Idols in Concert 11/07/2018

Flipping report dates – Billboard summary will be out tomorrow.

Camila continues to open for Taylor Swift and Taylor Swift continues to hoover up the money. This time, we have just one report from Arlington, Texas. There were two concerts, 105K+ attendees and the ticket revenue was over $15M. That’s like winning the lottery.

Taylor Swift, Camila Cabello, Charli XCX
Oct. 5-6, 2018: Arlington, Texas: AT&T Stadium: 105,002 of 105,002 (2xSOLD-OUT): $15,006,157

In other news, Billboard announced that the song that put One Direction on the map, “What Makes You Beautiful”, hit 1 billon views. The song is a fun jam and was the perfect type of song to introduce a young boy band to the world. Interesting, Zayn’s video for “Dusk till Dawn” hit 1 billion first.

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