Idol Headlines for 5/9/08

Who should win American Idol?

But who’s the most deserving of the win? David Archuleta has wowed the judges and audience week after week with his polished vocals, but lacks a commanding stage presence. Syesha Mercado has played the role of the underdog throughout this competition, but has been coming on strong these past few weeks with passion and conviction. David Cook quickly emerged as a front-runner with his powerful rock vocals and innovative arrangements, but is he too limited to be the next Idol?

Let’s just look at each of them, one at a time.

TV Squad

‘American Idol’ hits another ratings low

Another Wednesday, another win for Fox’s “American Idol” — and another five-year ratings low.

“Idol” (22.9 million viewers, 8.2 national 18-to-49 rating and a 21 share) continued to decline at a time of year its ratings usually increase. Aside from its “Idol Gives Back” special, “Idol” has not shown any week-to-week growth since February. Lead-in ” ‘Til Death” (6 million, 1.9/6) was average, but “Back to You” (7 million, 2.1/6) hit a series low.

Hollywood Reporter

Television: Means fails to see big picture on Archuleta’s many talents

You may have noticed The Salt Lake Tribune’s movie critic, Sean Means, wrote a commentary on the cover of today’s Mix section about Utah’s “American Idol” phenom, David Archuleta.

Specifically, he opined that Murray’s golden boy isn’t good enough to win the competition and can’t project sincerity in his music – that he’s too young to experience the kinds of emotions he sings about.

Well, Sean, you’re wrong.

Salt Lake Tribune

Simon Cowell On Hasselhoff, Abdul & Who Will Win ‹American Idol

During the interview, which you can view HERE, Simon also explained what happened to Paula on last week …American Idol when she began critiquing Jason Castro on a song he had yet to sing.

…I was actually laughing on the night. The true story behind it is that they told us when the show started that we werent going to comment on their first song. I told them in no uncertain terms, this is absolutely the wrong thing to do, Simon told Laura.

While he didnt throw a notebook at …Idol executive producer, Nigel Lythgoe, as has been rumored, he did make sure to share his feelings.

…I wasnt amused, he said. …In the end we agreed we would talk to them at the end of the first performances and it completely and utterly threw Paula.

Despite Paula critiquing snafu, she remains glued to her judges chair.

…Well only fire her when she actually becomes normal. So she safe, Simon laughed.

Access Hollywood

Simon Cowell unleashed

Terri Seymour sat down with her main squeeze, American Idol Simon Cowell for The World According to Simon.

Responding to a recent …Extra interview in which American Idol alum Clay Aiken revealed he no longer watches the show.

Cowell said, …So, that was Nancy Grace? That hair ¦I cant listen to him ¦[But] to be fair to Clay, he was actually one of my favorite contestants in a way because he was so ambitious and so desperate to win.

Although Idol ratings are lower in comparison to past seasons, Cowell said, …From when I go out and the reaction when the contestants are out, it like the whole country is watching the show ¦ According to Cowell, …I think all these shows including Idol in the future are going to have to go younger. Were going to have to drop the age from 16 to 14.

Monsters and Critics

Simon Cowell spouts off about ‘Idol’

Critics say the show may still have life, but it’s lost its zing.

Cowell agrees. He sees “tweaks” that need to be made — and hints some will be done in the next season. “Idol” has changed the format over its seven seasons. Cowell says it’s time for that to happen again.

Among the problems:

— The theme nights need to be “more current, ” he says. While Neil Diamond and Andrew Lloyd Webber are legendary, they might not be the right fit for “Idol” to devote an entire evening to.

Simon’s Chest Hair Is “Like a Rain Forest”

It seems like the trick to getting Paula Abdul to talk is by tickling her funny bone.

As the American Idol judge made her way out of Hollywood hot spot Mr. Chow Wednesday night, one of the paparazzi managed to break through the gossipy questions that poker-faced Paula was ignoring by interjecting a humorous request.

