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‘Idolatry’: We’re back…with a whole new look!

Week one of American Idol’s eighth season is over, which means your trusty Idolatry crew is back to dish the proceedings. Somebody’s got a theory about where Bikini Girl bought her two-piece. Somebody’s fuming that Danny Gokey shared B-roll of his recently deceased wife during his audition package. And somebody — specifically, a particularly awesome contestant from season 6 — makes a very special appearance. Press play below, then weigh in with your own thoughts about Idol’s first two audition episodes of the season!

Entertainment Weekly

Sexual Chacolate

…In life the microphone passes your lips but once … you had better be ready to sing.

That the somberly thoughtful thought from music industry honcho David Foster that graces the screen first thing out of the box this new season. A seriously steaming hot pile of wisdom. So when stuff goes past your lips, youd better swallow it whole. Whatever it is. Microphones, delicious baked treats, whatever else you can imagine passing your lips. Chomp on that thing. Unless it a microphone that also a soap on a rope. You seen one of those? That should not be in your mouth. Because itll be soap. Anyway, David Foster is like f**kin Ben Franklin with the enduring quotes.


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Idol Contestant Worked in Same Tattoo Shop Where Britney Shaved Her Head

American Idol contestant Emily Wynne-Hughes — the tattooed and pierced rocker who advanced to Hollywood after performing Heart’s “Barracuda” on Tuesday’s audition show — has a strange connection to Britney Spears.

Wynne-Hughes, 21, worked at the Body & Soul Tattoo shop in Sherman Oaks, Calif., that unforgettable night in February 2007 when Spears shaved her head. (The television show Extra pointed out the connection Friday.)

At the time, Wynne-Hughes told Us that Spears had arrived agitated and, when asked why she shaved her head, replied, “I don’t want anyone touching me. I’m tired of everybody touching me.”

US Magazine

Anoop there he is, UNC student on American Idol

I knew it! Anoop Desai, the UNC grad student heading to Hollywood on American Idol, is an alumnus of the Clef Hangers, the rock apella group.

As soon as he opened his mouth I said he had to be connected to the group. I saw them a couple of years ago in Memorial Hall and their version of “Fix You” floored me. (And you know, ever since a capella groups discovered percussion, they’re actually kinda cool.)

News and Observer

Meet the real ‘American Idol’ bikini girl: Casey Carlson

Meet the real “American Idol” bikini girl: Casey Carlson.

Contestant Katrina Darrell made headlines and became a YouTube star after she showed up for “Idol’s” Phoenix, Ariz. auditions wearing an itsy-bitsy bikini and planted a big kiss on host Ryan Seacrest.

But Kansas City contender Carlson is the real deal.

The singer models in swimsuit calendars for Campus Girls USA [see here]. The company’s Web site features a gallery of Carlson ‘ who is identified as a representative of the University of Minnesota.

Daily News

Idol Worship: Week 1 News Recap

Idol Gone Wild? Bikinis ruled and Simon drooled on week one of season 8, while the blogosphere revved its engines chasing down a slew of soon-to-be somebody’s. Here, your Idol headlines for the week ending Jan. 16:

Jaded Insider

Idol downloads: Cook edges Archuleta

Not much action for the Idols in the digital realm this week. Nielsen SoundScan’s data has David Cook the only Idol whose digital album sales rank among the 50 best-selling for the week ending Jan. 11. He sold 3, 000, down from 4, 000 the week before, meaning he’s sold 92, 000 downloads of David Cook.

Idol Chatter

January chills Idol album sales

Six Idols remain in the top 200 of the Nielsen SoundScan album charts for the week ending Jan. 11, but all see their weekly sales fall faster than overnight temperatures in the Northeast.

Davidcookdanmacmedan2 David Cook slips two spots from 16 to 18, his 19, 000 sales a 37 percent decline from the previous week 31, 000. He at 862, 000 total right now, so if he plateaus soon, he might hit the million mark by spring.

USA Today

David Archuleta: First Music Teacher:

Anne not the only one wanting to help Sasha and Malia during their stay at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. …Idol runner-up David Archuleta has offered up his musical skills for the girls. …I would give the girls music lessons, David told People. …Probably not piano lessons, because Im far from the greatest pianist, but voice lessons. Hopefully, Sasha and Malia were Archie fans and not Cook fans last year.

Access Hollywood

David Archuleta On Kissing, Kara DioGuardi, And Eating Grapes

American Idol runner-up David Archuleta (and also, um, these tweens favorite-ist person on planet Earf) has has been a busy little beaver of late. Here what Archu McSweety Cute Jeans has been up to since the ball dropped.

He performed an a cappella version of …Ill Be at the Hard Rock Cafe in NYC the other day. (J-14 was on the scene, BTW!) Fun! (Hard Rock Cafe is still open!?)

He also been eating grapes (!?) and blogging his sweet widdle facey off on MySpace: He says he trying not to ramble too much ¦ but he still pretty rambly, which, of course is why everyone Archu-loves him! Also, exclamation points: proceed with caution, Archie! (But, of course, all is Archu-forgiven.)


