Idol Headlines for 6/23/15

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Adam and the Angst – The album’s first single came from those earlier, ambivalent conversations about Los Angeles. “ ‘Ghost Town’ is kind of setting the scene,” Lambert says. “You moved to the big city, you have these ideas, you have these ambitions, and then what happens when you get to a fork in the road, or you hit a wall, and you’re like, Oh, it’s not what I thought it was going to be, or I’m not getting what I thought I wanted, and everything I thought I knew is being called into question? How does that make you feel?” He quotes his lyrics: “ ‘My heart is a ghost town.’ I feel empty. I feel unfulfilled.” – Read more at

Carrie: New Music Coming Soon – What else can you say about this new music? “There’s definitely a different sound that’s coming together. I want everything to have its own space, and look different, sound different, feel different. So I’ve been working with another producer, as well as with Mark Bright, whom I’m always gonna love, but getting things a little different, and it’s been fun. I feel things have a different sort of twang to them, kind of a rock twang. So there should be some things that they hopefully have liked about the music we’ve done, but also a little growth, a little bit of shift, so still things they’ve liked but new things to see, hear, and feel.” – Read more at Country Countdown

Carrie: “Isaiah Is An Easy Baby” – Will you take Isaiah on the road? “Yes. We’ve outfitted the bus for the baby. I’m a planner, and I have to have everything planned out in advance. Our bus will have two crib situations. One will be in my room in the back, and the other will take half of a bunk. We’re working it out. We have locking mechanisms on all the doors. There’s a trash shoot, but there are locking mechanisms on the trash shoot so he won’t crawl in the shoot. I’ve lost sleep thinking about having him on the road with me.” – Read more at Country Countdown

Carrie Underwood shooting new SNF opening

Chris Mann Hits the Road With Phantom but Is Ready to Bring His Voice to Broadway – “It was a total life-changer for me,” says Chris Mann, veteran of The Voice’s Team X-Tina. After years of hard-fought battles with the record industry, season 2 of the NBC singing competition ushered the classically trained Wichita native into his long-awaited spotlight. “It lit a fire under the career that I had been trying to have for ten years,” he says looking back on the experience. “Now I’m lucky that I am able to take a break from that and do something else that I have always wanted to do.” – Read more at TheaterMania

Keith Urban stole my band’s name, says British songwriter – A December trial date is scheduled in a lawsuit in which British songwriter Peter Beckett accuses Keith Urban of stealing his band’s name — Player — for a guitar lesson package the country singer is selling on the Home Shopping Network and online. The trademark violation complaint filed in Los Angeles federal court earlier this year alleges Urban is being “fraudulent and malicious” in marketing the 50-piece “Keith Urban Player” acoustic guitar kit, which includes a signature guitar, instructional DVD series and other items. Beckett contends the “American Idol” judge snatched the “Player” name after the band performed its 1978 chart-topper “Baby Come Back” on an episode of the daytime soap opera “General Hospital” last year. – This lawsuit is pretty goofy, fueled by paranoia and a measure of delusion – Read more at MyNewsLa

Kaitlyn Bristowe on What Happened Behind Closed Doors for The Bachelorette: I Have Nothing to Be Ashamed Of – On Monday’s episode of The Bachelorette, Kaitlyn Bristowe did something shocking: She got intimate with her boyfriend. The only catch? Bristowe, 29, still has several other boyfriends on the show. Despite an emotional breakdown and a cliffhanger ending, Bristowe tells PEOPLE she wouldn’t change her actions and feels no regret regarding her relationship with Nick Viall, 34: “That’s something I don’t think I should be ashamed of.” – Read more at People

‘Big Brother’ Winners Talk Strategy, Showmances and Eviction Speeches – What is the biggest mistake houseguests make? Gheesling: Especially early on a lot of people are lacking an extreme control of their emotions, and essentially that’s why they’re put in the house. Control your emotions, get to know everyone and don’t make a scene. Every season though you’ll see in the first two weeks somebody has a meltdown. Levasseur: Playing too hard and too fast. People do that every year even though they know. You have to establish yourself as someone who wants to play, but you do not want to be the head of the snake. – Read more at THR

Emmy Breakout Star Jussie Smollett Talks ‘Empire’ Episode When ‘Jamal Got His Balls,’ Cut Cookie Scene – When asked how his life has changed since “Empire” became a sensation, Jussie Smollett laughs. “It’s probably easier to say what has not changed,” he says. “The great side of this is that I have a platform to show people what I can do, what I love to do and what I have been doing for so long.” Smollett was a child actor who appeared in The Mighty Ducks and North, as well as a recording artist who released the 2012 EP The Poisoned Hearts Club and subsequently signed a recording contract with Columbia. – Read more at The Wrap

Fox Veteran David Hill To Step Down, Launch Production Company – Longtime top Fox executive and close Rupert Murdoch confidant David Hill is stepping down. He will segue to a production venture Hilly, backed by 21st Century Fox. Hill, whose exit coincides with Murdoch’s pending departure from the helm of 21st Century Fox, most recently served as Senior Executive Vice President for 21st Century Fox, overseeing Fox’s American Idol, which is entering its final season, as well as the National Geographic Channels US. Hill won’t be replaced at Fox, where he will continue working on Idol’s final installment. – Read more at Deadline

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