“Tell Simon his chest hair is like a rain forest, ” said the photog. “Like a rain forest!”


Nightline Playlist: Clay Aiken

Today Aiken, 29, still knows how to please a crowd and remains the most successful of the male “American Idol” contestants. His first three albums played it safe, with few original songs and lots of crowd-pleasing covers. Critics complained Aiken wasn’t revealing enough, and after belting out Brian Adams and Mr. Mister, Aiken himself has admitted that it was tough for him to make a statement via repackaged music.

But unlike his previous albums that conform to a particular genre, Aiken considers his newest album, “On My Way Here, ” which arrived in stores this week, to be an eclectic mix that reflects his personal style. Aiken only wrote one song on the record, “Lover All Alone, ” but selected the remaining songs to represent experiences he’s had in the past five years.

ABC News

Toby Keith, Kellie Pickler, LeAnn Rimes Set to Perform, Sara Evans, Jewel, Dr. Phil and More Set to Present at the 43rd ANNUAL ACADEMY OF COUNTRY MUSIC(R) AWARDS

The Academy of Country Music today announced that country music superstars Toby Keith, Kellie Pickler, LeAnn Rimes will perform during the 43rd ANNUAL ACADEMY OF COUNTRY MUSIC AWARDS and that Kenny Chesney and George Strait will perform a special live duet for the first time ever. The ceremony honoring country music’s top talent and the industry’s hottest emerging talent will be broadcast LIVE from MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Sunday, May 18th, 2008 at 8:00 PM LIVE ET/tape delayed PT on the CBS Television Network.

The Academy also announced that Criss Angel, Clint Black, Brooks & Dunn, Kaley Cuoco, Sara Evans, Jewel, Lady Antebellum, Little Big Town, Brad Mates of Emerson Drive, Dr. Phil & Robin McGraw, Randy Owen, John Rich, Carrie Underwood, Clay Walker and Trisha Yearwood will make special appearances.


Hilary Duff and Katharine McPhee Get Alluring

It seems like there a new celebrity-studded benefit every week. And last night Hilary Duff, her boyfriend Mike Comrie, and Katharine McPhee were spotted at Allure magazine Most Alluring Bodies photography exhibition.

The whole shindig, held at Skylight Studios in New York City, was to benefit Skin Cancer Research and included a silent auction, and plenty of celebrity skin.

Former finalist Sligh brings tour to Macon

Six weeks of scathing critiques from “American Idol” judges such as Simon Cowell should prep anyone for big stage performances. However, former “Idol” finalist Chris Sligh relates a different, more insightful account.

“It was a great experience, ” he said, noting the extraordinary exposure the popular talent contest ensures. “It puts you in front of 30 million people on a regular basis. But I doubt if you really learn a lot singing versions of cover songs.”

On the Scene: ‘Idol’ Top 4 results night

Magic nearly happened right about here, PopWatchers, as Debbie suddenly summoned Carly to the stage. Ms. Smithson timidly walked forward, clearly nervous about what on earth those people wanted from her now ‘  having already taken her heart and soul and crushed them upon the rocks of disappointment ‘  but Debbie convinced her to come all the way up and sit on the couches, taking her (rightful) spot between Syesha and Cook. Nigel must have made eyes at this gesture, since Debbie walked over and explained, “David goes, ‘Let’s confuse America ‘  when we come back, Carly’ll just be sitting here.'” As the Ford commercial and pre-taped segment begin blaring completely without warning, Rickey Minor goes and takes Carly’s old seat next to Kim Caldwell, and Joely Fisher’s toddler begins playing in the aisles. “That was deja vu, ” Debbie said as the pre-tape came to an end. “Hey Corey. Do you think anyone would be confused if we came back from commercial and Carly was sitting on the couch?” Corey decided to pose the question to us. “Should we leave Carly on the couch?” he asked. “YES!!!” I screamed, with all the passion my little lungs could muster, but it was no use. After some chatter about Carly taking Rickey Minor’s post on the bandstand, Debbie gives us the bad news that Carly’s being booted back to gen pop after all. “I tried, ” Debbie says, regretfully. I’d like to know just who went over our heads on that.


