Idol Headlines for 4/3/08

‘Idol’ Download Rankings Appear On iTunes

As of 4 p.m. PT, the pre-orders for the studio session downloads of the top 9 “Idol” contestants’ performances for Dolly Parton week were listed — and ranked — under the Top Albums section of the music store.

There, David Archuleta’s “Smoky Mountain Memories” is in at No. 7, followed by Michael Johns’ ‘It’s All Wrong, But It’s All Right” at No. 12, David Cook’s “Little Sparrow” at No. 14, Jason Castro’s “Travelin’ Thru” at No. 20, Carly Smithson’s “Here You Come Again” at No. 30 and Brooke White’s “Jolene” at No. 47.


Idol Tracker: Meet Idol’s Circus Master

Even by the tumultuous standards of life in the Idoldome, Wednesday gathering for the ceremonial removal of Ramiele Malubay was circus-like beyond and above expectations. First the group rendition of …9 to 5 wandering into the crowd and onto Simon desk established the night off with a lively festival atmosphere. But quickly the mood pendulum swung the other way, as Brooke White upon learning that she was in the bottom three, broke into hysterical convulsions the minute the show went to break and had to be consoled by seemingly the entire production staff before she could take her place again.

LA Times

Tiniest singer sent packing on ‹Idol

Ramiele Malubay was one of the more likeable of the …Idol finalists. The youngest of the women remaining in the competition, she was always smiling on the video clips that preceded her performances, and properly contrite when she was criticized by the judges. She always looked like she was having a good time and making friends on the show.

Musically, however, the best anyone could say about her singing is that it flew under the radar; she avoided the truly terrible performances and managed to stick around each week. But in the three months that …Idol has been on the air this season, she never offered a memorable vocal. Not many people outside of her family could name a single song she sang half an hour after the end of each week performance.


‘American Idol’: Eight Idolettes Standing

But this is Dramatic Revelation Night on “American Idol, ” so we are easily confused. The results show is so chockablock with them that the result itself — finalist Ramiele Malubay is vanquished — is instantly forgettable.

Instead, we are riveted by the videotaped reappearance of Bo Bice, the runner-up to Carrie Underwood in Season 4 and the last male Idolette to have really great hair. The waist-length tresses are still there, but the growl is now a whimper as he confesses that being on “Idol” sent him to the hospital for two months and “it took three surgeries to get my stomach right.”

Washington Post

”American Idol”: Post-Parton Depression

Darn you to heck, Brooke White!

There I was, sitting on my couch tonight, unwrapping a Lindt chocolate in celebration of America totally getting it right and putting Ramiele Malubay and Kristy Lee Cook in the bottom two. But as Ryan Seacrest told Lipgloss McCrinklenose that her journey was over, and she burst into uncontrollable sobs, the G-rated nanny’s words came back to haunt me: ”We throw everything we have into this thing ‘  here at American Idol.” All of which made me feel ever so slightly sad.

Entertainment Weekly

‘American Idol’ Results: Hello Dolly, Good-Bye…

How did the great Satchel Paige used to say it? Don’t look back, American Idol might be gaining on you? Wednesday’s bloated Idol result shows just keep on sneaking deeper and deeper into the 8 p.m. hour and this week’s (April 2) episode manages to start at 8:57 p.m. ET. How did we spend our hour before elimination? Well, let’s see…


American Idol: Top 8 Revealed

So they saved “9 to 5” for the awful group number? That’s just … great. I think I saw this routine on the Teletubbies a few years back. I think Jason Castro had Tinky Winky’s part. And then they went into the crowd to sit by the judges and make all three feel incredibly self-conscious and uncomfortable. Isn’t that great TV? At least Chikezie looked like he was enjoying it in the audience … I miss Chikezie. Can America vote to put him back in the running and remove someone else?

TV Squad

‘American Idol’ Champ Jordin Sparks Predicts A David Cook/ David Archuleta Showdown In The Finals

“I really like Jason Castro, ” Sparks told MTV News from the orange carpet at last weekend’s Kids’ Choice Awards. “I like his look, and I love his vulnerability. He goes out there, and if he messes up, he’s just like, ‘Oops.’ But I like David Cook too. I think the guys are where it’s at this year. I love you, girls ‘  please don’t get me wrong ‘  and I could be totally wrong, because the show is so unpredictable.”

