Idol Headlines for 12/27/08

‹Idol Spurs Optimism at Fox Once Again

At the end of calendar year 2008 the Fox network finds itself, as usual, trailing all its competitors in ratings. In other words, it once again has them exactly where it wants them.

Fox executives are accustomed to late-innings lightning. But this year they are even more confident, thanks to the return of the network thousand-pound ratings gorilla, …American Idol, along with what looks like a more potent supporting lineup.

NY Times

Fox’s Fall Was a Flop, So What’s Plan B? Starts With an ‘A, ‘ of Course

Last spring, Fox, the hottest chick at the party, landed J.J. Abrams — the hottest date — for the new TV season.

Fox had bought a J.J. spec script for a drama series called “Fringe.” “Fringe” would be the series with which Fox finally broke out of its whole Tread Water Until “American Idol” Launches rut. Fox would become a major player in the fourth quarter.

It was not the love match they’d hoped for. And now Fox heads into Winter TV Press Tour 2009 in fourth place among broadcast networks and will once again fling itself at its old flame, “American Idol, ” in hopes the singing competition will put it back on top.

Washington Post

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Sit or stand? Concert venues dread fights between angry sitters, standers

TORONTO ‘  It wasn’t long into the Barenaked Ladies’ set at Toronto’s Massey Hall earlier this month when the catcalls began.

“Would you PLEASE sit down!” screamed one fan. “WE CAN’T SEE!” shrieked another.

Promoters promised that the “Barenaked for the Holidays” concert would be a “raucous show, ” but it appeared there were two visions of what was supposed to happen that night.

There were fans who eagerly leapt to their feet the instant the house lights went down, and others who stewed in their seats, unable to see a thing but still not wanting to stand either.

Whether to stand or sit at concerts is an oft-debated, controversial topic among music fans, and venues are split on what the audience is entitled to do and what should be expected at a show.

Canadian Press

News on Odd Relationships in TNA, Possible Suicide Plans

– No word how true this is, but Dave Meltzer reports that in addition to Kaz and Traci Brooks being an item in TNA, other odd couples include Jeremy Borash and Diana Degarmo of American Idol as well as former WWE employee and current TNA employee David Sahadi and former Knockout Gail Kim. And are you ready for this? Word is that Kurt Angle is dating Knockout Rhaka Kahn, since splitting from Karen. I dont know about Kurt and Kahn being together, but Kurt was ranting on Howard Stern recently how he loved black women.


Favorite Reality Competition Show Winners Of 2008

Whenever we find ourselves invested in a reality competition show, we run the risk of being disappointed. Im not just talking about the disappointment that the show will turn out to be a huge waste of time (we sort of sign up for that when it comes to any reality TV show) but more that the winner wont be the person (or team) we were hoping would make it to the end.

Fellow Blend Television writer Steve West and I were discussing some of our favorite reality competition shows and we came to realize that 2008 offered a number of truly satisfying seasons, thanks to the right man, woman or team actually winning.

Cinema Blend

CPS puts playlist of alumni songs on iTunes

CHICAGO – Chicago Public Schools has created a playlist on iTunes that includes songs from alumni including Sam Cooke, Mel Torme, Kanye West, Jennifer Hudson and Nat “King” Cole.

The list features 53 songs by musicians and singers who spent time in Chicago Public Schools. District Web editor Brad Harbaugh came up with the idea after he noticed all of the famous musicians among alumni. He says the list shows CPS students “can go anywhere and do anything.”

The playlist is available on iTunes and on the CPS alumni Web site. It includes songs like “I’ll Take You There” from The Staples Singers to “I Believe I Can Fly” from R. Kelly.

Chicago Tribune

MTV, Paula Abdul search for team spirit on RAH!

Always thought you were cut out for cheerleading? Well here is your chance to see what goes on behind the cute uniforms and pom poms. MTV joins with pop icon and former Los Angeles Laker Girl, Paula Abdul, to take viewers inside the intense world of competitive cheerleading with RAH! Paula Abdul Cheerleading Bowl airing on Saturday, January 3rd at 12pm et/pt.

MacDonald sceptical over Burke’s future

Amy MacDonald has warned that X Factor winner Alexandra Burke may not have a long-term future in the music industry.

The Scottish singer claimed that Burke is too similar to other artists and will only be used to make quick cash for Simon Cowell.

“I have heard Alexandra Burke but I don’t think she is any different to Leona Lewis, ” MacDonald told the Daily Record. “I thought the whole point of that show was getting someone different but she seems the same as anyone else. There are so many people who already exist and can do it better so I don’t see the point of it.


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