Idol Headlines for 1/29/09

Experienced singers don’t bother ‹Idol exec

Up until now, this season of …American Idol has been mostly scandal-free.

But contestant Joanna Pacitti has some fans crying foul because she isnt exactly a performance novice.

…Idol executive producer Ken Warwick doesnt seem to think it matters.

At the start of the season he said, …The question isnt ‹have you ever had a deal it ‹do you have one now. If the answer is no, then you can compete. If you were already a professional, you wouldnt be auditioning, after all.


Kelly Clarkson Previews Clip Of New Video On ‘American Idol’

Roughly 24 hours after it accidentally premiered on the Internet, the video for Kelly Clarkson’s “My Life Would Suck Without You” (sorta) premiered again, this time as originally planned, during a commercial break on Wednesday night’s “American Idol.”

A full 30 seconds of the clip ‘  showing Clarkson tossing the possessions of a toothsome boyfriend out the window ‘  were aired during the midpoint of the “Idol” Salt Lake City audition episode. Like the video for her breakout hit, “Since U Been Gone, ” the chorus of the song takes place over a live performance shot of Clarkson and her band rocking out intercut between the narrative scenes. Viewers were told to head to to catch the full version of the video.


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‘American Idol’ judges take an amazing shine to Utah

If you’re going to be stereotyped, there are worse ways than the stereotypes tossed at Salt Lake City on Wednesday night on “American Idol.”

The judges and host of America’s most-watched TV show characterized Utah as pretty much too good to be true. If you watched the recap of the local auditions for the hit Fox show, you were left with the impression that, gee whiz, everybody here is just full of “good vibes, cheer and happiness, ” as host Ryan Seacrest put it.

“When the sun came up in Salt Lake City, it shined on some of the happiest people we’ve ever seen, ” he said.

Deseret News

“American Idol” Has Big Love For The Beehive State (And Bunnies)

On this episode of American Idol: Everyone in Salt Lake City is (possibly maybe a little too) happy! And I am too, for this is the second-to-last of the city-specific audition episodes that we as a nation have to suffer through. Share in my joy after the jump!


Were Live-Blogging The ‹American Idol Salt Lake City Auditions!

Good evening, …Idol fanatics. Time for another …American Idol live-blog. Tonight were taking a trip to the pop culture mecca known as Salt Lake City, Utah. Oh, Im serious. You may not think it, but SLCers are taking over. All the …High School Musicals were filmed there, and last summer …So You Think You Can Dance featured more Mormons than are in an Osmond family photo. (Speaking of which, I think Donny and Marie might be popping up in tonight episode.) And we all know David Archuleta will be stopping by to spread a little cheer with his awkward giggle and soaring vocals.


‘American Idol’ Recap: Big Love-fest

If tonight’s installment of American Idol had to be turned into a movie trailer, the voice-over would go a little something like this: ”Super-polite contestants! Pink bunny rabbits! And Ryan Seacrest in [insert sound of needle scratching across record] ‘  flannel! If you thought Idol was the meanest show on television, then you haven’t been to Utah. The sob stories are sweeter. The producers only emotionally abuse one contestant (but don’t worry, she’s a Goth!) And ‘  you’re not gonna believe this ‘  but you might need both hands to count the number of memorable contestants scoring Golden Tickets. Yes, Idoloonies, you’ve seen the rest (five middling episodes so far this season, to be exact), now it’s time for the best: This…is American Idol’s Salt Lake City audition round!”

Entertainment Weekly

Phil Stacey Blog: Salt Lake City shines [UPDATED]

When I received my “American Idol” golden ticket to Hollywood, I felt like I had gone as far as I could go. The majority of contestants get through after a unanimous “yes” from the judges, but Simon had said “no” to me. And Im sure after the Memphis audition, no one would have predicted that I would make it farther than anyone else who had auditioned there, with the exception of Melinda Doolittle. It just goes to show you, it is a little early to make any predictions. Some of these folks may surprise us in the coming weeks.

LA Times

The view from Salt Lake City: 11 things we have learned about Season 8

11. New judge Kara DioGuardi has not destroyed the show.

10. Season 8 is 40% less mean, 35% more energetic, 25% less heartstring pulling and TBD% more/less talented.

9. Many, if not most, of America’s single mothers in their 20s are aspiring singers.

8. There has neither been an explosion of Cook-like bar rockers or 16-year-old boy prodigies.

7. With one night to go, it is like the 2008 presidential race, the most wide-open season we’ve seen in years, with no one entering Hollywood Week as a clear front-runner.

LA Times

Kelly Clarkson’s ‘My Life’ makes history

But former “Idol” star Kelly Clarkson has made a powerful return to the charts. Billboard reports that her “My Life Would Suck Without You” will make history Thursday, bolting from No. 97 on the U.S. singles chart to the pole position. The song, according to the story, sold 280, 000 digital downloads in its first week of release. Billboard reports that “My Life Would Suck Without You” is her seventh top-10 hit since 2005.