But when pressed to go out on a limb and call this season’s champ, Sparks demurred but eventually spilled the beans.

“It’s going to be either David Archuleta or David Cook, ” she predicted, before saying that she ultimately believes David Cook ‘  who was hospitalized after Tuesday’s show ‘  will be America’s next “Idol.”

On the Scene: ‘Idol’ Top 9 performance night

Ryan’s fake out actually started with Debbie, who, with 30 seconds to air, kept saying into her headset-mic, “We have a problem, we have a problem, ” with just enough urgency to make us all believe it. At first, I thought it meant that Paula wasn’t going to make it to her seat in time, and she barely did, with about five seconds to spare. Then Ryan made his “joke” about the preemption of the show, and it was all I could do not to break out into a Nelson Muntz “Ha ha!” — directed at Ryan for actually having to attempt the “prank.”

I could have left the premises a happy camper right then, but once the show wrapped, Corey told us to remain seated. “We got treats, ” he chirped. Uh-huh. Right. You’ve already passed out your supply of Idol-branded iTunes Music Store gift cards and Chicken Soup for the American Idol Soul. What other surprises could you possibly have for us? Oh, Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown pre-taping a take on their hit “No Air”? By the ear-splitting shrieks of the UCLA co-eds, it appears that will indeed be satisfactory.

Entertainment Weekly

‘American Idol’: Chris Sligh On Who’ll Go Home

But…this is the first week that I can’t personally give the behind-the-scenes take, since a year and a week ago, I went home at number 10. So, I’ll talk a little about the experience of going home…basically, what Chikezie has gone through the last week.

As you sing your last song for the last time, the credits roll and once you finish, your time as a solo contestant on the show is finished. The judges come on stage and say goodbye, the band says goodbye, and then you are whisked away to meet with a grief counselor. I guess this is just to make sure that you are okay. Some take longer than others to deal with it. After that, the Fox publicity team comes in to give you a heads-up of what your next few days will be like, and then you are whisked away to be a part of the American Idol Extra, where J.D. Roberto and team give the Idol version of This Is Your Life.

American Idol The Old Ruben Serenade

My DVR cut off the first few minutes of the show, apparently, so I missed Ryan intro and was treated to Syesha diva blasting her way through …9 to 5 the second I turned on the show. That what nightmares are made of.

Some thoughts on the results show.

1. Michael Johns, you know I love you, but did you really need to wear a T-shirt with Dolly face on it? Little scary, buddy.

Behind the Big Voice: Who Is David Archuleta?

By the time Archuleta turned 12 he already had won the juniors singers’ competition on the televised talent show “Star Search, ” but in the process, Archuleta lost half his voice when a virus attacked his vocal chord. It left one chord paralyzed.

“I said, ‘OK turn your head and sing.’ One vocal chord was doing all the work, ” Kaelin said.

The shy boy with the big voice had to deal with a medical problem that permanently changed his voice.

It took months of work and vocal training for Archuleta to heal, but Kaelin said the he never fully recovered. Ironically, the damaging illness gave the teen his unique textured sound, which has been much praised and lauded.

ABC News

American Idol: David Cook Versus David Archuleta

Both Davids are insanely talented (perhaps the best talent we’ve seen on AI since Kelly Clarkson back in the day) and yet remain wildly different, both on screen and off. While David Cook is subdued, thoughtful and edgy, Archuleta’s adorable, unbridled enthusiasm often makes him seem straight out of a Disney movie, and this may be due to the folks behind them. While Cook says that growing up, “music was something that was readily available to me, but not forced upon me, ” on-set sources tell me Archuleta’s father is most definitely of the “stage dad” variety (not surprising for anyone who won Star Search at the age of 12).


Idol’s Kristy Lee Cook Gets Sandwich On Menu In Grants Pass

Before she was on the “American Idol” stage, Cook created a turkey, basil and mozzarella panini while working at Rosso’s Restaurant in Grants Pass, a city near her tiny hometown of Selma.

Cook spent eight months waiting tables at Rosso’s Restaurant. She struck a deal with Rosso’s before she left for Idol’s Hollywood auditions. The owner promised to put the sandwich on the menu if Cook made it big.


