Idols in Concert 11/15/2018

No concerts to report, but here is an interesting article in Billboard about how they are aggregating streaming data to maximize ticket sales. They can use the data to make sure that fans know their favourites are giving a concert near them and to figure out how much those fans might be willing to pay. They can also use it to market new artists to you who are similar to artists you already stream and who will be giving a concert nearby (slipping their songs into your playlist). In addition, they are looking to better track tickets digitally. Currently, if you buy four tickets for your group of friends to attend a concert they have data on you, but not on your three friends. They are looking at ways to make sure they collect their data too.

It’s all kind of cool and scary at the same time. I’m not sure I want them to know exactly how to extract the maximum amount of money from my pocket. Plus, it feels kind of manipulative. Private companies know so much about us from our digital footprints. A government who knew that much would be deemed oppressive.

21 October 2021
21 October 2021
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