Idol Headlines for 8/4/14

Tonight, Shnugs will be snarking her way through the premiere of Bachelor in Paradise! ABC 8/7c PM. DO NOT MISS!!

Jessica Sanchez will appear on Operation Change on the OWN network at 9/8c pm. The episode will feature clips of the singer performing for patients in Malaysia and the Philippines.

He's Back! Constantine Maroulis...
He's Back! Constantine Maroulis Returns to ROCK OF AGES in Bryant Park!

Waiting for a Boy Like Drew: Constantine Maroulis Returns to Broadway’s Rock of Ages – He never stopped believin’. Constantine Maroulis, who was nominated for a Tony for Rock of Ages in 2009, returns to the jukebox hit on August 4. He reprises the role of Drew, replacing Aaron C. Finley. Maroulis will star in the show at the Helen Hayes Theatre through October 26. – Read more at

American Idol 14 judges round auditions continue in Nashville today!


Adam Lambert Is a ‘Killer Queen’ – “I remember seeing some footage of him and thinking, ‘Wow, this guy is on fire! What an amazing performer!’” recalls Lambert, whose stage presence throughout his tenure at American Idol was praised with comparisons to Mercury. In fact, a memorable televised performance alongside Queen on the popular Fox reality competition foreshadowed their current collaboration. “It doesn’t have to matter whether you’re gay, straight, bi, black, white, whatever, man, woman. That’s not the point. That’s not the thing that’s bringing us together. The thing that’s bringing us together is music,” Lambert says. “[We’re] entering a period of time now where we’re getting towards that post-gay sensibility, which is, so what? But it took a lot of fighting to get there.” – Read more at The Advocate

How American Idol’s Michael Johns Possibly Died from a Simple Injury – The shocking death of American Idol finalist Michael Johns left his family, friends and fans reeling – and left many wondering about what caused it. According to various reports, the Australian singer, 35, died Friday from a blood clot originating in his ankle. But how did something so routine turn fatal? – Read more at People Magazine

Brooke White and David Archuleta Reunited

Brooke White posted a photo of herself on Facebook with fellow American Idol season 7 alum, David Archuleta, with a message:

“Wow, gotta thank you to all of you for your kindness, thoughtfulness and memories. Let’s keep sending up those prayers for Michaels family. Also, after a couple of sad days it sure was awesome to finally see this buddy of mine last night for the first time in over two years. Perfect timing… It was only for a quick minute but it sure made me smile. I nearly crushed him with my hug, I literally squeezed his guts. Love that @davidarchie. Also a passerby said we looked 12 years old, and by the looks of this picture I’d probably have to agree! Ha! #shorties #AI7forever”


Christian musician talks ‘Idol,’ true fulfillment, new music while at The Fest – “I grew up in a Christian home and my faith is the most important thing to me, even over music, over family or anything,” said the Tennessee native while in Wickliffe Aug. 3 for The Fest 2014. “It’s why I do what I do. … You might get immediate gratification or satisfaction out of having people sing your songs or look at you as a celebrity, but it’s all temporary — money or fame or whatever. …” – Read more at

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  1. The David Archie+ Brooke White picture made me smile. After the shock of Michael Johns death, seen this two together was great.

  2. From the above Adam article/interview:

    “But Lambert did not learn of Mercury’s sexual orientation until after he had become a fan, an experience not unusual to listeners of one of the world’s best-selling music groups…”

    I find it interesting and hilarious that some comments I’ve read from Queen fans were they didn’t like Adam filling in for Freddie because he’s (Adam) is gay.

  3. ETA: Also interesting is that one of the QAL audience favorite performance is “Killer Queen” where Adam really does act “gay”.

    (Oops didn’t mean to reply to my own post but just add to it.)

  4. Im sure Adam gets tired of the gay issue always being the topic of interviews, but then again this is a gay publication and Adam is one of the most high profile gay performers in the business today. I know Adam never wanted to be the LGBT spokesperson, but he doesn’t shy away and does it so well. Been bored since QAL went on break. Waiting for more!

  5. It is. Has David grown? I recall Brooke being half a head taller than him.

  6. Don´t think so, maybe Brooke has always been wearing heels when he is whit him…

  7. Melinda Doolittle just tweeted that she had gotten a glimpse of today’s AI auditions and was “pretty excited” for season 14.

  8. That’s good, but they had some decent hopefuls last year that they ignored because they seemed to be profiling once again for a certain type of contestant. If this practice doesn’t stop Idol doesn’t have a snowballs chance in….

  9. I think Idol needs to stop casting and start selecting the best singers/entertainers. The season should be built around them instead of cherry picking contestants who fit a preconceived plan. If Idol producers can’t manage that, they should be fired and replaced by others who can.

  10. One Direction


    Something’s coming tomorrow…

  11. I think David has grown some since the show. You can tell from this collage of David and Brooke together that a fan made.

  12. The problem is they need to cast, it is still a tv show. The hang up is that the producers have made the wrong casting choices. There have been a lot of people who have made the cut, even though common sense should have told the producers that while these people are very talented, one example is Majesty Rose, they are not good reality tv show contestants.