Blue Springs bank rallies behind David Cook
It turns out America’s Community Bank is stricken with David Cook fever, too.

“He is our man, all the way, ” said Cynthia Miller, vice president of the bank at 1100 W. Main St. in Blue Springs.

On Tuesday she was wearing a bright pink T-shirt showing a man cast in silhouette, a guitar cradled in his arms. Above him were the words: David Cook is My Idol.

But Miller isn’t the only one sporting the T-shirt. Behind cash registers and office doors, they’re wearing them. Aside from differences in color, they all relay the same message.

American Idol’s David Hernandez To Sing At RoadRunners’ Home Finale

RoadRunners of the ECHL are pleased to announce that American Idol finalist and Gilbert native David Hernandez will perform the National Anthem at the regular season home finale at 7:11 p.m. Thursday when the RoadRunners welcome the Bakersfield Condors to US Airways Center.

Hernandez, who has already once sung the National Anthem at a RoadRunners game this season on Oct. 21, 2007, garnered national attention after advancing to this season’s Top 12 of FOX Television’s hit reality series.

Thursday’s performance will be Hernandez’s first major public appearance since leaving American Idol on March 12.

Our Sports Central

‘American Idol’ slips but Fox still kicks

For the second straight week, the Tuesday edition of …American Idol slipped to a season low, but that didnt stop Fox from dominating the competition.

…Idol averaged a 9.3 adults 18-49 rating last night, according to Nielsen overnights, off 4 percent from last week 9.7.

It comes as the top 10 finalists get whittled down over the next two months, a time when …Idol traditionally sees declines. The same pattern occurred last year, although …Idol is also down 11 percent from the same night last year.

Still, …Idol topped the combined ratings for the other Big Five networks by 33 percent in the 8 p.m. slot, and it helped give …Hell Kitchen its biggest debut ever.


Bucky Covington Catches His Breath

At the moment, the 29-year-old singer-songwriter’s “A Different World” is nominated for USA Weekend breakthrough video of the year at the 2008 CMT Music Awards taking place April 14 in Nashville. The category also includes Luke Bryan’s “All My Friends Say, ” Kellie Pickler’s “I Wonder” and Chuck Wicks’ “Stealing Cinderella.”

With all the success he’s had this past year, Covington still remains humble and has no plans of slowing down anytime soon. During a recent interview with, Covington talked about his award nomination, touring and his plans for the future.

‘Idol’ favorite to appear at Perry County Fair

NEW LEXINGTON – After a successful appearance at the Coshocton County Fair in October, Bucky Covington is returning to Southeast Ohio for another crowd-pleasing performance.

The “American Idol” season five finalist will perform at the 2008 Perry County Fair on July 18.

“We’re excited to have him in the area, ” said Chad Winegardner, Perry County Fair board member. “He’s moving up the charts. His single ‘It’s Good To Be Us’ was number 11 on the Billboard charts (last week).”

Zanesville Times Recorder

BREAKING UPDATE: American Idol finalist Bucky Covington coming to Terre Haute

American Idol 5 finalist and country recording artist Bucky Covington will appear June 20 in Terre Haute, according to the entertainment Web site

The eighth-place finalist in the 2006 season of American Idol will appear in concert in the Indiana Theatre at 683 Ohio St., theater owner Roger Aleshire confirmed today.

…It in the works, yes, Aleshire said, …Bucky is coming ¦ but the rest of the show is still being finalized. Other acts as well as ticket information should be available next week, he added.

‘American Idol’ finalist Ace Young visits bookstore

Young said after “Idol” it was important to him to make sure when he tackled the music industry he did it right.

“I’m at the starting line of a career I have wanted since I was 9 years old, ” said Young. “So that’s why I’ve taken my time. I realize how important it is to make sure it’s right, true to me and up to my level of expectation. I only get one chance to tell my fans who I am.”

Since “Idol, ” Young has traveled across the U.S. performing with his band and writing music. He earned a Grammy nomination for his collaborative effort on fellow “Idol” contender, Chris Daughtry’s hit, “It’s Not Over.”