But note Billboard careful wording. This record is only for the …largest leap in the history of the single chart, not the highest first-week sales total. For instance, Mariah Carey …Touch My Body sold 286, 000 downloads when it debuted last year.

LA Times

This Year’s ‘American (False) Idol’

Move over, Carly Smithson, there’s a new controversy in Hollywood. Some ‘American Idol’ fans who believe the show should adhere strictly to a formula of exposing the talent of unknowns were up in arms about Smithson’s involvement last season – the singer was signed to MCA as a teenager and sold a very, very modest run of her debut album. This year, according to a report in the New York Post, the fan fury surrounds 24-year-old Joanna Pacitti.

We might argue that Pacitti fits the definition of an unknown; Before the media caught wind of her history in the music business, chances are you’d never heard her name. But there is indeed a history – Pacitti’s first 15 minutes came in 1996, when her parents sued the producers of ‘Annie’ for firing Joanna before the show hit Broadway, and settled for an undisclosed amount.

Pop Eater

2009 Super Bowl National Anthem: All Bets On

Online gambling websites are offering bets on everything related to the 2009 Super Bowl, and that does not exclude the national anthem. has posted odds on the Over/Under length of the national anthem with the Under 2 minutes, 3 seconds the favorite and the Over that time paying a few cents better than even odds.

One of the most highly anticipated moments at the 2009 Super Bowl will be Jennifer Hudson singing the national anthem. This will be her first appearance since the tragic murder of her mother, brother and young nephew back in October. Hudson’s estranged brother-in-law has since been charged with the slayings.

Gambling 911

FIRST LISTEN: Melinda Doolittle’s New Single

American Idol season six alum Melinda Doolittle’s debut album, Coming Back to You, doesn’t hit shelves until Feb 3., but has the exclusive first listen of her cover of the blues standard “Dust My Broom.”

Doolittle, who finished third on the show, says the song is a favorite when it comes to getting through tough times.

“This one is about letting it all go, ” she says of the song’s lyrics, “I’m not just gonna dust the whole house, I’m even gonna dust my broom!”


Exclusive Interview: Melinda Doolittle, Third-Place Finisher on ‘American Idol 6’

Melinda Doolittle, you might remember, is possibly the nicest human being the planet Earth has ever known. The third-place finisher on American Idol 6, Melinda is the possessor of a monster voice, and it’s hard to argue that she wasn’t the best all-around singer from American Idol that season. After a year and a half of traveling the world and performing around the country, Melinda is finally set to release her debut album, “Coming Back to You, ” on February 3. We had the distinct pleasure of speaking to Melinda this week, and we discussed the album, how it came together, what she’s been doing outside of her music career, and what her favorite music of 2008 was.

Buddy TV

Juliet Got Hitched!

Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! The Big Surprise ‘ Carly Smithson from last season …American Idol making a surprise performance for Doug and our guests. It was so hard to keep this a secret. She is such a cool girl. Her album should be coming out in the near future and I will be the first in line for it. She sang …The Reason (Carole King/Celine Dion) and …With our Without You by U2. THEN, as a surprise, sang Heart …Barracuda. Unreal.

James Taylor, 311, David Cook Among National Acts to Perform At SunFest 2009

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., Jan. 28 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — SunFest, Florida’s largest music, art and waterfront festival, will be held April 29-May 3, along one of the most scenic sections of Flagler Drive in downtown West Palm Beach. National headline entertainment scheduled to perform include 311, James Taylor, David Cook, Classic Albums Live, UB40, G Love & Special Sauce, Spyro Gyra and Jack’s Mannequin. Additional entertainment announcements will be made as they are confirmed.

David Cook will perform on Saturday evening, May 2. David Cook is an Alternative rock singer and songwriter from Houston, Texas. Known for winning the seventh season of American Idol, Cook released his first post-Idol album last November. Some of Cook’s hits include “Dream Big, ” “Declaration, ” “Permanent, ” “Come Back to Me, ” “The Time of My Life, ” and “Light On.”

PR Newswire

ESPN Party: A night for them, a day for you

Who will be there (on Saturday): Sean Kingston, American Idol’s Michael Johns, Tampa reggae-rockers Impulse and the USF marching band will perform, but there will be a ton of attractions and guests, including: pro beach volleyball exhibition matches; Red Bull skydivers; Tony Stewart’s Old Spice NASCAR racer; appearances by drivers like John Force, Scott Sharp and David Brabham; golf swing and NASCAR simulators; food from Skipper’s Smokehouse; and a celebrity cookoff between the Jaguars’ Reggie Williams and the Saints’ Bobby McCray. Get more information at

Tampa Bay

‘American Idols’ On Tour, Bruce Springsteen Hits The Road And Coachella Rumors Abound

As David Cook’s tour heats up and takes over the number one spot on the hottest tours list and as American Idol steps into the Hollywood leg of the contest, it’s interesting to look back at other previous winners and their upcoming live shows.

