowie, and Hey Jude. They are not the best. A little shaky sound is good. If someone can clean them up, let me know. I will post the link as soon as I can.

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