After 12 ‘Seasons of Love, ‘ “Rent” makes a stop at the Chrysler

The original cast members, many of whom had never acted in a musical or just auditioned to find their next paycheck, found themselves in instant stardom. Likewise, the current off-broadway cast of …Rent includes stars who were shot into the limelight via ‹Idol fame. This show features ‹American Idol finalist Anwar Robinson (the music teacher who made the top 10 from Season 4) and ‹South African Idol Winner Heinz Winckler. In the show program, Winckler’s credits notes that he was chosen …Sexiest Man by Cosmopolitan Magazine and South Africa …Hottest Hunk by People magazine.

Hampton Roads

APT to air Alabama Music Hall of Fame induction ceremony

Alabama Public Television will broadcast The Alabama Music Hall of Fame 2008 Induction and Awards Ceremony from 7 to 10 p.m. April 14.

The program, which features the induction ceremonies and 16 performances by music greats, repeats on April 19 and April 24. An interview special featuring one-on-one interviews conducted by journalists Wendy Garner and Lori Cummings with select inductees and other celebrities is scheduled from 8 to 9 p.m. April 20.

The ceremony was recorded live Feb. 22 at the Montgomery Renaissance Hotel and Spa at the Convention Center. It features performances by Kris Kristofferson (in honor of his friend, Donny Fritts) and some of Alabama most notable performers, including Percy Sledge, Clarence Carter, Eddie Floyd, The Commodores, The Thrasher Brothers and Taylor Hicks.

Montgomery Advertiser

Former ‘Idol’ Kevin Covais hits the big screen
While “College” is rated R, Covais maintains that he’s keeping his West Coast lifestyle in the PG precincts. While he apartment-hunts, he’s staying in a spare bedroom at the home of fellow “Idol” grad Ace Young.

“He’s like an older brother to me, ” Covais says of the 27-year-old Grammy-nominated songwriter, vigorously disputing rumors that he’s benefitting from Young’s “womanizing leftovers.” “That’s really not my way, ” he says, adding that he’s “currently a one-woman guy.”

Daughtry coming to Champlain Valley Fair

Daughtry, led by frontman and band namesake Chris Daughtry, has been booked for the 2008 Champlain Valley Fair for Aug. 24, fair organizers announced today.

“Daughtry, ” the band’s debut album has gone double platinum and has been a constant near the top of Billboard’s Top 200 albums since its release in November 2006.

Tickets go on sale Friday at 10 a.m. at the FlynnTix Regional Box Office in Burlington and Copy Ship Fax Plus in Essex Junction.

Burlington Free Press

Ex-‘Idol’ finalist makes Charlotte visit

The fifth-place finisher from the Sanjaya-season of “AI” came to Harris Teeter in Blakeney on Wednesday afternoon — drawing scores of fans and their moms — to his roped-off table in the store’s frozen food section. He signed autographs, smiled for pictures and pitched an “Idol”-inspired line of Edy’s ice cream.

‘Idol’ favorite to show ‘Crazy’ side

Waiting for a second CD to drop is enough to make even an ex-Marine and former “American Idol” favorite like singer Josh Gracin sweat a little.

“I’ll know (soon) how much our hard work has done for us, ” says Gracin of the efforts to put together and promote his sophomore effort, “We Weren’t Crazy.”

To that end, he’s hosting CD release parties around the country, including one at 9 tonight at Cotton Eyed Joe in Knoxville.

He’ll perform an acoustic set then mingle with the crowd. Admission is free.

Collective voices

If you still think of a cappella music as nothing more than choral church singing and barbershop quartets, get yourself over to the A Cappella Innovations festival at The Egg in Albany this weekend to discover just how contemporary and exciting the new brand of a cappella singing can be.

The fest scored a big coup for Friday night’s show with the last-minute addition of Blake Lewis, the beat-boxing finalist from last season’s “American Idol” show. Lewis will emcee the evening in addition to performing. Other Friday night performers include Brazilian diva Denise Reis, the soulful Philip Hamilton and the group Simply Human.

Times Union

X17 Exclusive – Hey Paula

Secret Agent Man: Simon Says

Actors often have a tough time finding honest and useful information that can help improve their careers. There are expensive classes and seminars out there that promise the world but rarely deliver. So where is a poor actor to turn? Well, what would you say if I told you that you can learn all you need to know in a few short hours, and it won’t cost you a dime? You’d probably think Secret Agent Man took a crazy pill, wouldn’t you? Well, you’d be wrong. Here’s the big secret. Watch American Idol. It’s on twice a week, it’s 100 percent free, and the show is packed with valuable advice. And I don’t care if you’re not a singer. That’s not the point. A performance is a performance, and those wacky judges are constantly offering terrific feedback that all of you should take to heart.