American Idol Week 11: Saying Goodbye to Jason Castro

I’m going to miss Jason Castro. I’m not going to miss him because he was a particularly great American Idol contestant or anything; in retrospect, he was a pretty terrible fit for the show’s ballad-hawking chops-intensive blueprint. In terms of pure vocal skill, Castro couldn’t come anywhere near any of the other serious contenders this season. He had no particular range, cooing everything in a near-whisper and never letting loose with the big crashing song-ending notes that have long been the show’s money-shot moments. As a performer, he rarely ventured out from behind his guitar, awkwardly bobbing across the stage whenever he wasn’t parked on a stool. And he showed no real acumen for the show’s PR-hustle element, famously telling Entertainment Weekly that he didn’t especially care how long he lasted on the show. But that last point is actually what made Castro a fascinating figure in an otherwise near-unwatchable season. I can’t think of a single other contestant in American Idol history who so visibly disdained the whole structure of the show.

Village Voice

With Jason Castro Gone, Idol Can Get Back to Being Polished Scrubbed and Boring

So that it, brother. You had to know it was coming after Tuesday night ¦

But let me say this about Tuesday: it may not have been your finest moment, but …I Shot the Sheriff was a way more interesting choice from the Hall of Fame songbook than the umpteenth version of …Stand By Me and …Proud Mary. And for Simon to have suggested …you dont touch that song? Huh? As if anything is inviolable on …American Idol ‘  please. A sanitized version of …Imagine is OK, stripped of its atheist, socialist teeth, but a …karaoke version of Marley fight-the-power anthem is not? Spare me the double standard.

Not that I am making excuses for the performance, JC ‘  not great. And then Dylan ‘  fine choice, Id rather hear it than that old classic rock radio wheezer …Baba ORiley. But you cant go up on the lyrics. You said you were …thinking too much and not just letting it flow. Bad time for that to happen. We all know that you werent the first one to do it this season, still ¦

End is a beginning for ‘Idol’ finalists; Archuleta is the one to beat by Carmen Rasumsen

Jason Castro left “American Idol” this week and is no doubt already on his way to New York to do follow-up interviews. So what is a finalist’s life like after being voted off “American Idol”?

Some might assume that life would get a little less crazy ‘  that things would maybe slow down a bit. Actually, the opposite is true.

Immediately after the results show concludes, the judges come backstage to shake our hands and give us some final advice. I remember Paula Abdul taking me by the shoulders after I was voted off and saying, “Carmen, the magic is just beginning.” I had no idea how much my life would change after the show.

After a goodbye dinner with the remaining contestants and crew, I went back to the mansion to pack up my stuff. I flew to L.A. with five outfits ‘  I left with three jumbo suitcases and boxes and boxes of memorabilia.

Deseret News

Jason Castro: In Memorium

And so we bid farewell to Jason Castro, the singer who brightened this season’s American Idol proceedings with his song choices (think about it: dude brought Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan to the Idol stage, even if the results were decidedly mixed), big dreadlocks, and the fact that he generally seemed to be having a good time on stage, unlike some stage-managed kids who seem to be on the verge of passing out every time they’re forced to stand on stage while not singing. Some may have referred to him as a Sanjaya-like figure because of his unquenchable goofiness, like his line last night about shooting the tambourine man, and his hair, but I kind of appreciated the fact that he was actually having fun with the proceedings, and not being as deadly self-serious as some of the other people still in the running. (Congratulations, Syesha, on making that Presidential race reference’ we knew you had it in you.) At least his semi-glazed expressions and “it’s all good, man” vibe made for good TV.


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