Idol Headlines for 4/7/15

The Voice Live Playoffs continue tonight with performances from Team Christina and Team Adam 8/7c PM NBC. The Runner Up, the Clay Aiken documentary about his run for congress, premieres on the Esquire Network tonight at 10 pm.

Katie Stevens Tweets about Grandmother’s death – The American Idol season 9 alum’s Portuguese grandmother appeared on the show during her run in video packages. Katie talked about how her grandmother taught her Portuguese. Condolences go out to Katie and her family.

Jax’s ‘little monster’ to show on ‘American Idol’ – Songs are not the only thing that Jax shares with Lady Gaga. For years, she has studied with the same New York-based vocal coach. Jax also hinted that she intends to change up the tune. Previously, the singer-songwriter explained that contestants are encouraged by American Idol judges, mentors and coaches to make the songs their own. “We are given a great deal of creative integrity,” she said. “You start with a simple arrangement and eventually you get rehearsals with the band. They encourage us to take control of the performance, but they make sure that you are ready when you get on stage.” – My Central New Jersey

How Harry Connick Jr. Made American Idol Fun Again – But then a funny thing happened. Connick’s presence made the show good again. American Idol has always had a mean streak. It was born in the Age of Snark, propelled by Simon Cowell, whose cutting remarks powered its initial rise. For every talent it celebrated, Idol made laughingstocks of a dozen — on SNL, Rachel Dratch memorably parodied a contestant by caterwauling Whitney Houston with a tiny arm sprouting from her head — but was so successful in doing this for so long that producers appeared slow to notice when the cultural tides changed. Ratings for the show began to plummet several seasons ago. – Read more at The Vulture

“American Idol” Top 8 Open Up About Their Gay Fans

Everybody says the right thing…

Read more at NewNowNext

Clay Aiken Docu-Series to Premiere on Esquire – “This is our year,” said Aiken, who said watching the show was like “going to summer camp and seeing the slide show at the end of the summer of all that you went through. This is probably the same in a way for us but this is not anywhere near as fun as summer camp. I imagine the slide show will be a little less fun.” Aiken promised everything the viewers will see is “real,” but not in any way “reality television.” “It’s real but it’s not a reality show in any way. Idol is its thing and I did Apprentice which is a reality show, but those are scripted,” he said. “The number one rule for me when I agreed with them to do it was “stay the hell out of my way.” Don’t come asking me to do anything-if you missed it, you missed it. We are running a campaign, and you have got to get the heck away from us, and they did that. “ – Read more at

Clay Aiken’s candidate days featured in docu-series – “I’ve got a microphone,” Aiken told USA TODAY in an interview last week. “If I use that microphone for people who didn’t think they had a chance … that’s even more powerful than winning.” That means talking more about veterans’ issues, jobs and the economy and what Aiken said he believes are the flaws in the political process — such as the gerrymandering of congressional districts. In the documentary, the travails of a first-time political candidate are apparent. Aiken shows his frustration with his campaign staff and makes uncharitable comments about Keith Crisco, his rival for the Democratic nomination who died after an accidental fall about a week after the primary. Crisco, 71, was a former North Carolina secretary of Commerce. “I have a lot of regret in how I felt during the primary about a man who did a lot of great things for this state,” Aiken said. – Read more at USAToday

Clay Aiken on a Second Run for Office: ‘I Think It’ll Happen’ – So now that you’ve made headway, would you ever run again? It’s not something I’m ruling out. I learned a lot about the political process and the efficacy of being in office. I got great advice from Democrats who are in office. I’m not convinced being in Congress is the best way to make an impact. I got this opportunity to have a voice where people can pay attention. Congress, at the time, felt like an opportunity to do that and get rid of someone who was clearly not doing that. I certainly am not going to say I’m not going to run for office again. I’d be lying; I think it’ll happen. In the meantime, i’m still learning. – Read more at

Adam Levine Gets Attacked By Fan on Stage, Handles It Like A Pro! – Adam Levine has some frighteningly over-enthusiastic fans. During a Maroon 5 concert at the Honda Center in Anaheim on Monday, a screaming female fan ran on stage to give Levine a hug. The seasoned pro handled the situation deftly, at first pushing the girl away, but then reassessing the threat level and putting his arm around her until security could arrive and remove her. – Read more at ETOnline

DWTS’s Len Goodman: I Got It Right Monday (Even Though the Audience Booed!) – “The show is becoming performance-driven. It’s all about the performance,” Goodman told PEOPLE exclusively after the show. “For me, that’s not what ballroom dancing is about. The waltz, next to the Viennese waltz, is the oldest dance of all. There is a tradition. When you think of the waltz, you think of elegance, sophistication, fluidity of movement. Sometimes I look at a dance and I have to check what dance it is, because it doesn’t look like what I think it should be.” Goodman was particularly critical of the dynamic and very contemporary waltz performed by Rumer Willis and Val Chermkovskiy on Monday, but he growled through many of the performances. “I’m an old traditionalist,” he admitted after the show. “I’m the old, fuddy ballroom dancer who is 71, nearly. I think it’s necessary to have someone like that. Age is precious. I don’t want it all to become a So You Think You Can Dance type of show. I want to see elements of what I recognize in a samba or a waltz.” – Read more at

Noah Galloway On Losing Tooth During ‘DTWS’ Rehearsal

Dancing with the Stars – Michael Sam & Peta – Exit Interview

Jussie Smollett Would Love to See ‘Janet or Mariah’ on ‘Empire’ – Chrissy Teigen and Empire’s Jussie Smollett took questions from fans via Twitter after they announced the nominations for the 2015 Billboard Music Awards this morning (April 7). After reading the lengthy list of nominees with only a few pronunciation gaffes (Hozier’s name proved tricky), the duo shared their thoughts about the upcoming awards and their favorite nominees. “This time last year I was sitting watching the Billboard Awards,” Smollett said, “So this is huge.” – Read more at Billboard

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