TMZ Will Even Make Fun of Your Mothers Death

Yesterday the staff at TMZ, Harvey Levin’s AOL Time Warner-owned gossip site, tossed themselves over a line that I don’t think even Perez Hilton would dare approach. They made fun of someone’s dead mother. In a piece posted yesterday afternoon they wrote: “The mother of ‘American Idol’ contestant Elliott Yamin died last night in Richmond, Va. She was 65. Claudette Yamin had been hospitalized over the weekend…Yamin finished in 3rd place in 2006 on ‘Idol, ‘ behind Katharine McPhee and Taylor Hicks ‘  who, like Mrs. Yamin, will never be heard from again.” Commenters were upset in their usual thoughtful, Socratic way and TMZ eventually acknowledged the thoughtless remarks toward the end of the day. Mind you I say “acknowledged, ” not “apologized for.”

Instead of simply saying “that was dumb, we’re sorry, ” they ran another post that included a poll. If 51% of readers said the line should go, they’d pull it. Almost 100, 000 people voted and a resounding 78% wanted it gone. So, they got rid of the offending bit and continued on their merry way. Without ever issuing a measly apology. The woman died two days ago for chrissake. I’m all for an off-color joke, but a little human decency never hurt anyone.


‘American Idol’ Recap: David Archuleta Bounces Back, Michael Johns Brings The Sexy On Dolly Parton Night

On Tuesday night “American Idol” squeezed into a corset and pretended not to be 90 years old in honor of this week’s guest mentor, Dolly Parton.

Now don’t confuse my snark for haterade because I’m actually quite fond of the music legend. I literally jumped for joy when Seacrest announced that the top 9 would be singing songs from Dolly’s illustrious career, as opposed to just country music in general. (I was in no mood to hear Kristy Lee Cook sing a Toby Keith song.)

Before I get verklempt again about Mama Yamin’s passing, let’s talk about the performances.

American Idol: Then There Were Nine

With an alarmingly tight-faced Dolly Parton at the helm as mentor, the three words that best describe last night’s American Idol, now down to its top nine, would be good but forgettable. This late in the season, there’s no breakaway winner in the pack, and even the writers are bored. When Ryan Seacrest’s lame opener announced that the show was being pre-empted by the “American League of Vocal Coaches” and being replaced with a Moment of Truth celebrity edition with Simon Cowell, it was the show’s April Fools joke! Get it?

Parton, who despite her questionable plastic surgery, has a personality cuter than ever, has penned more than 3, 000 songs in her career. The contestants had plenty to work with in her songbook’ after the jump, snap judgments on each of the performances:


‘American Idol’ kids pretend to adore Dolly Parton

OK. Check it out. “American Idol” instantly became Idol dilemma on Tuesday. It was Dolly Parton night, which in reality means drawn on a collection of country, pop and bluegrass tunes from the last 40 years, some of which have been interpreted by R&B stars and some by punk bands. What it should not mean is exactly how it was interpreted – country night, save for a behemoth of a hit record from some movie about a bodyguard. Genre nights can reshuffle the deck in a hurry, extending the TV life of a weak voice and sending a strong voice home early.

On a night when Simon Cowell was in solid curmudgeon form – and refusing to say he just plain does not care for Parton or fiddles – all nine singers delivered OK performances; nothing brilliant, nothing awful, which means America will either attempt to distinguish nuance or go with the singers with the personalities they like best. I’m guessing it’s the latter.

American Idol: Dollywood Stock Just Plummeted

Remember how I suggested that an awesome twist for American Idol would be strapping the judges to the lie detectors used on the godforsaken sh*tshow that is The Moment of Truth? Well, some story editors at FOX must be reading my lil’ ole’ recaps, because Seabreath totally stole my idea. “Due to industrial action by the League of American Vocal Coaches, we will be instead airing a special celeb edition of The Moment of Truth featuring Simon Cowell, ” he announces. April Fool’s, we get it. What’s more alarming is that I totally know what FOX is thinking.

TV Gasm

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