  13. Michael Johns Autopsy completed:

    The autopsy on former “American Idol” contestant Michael Johns has been completed, but the medical staff at the Orange County Coroner’s Office is deferring the cause of death … pending toxicology results.The fact that toxicology tests are being performed suggests the Coroner wants to know if alcohol and/or drugs played a part in Johns’ death.

    Read more:

  14. Toxicology tests might just be standard procedure in the case of sudden death. Nothing to speculate about. Hugely unfair to him and his memory for TMZ to even hint at it. But, that’s what they do. Rumors as fact.

  15. One word for boredom: VIDS. Every single note the guy sang is available. You won’t be bored for long. Although, I kinda get it. He did spoil us hard.

  16. LOL. “Camp” is the word Adam uses.

    After witnessing it live from 5 feet away 2 times and a little further another, I can honestly say, that no matter how you describe Killer Queen, it was hilarious, sexy, naughty, saucy, and very tongue-in-cheek. Perfection on a couch. ** Oh my **

  17. TMZ is trying to link Michael’s death to the way he drank, with really no proof whatsoever that the two are connected. It just makes for a good headline.

    A full autopsy, including toxicology is standard when a fairly young person dies suddenly.

  18. Ah and that’s the problem, everything he does is recorded. No mystique so it’s a good thing he’s trying to keep his new music under wraps and not exposed to the internet.

  19. Well,let’s hope for the best results from the tox results, for the sake of his family.

  20. Not a great source, but Perez Hilton claims:

    Law enforcement sources have said that at the time of his death, Michael had been heavily drinking, as our own sources initially told us at the time of his death.

    Since Michael had been to the doctor the previous day for a sprained ankle, it’s possible that pain meds and the alcohol mixed were a deadly combo, though that particular detail hasn’t been confirmed yet.

  21. Under the circumstances, I don’t think that it’s entirely unreasonable to speculate that a mixture of alcohol and pain meds (for his leg) could have been the cause of his death. To me, that doesn’t disparage MJ’s character at all.

  22. And if he was in severe pain – enough to go to the hospital – you can bet he was sent home with painkillers – and he (like almost anyone I know) would have used them at that time. So even if they find them in his system – I’d still look to what caused the pain that sent him to the hospital. Wouldn’t be surprised if hospital is trying to protect itself now too.

  23. ‘Idol’ judges return to work with tweaked auditions via @usatoday

    Kory Wheeler was working his Sunday shift at the coffeehouse when a producer for American Idol came in for a caffeine fix.

    “I was making small talk while I was making coffee and said, ‘You know, it’d be a really cool story if you let me come audition,’ ” the Bongo Java barista said Monday. “They did. And here I am.”

  24. Kris Allen Extends His ‘Horizons’ to Yahoo: See Him Perform!

  25. Interesting audition story from Brian, tripp_ncwy – I found it interesting that the Idol bus in Virginia drew 2,000 more auditioners than the regular try-outs in Nashville.

    I hope giving the Barista and the pedicab driver Golden Tickets is not just a gimmick, but I don’t trust this crew much…it is a little reassuring to have Michael Orland right there, since he knows what this takes, musically and professionally. After all – the producers can scarcely choose more poorly than they did last season…right – – right? ( Geeze, I hope those are not Famous Last Words.)

  26. That was a fun interview. Lyndsey always does a good job getting information out of Kris. It really does sound like this album came together pretty effortlessly, which is nice. I hope he, Katy and Oliver can find a place in Nashville quickly now that they have to be out of the house in Conway!

    And three great performances by Kris posted in this interview. I think Lost may end up being my favorite song on this album. Kris” manager is definitely excited about that one.

    @LindsayPGE (this is his mgr)

    #I am SO excited for you guys to finally hear Lost. The studio version is my favorite.thing.ever. #horizons #soon #actuallysoon

  27. There are great videos from the Q+AL Tour. There are also probably 1 million photos. But with all of that, it is no substitute for the real experience.

  28. I often wonder if these “Freddie fans” who think Adam is “too gay” are just trolls. It makes no sense. And it really appears to be just a few posters who post this nonsense.

  29. That is the best description of Adam’s KQ I have seen anywhere. It is most certainly camp at it’s best.

  30. Thanks. Good time to sell. Kris probably made a killing. I wonder if they told the new owners who lived in the house.

  31. Poor Kris homeless & wearing second hand clothing with holes in them. lol

  32. I attended Constantine’s first night back at ROA earlier..what a fun night and it was MOBBED. He’s still got it – he was just as great as the last time I saw him in this and you can tell the crowd was thrilled to have him back. The show tonight was sold out and I chatted during intermission with a writer from The Broadway Musical blog and she said its been well over a year since its been completely sold out and they were chalking it up to Constantine being back. It will be interesting to see if the numbers stay up as his run continues. Dude has really found a nice name for himself in the theater world. The NYC/Broadway press has really been giving good coverage to his return.

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