David Archuleta Offers Advice For New ‹American Idol Hopefuls
Twist magazine editor Jackie caught up with David Archuleta for an interview at the ‘American Idol’ season seven runner-up’s private show at Hard Rock Cafe in New York City. Archuleta talked about ‘A Little Too Not Over You’ coming from personal experiences, painting a fish shaped plate at the last school dance he went to, and advice he has for this season’s ‘Idol’ hopefuls. Watch the interview, featuring highlights from the concert, below.


Happy Birthday, Kristy Lee Cook!

Kristy Lee Cook wowed both the judges and viewers with her initial season seven audition, in which she sang a chilling rendition of “Amazing Grace”. Unfortunately, as the season went on, she became more well known for her consistent spot in the bottom three. She was always good-natured about it, however, and even used to joke about it, herself. Despite her seemingly permanent bottom three status, she had tremendous staying power, and made it to a very impressive seventh place on the show. Kristy sacrificed a lot to audition for AI, including selling one of her barrel horses.


Syesha Mercado talks The American Idol Experience

One of the things Im most looking forward to for the American Idol Experience is how the past stars of the television show are worked into the attraction. As we roll up to the grand opening date of February 14th, Disney has been leaking out some videos of those former Idols with their views on how the attraction and their experience as part of the show are alike.

Today we find Syesha Mercado (the one with ‹Yes in her name) who was the 2nd runner up to last year American Idol David Cook.

The Disney Blog

Inaugural ball will be broadcast live to troops

WASHINGTON (AP) ‘  President-elect Barack Obama’s inaugural ball for the military will be broadcast to American troops around the world.

Singer Jon Bon Jovi will headline the event, with comedian George Lopez as emcee and performances by singer Jordin Sparks, Miss America 2009 Kirsten Haglund and the group Right On.

The Presidential Inaugural Committee said Friday that the Commander in Chief ball would be broadcast live on the Pentagon Channel to military bases overseas.

Tickets to the ball will be free to invited guests in the military, families of fallen troops and spouses of deployed soldiers.

Associated Press

The winner of American Idol, Jordin Sparks

You won American Idol at 17. But the first time you tried you were sent home. What made you persist?

The first time when they told me no, I was 15. Maybe the second time round I seemed more determined, or maybe it was just the red scarf I was wearing. I wear that scarf a lot now!

Do nerves get the better of you?

I do get nervous sometimes. Excitement and nerves are the same thing; it’s just psychologically how you think about it. I walk out and start singing, and pray that I don’t forget the words.

Gone Country 3: Justin Guarini

You know, I have been blessed to have been working for the past six years consistently, and mostly below the radar. And so I think this show for me was a brand new challenge, and yet something that Ive been leaning towards. My writing, especially when I write when I play guitar, has a more country soul attitude. So this show is an amazing opportunity to get to know ‘  and also have them know me ‘  a brand new audience. That is an amazing audience and a loyal audience if you can get it right. I watched a few episodes of the first season; I didnt want to watch too much. I think it going to be six of us living in a house, trying to deal with each other personalities, but also dealing with the challenges of country living. I feel fortunate; Ive grown up in the south, so I dont mind shoveling dung. Im not going to shy away from that, you know. Im from Columbus, Georgia. So those sort of country living things I dont think are going to affect me negatively.


Q&A with Sanjaya is done. Watch the replay!

Local “Idol” star Sanjaya Malakar joined us for a live Q&A session today.

Malakar, who now lives in New York but comes from Federal Way, rose to fame a little less than two years ago when he finished seventh on “American Idol.” He made waves with dramatic hairstyle changes throughout the show’s run, and won over a legion of “fanjayas” along the way.

Next Tuesday Malakar releases a double whammy: a new five-song EP and a book entitled “Dancing to the Music in My Head: Memoirs of the People’s Idol.”

Seattle Times

American Idol series 8: The auditions continue

American Idol is, apparently, quite a lot like London Buses. Large, unwieldy, unable to settle on a format model anyone can agree on, and red. No, wait, not red. Whatever: You wait for ages, and then suddenly two come along at once. Here we are, second night in a row, another full two hour show. It’s almost too much.
But not quite ¦

Quick! Name 10 things that you know about Kansas City off the top of your head! All right, five things. Go! Oh, for goodness’ sake. Three things?

All right – here’s one thing to kick you off: it’s where you’ll find the setting for American Idol 8’s second audtion show. Also it’s half in Kansas and half in Missouri.

American Idol a hit with US viewers

American Idol increased its audience for its second outing in the US on Wednesday by 200, 000 viewers, its best performance relative to its launch night in five years.

The hit Fox reality show, which was created by British impresario Simon Fuller and produced by his firm 19 Entertainment, pulled in 30.1 million for the launch of series eight on Tuesday night, although it was the lowest rating debut in five years.

On Wednesday night, American Idol’s audience grew to 30.3 million, making it the highest-rated non-sports show of the 2008-2009 US TV season so far. Wednesday’s second edition beat the previous highest rated entertainment show this season, the premiere of CBS’s crime drama CSI, by 9 million viewers.

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