Digital City

NAACP luncheon celebrates 100 years

…The luncheon is going to make everyone aware where we came from and the work we did as a champion in the region for racial equality, said Trevor Harvey, president of the Sarasota County NAACP. …We want to celebrate that.

The luncheon will be at 11 a.m. Feb. 19 at the Manatee Convention Center, One Haben Blvd., Palmetto.

Manatee County NAACP president Ed Bailey said three community leaders in the two local branches ‘  the Rev. Willie Holley, Ed James and the Rev. James Golden ‘  will give testimony to the long struggle the organization had to sustain to achieve racial equality.

To add a bit of celebrity to the celebration, local …American Idol finalist Syesha Mercado will perform.

Mercado will also add her testimony on what the NAACP has meant in her life.

Jordin Sparks on singing the National Anthem

Im real picky when it comes to pop stars singing the National Anthem at sports events. Too many artists tend to oversing, over-emote and occasionally turn it into a Patti LaBelle-esque shriek-a-thon. That said, I dont expect everyone to sing the song exactly note for note ‘  as a tune, it pretty lame ‘  so it cool when performers take a certain amount of license.

Last Sunday, I saw pop star/American Idol winner Jordin Sparks tackle the anthem at the NFC Championship Game. She nailed it, gave the song just the right amount of extra oomph, hit some stratospheric notes, bent a few phrases gospel-style and generally raised the hairs on my neck. Right after she finished, play-by-play announcer Joe Buck let out a …Wow!

Creative Loafing

Sparks on the Super Bowl Stage

Jordin Sparks is pumped to perform on Super Bowl Sunday and she is excited to watch fellow “Idol” alum Jennifer Hudson perform the National Anthem, but talking about Hudson’s family tragedy made her emotional. Watch the video to hear Jordin talk about how Jennifer’s moving on — and what you can expect on Game Day.


Kellie Pickler visits text messengers

Kids at the Oak Creek High School in Wisconsin got to put their text messaging skills to good use when they won a visit from American Idol alum Kellie Pickler in a “text messaging contest.” Tribune’s Fox 6 from Minneapolis has the report in the video above.

LA Times

Kellie Pickler is Belton HS girl’s American Idol

Belton High School sophomore Kelsey Walton met her idol, former American Idol contestant Kellie Pickler during a visit at the school Wednesday. (Jan. 28, 2009 Video by Keith Myers)

Kansas City

Fantasia covers ‘Lady Marmalade.’ Roof height at venue permanently altered.

I know I’m a couple days late on this, but visiting the indispensable late last night, my heart skipped all kinds of beats to discover Fantasia covering “Lady Marmalade” at a UNCF tribute to Patti LaBelle. Around the 1:40 mark, ‘Tasia begins to tear into the song like a starved wolf into a perfectly cooked filet mignon — and I mean that in the best possible way. When she’s done, there’s nothing left but the realization that you’ve witnessed the kind of soul-searing greatness that never seems to happen in our polite, sound-bite-ready, auto-tuned times. I know, I know…a lot of you will accuse my favorite Idol of all time of doing nothing more than screaming like a banshee, but the look on Miss Patti’s face at the 3:40 mark (pictured) says it all: Quit tryin’ to act balky! Chair dancing and mild-to-moderate holleration will be required — even if you’re watching at work!


Rough Draft in the studio with American Idol’s Chris Sligh and some (moving) pictures to prove it

Found yet another batch of videos of a band hard at work in the studio. These ones feature Rough Draft, an up-and-coming, unabashed Christian rock act from Ft. Collins that spends the bulk of its time on the road. Coming off winning the band competition at the Gospel Association’s annual Music in the Rockies confab last summer, the outfit has sold more than 4, 000 copies of its eleven-song debut, Not Far Away, which was recorded at the world famous Blasting Room with an assist from the white-hot, can’t-miss studio maestros Andrew Berlin and Jason Livermore, who handled engineering and mastering, respectively. As you’ll see in the clips posted after the jump, the band is currently in Nashville working on a new EP with Chris Sligh, a husky, big haired, golden voiced finalist from the sixth season of American Idol.


‘I’ll be single for years, ‘ vows Simon Cowell during bizarre TV interview with ex Terri Seymour

Simon Cowell has vowed to stay single for years ‘out of respect’ for his ex-girlfriend Terri Seymour.

Perhaps feeling under pressure, Cowell made the statement in a bizarre interview with his ex-girlfriend Terri Seymour, who is a presenter on U.S. TV show Extra.


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