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Move Over, ‹Bikini Girl: ‹American Idol Hopeful Casey Carlson Has Her Own Bathing-Suit Pics

It typically takes a few weeks, sometimes months, before …American Idol has its first naughty-picture scandal of the season. Two seasons ago, Antonella Barba made it all the way to the top 24 before being eliminated for her subpar singing just a few weeks after a series of suggestive pictures of her made headlines.

And now, just two episodes in, Casey Carlson has set some kind of …Idol record for being, um, exposed as a bikini model for a Web site called Campus Girls USA. The 20-year-old singer, who was seen on the Wednesday night episode of the show, took a detour to the Virgin Islands before going to Los Angeles for the Hollywood round to shoot a series of sexy shots for a site that promotes …82 Gorgeous College Students.


More on American Idol contestant Danny Gokey and wife Sophia

I know it’s still early in the competition, but last night’s auditions in Kansas City showcased Danny Gokey, a singer from Milwaukee who lost his wife just four weeks before that audition.

The show’s producers milked that story, didn’t they? I don’t think any of the contestants whose tragedies were highlighted – from the blind pianist Scott MacIntyre to Lil Rounds, who lost her home in a tornado – intended those stories to be exploited that way. But it is TV, and the producers will do anything to keep viewers interested.

Gokey got well-deserved high praises from the judges, and his story clearly touched viewers. I told you in today’s American Idol post that he’s part of Faith Builders International Ministry in Wisconsin. Here’s a little more info on Danny Gokey.

Elliott Yamin has lots of music to choose from for new album

Elliott Yamin estimates he has recorded 35 songs for the follow-up to his 2007 debut. “Obviously, not all of them are going to make the record, ” says the Season 5 American Idol finalist, “but I’ve had time to branch out and work with as many people as possible.”

For the untitled album, due May 5 on Hickory Records, Yamin has been in the studio with producers including Jermaine Dupri, J.R. Rotem, Eman, Harvey Mason Jr., Steve Russell and Stargate.

USA Today

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Fox Darnell: Flat Is The New High

Flat is the new up, conceded Fox alternative programming chief Mike Darnell, talking about American Idol’s ability to essentially hold onto its audience in the second night of the show’s new season, a victory versus its past performances and versus an industry whose ratings have been sliding in general.

Idol’s Wednesday night overnight 18-49 rating was an 11.6, the same as the first night’s. But Darnell says the time-period-adjusted rating was even higher, an 11.8, representing the first time in years the second night of the new seasons has actually beaten the premiere.

“To see it pick up from night to night for the first time in five years when generally it has gone down by 11% episode-to-episode, that is the first part of the story, ” says Darnell.

Broadcasting Cable

He’s no bikini-girl, but ‘American Idol’ star Jason Castro’s brother Michael has family ties

Well, he’s no bikini-girl Katrina Darrell, but Michael Castro still made a splash Wednesday night on “American Idol” for his family ties: the hot pink-haired singer is the brother of last season’s sweet-voiced crooner Jason Castro.

Castro, 20, showed up for the Kansas City auditions and guess what? He’s going to Hollywood! Just like big brother Jason.

The younger Castro performed Gavin DeGraw’s “In Love with a Girl” to earn his ticket to the next round ‘ a harder rocking tune than those favored by the elder Castro.

NY Daily News

‘American Idol’ Contestant Michael Castro Surprises Big Brother Jason

“American Idol” has had its fair share of siblings over the years, from season five’s lawbreaking twins Derrell and Terrell Brittenum to “Maxim”-posing Jessie and Becky O’Donohue to last season’s train-wreck duo, Michelle and Jeffrey Lampkin. But Wednesday night’s round of auditions in Kansas City, home of David Cook, included a rare legacy act: Michael Castro. Rather than skate in on his family’s good name, the 20-year-old little brother of dreadlocked space-case Jason Castro brought his own inimitable style to his audition.

With a bright-pink faux-hawk that stood in stark contrast to his 2008 fourth-place finishing, lyric-flubbing big bro’s locks, the junior Castro impressed judges with his twangy take on Gavin DeGraw’s “In Love With the Girl.” In an interview segment, Michael teasingly referred to Jason as “girly, ” setting off a bit of sibling rivalry in which Jason retorted that if by “girly, ” he meant “a sensitive artist, ” then he was guilty as charged. Michael further twisted the knife by admitting that he had never really tried singing before, but gave it a shot just 20 days before auditioning.


Another Desi on ‘American Idol’

The biggest show on US television is back! That’s right, ‘American Idol’ hit the small screen on Tuesday and Wednesday night and was filled with the signature horrible, tear-inducing auditions along with the extraordinary ones. There were a few changes though with new judge, Kara DioGuardi. But the best news for us was a Desi guy, Anoop Desi, or in Randy’s words, Anoop Dog! So do we have another Sanjaya Malakar on our hands? We sincerely hope not!

The master’s student is studying folklore and BBQ! Huh?! Well his undergrad was in Southern Myth and Culture and he explored that through BBQ! Mmm… sounds like a tasty major! Now on to the important part – the singing! Anoop Desai chose to sing the Boyz to Men track, ‘Thank You, ‘ and to the judge’s surprise, turned out to be a soulful rendition of the R&B classic. All the judges appreciated his song and applauded the performance as he got through to Hollywood, but not before Simon Cowell gave some of his signature straight forward remarks!

Desi Hits

‘American Idol’ Hopeful Emily Wynne-Hughes Wears Alcohol-Monitoring Bracelet

Just about every season of “American Idol” has had a rocker girl with a bad side. Last year, it was gravel-voiced, Harley-riding nurse Amanda Overmyer. The year before that, there was Gina Glocksen.

And this year, if she makes the cut, it could be tattooed, pink-haired Emily Wynne-Hughes. The Go Betty Go singer ‘  who admitted during her Phoenix audition that she’d have to ditch her all-girl band’s European tour if she made it to Hollywood ‘  might be the first true punk rocker to make it to Hollywood, and, according to TMZ, the first “Idol” contestant to make it to later rounds wearing an alcohol-monitoring bracelet.


Bloody “Idol”

“American Idol” wannabe Alex Wagner-Trugman prepared for the carnage of being judged by Simon Cowell by bloodying up the slopes of Mammoth, Calif.


Eden Prairie woman wows ‘Idol’ judges

A University of Minnesota student has sung her way into the hearts of the judges on FOX-TV’s “American Idol.”

Casey Carlson, 20, of Eden Prairie, peeled off a few bars of Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles” in the audition that aired Wednesday night and was held last fall in Kansas City.

“I have a good vibe about you, ” said Simon Cowell, the toughest of the four judges.

“I would love to give you another chance, ” said fellow judge Paula Abdul.

Star Tribune

‘American Idol’ night 2 draws 29.8 milion viewers

Fox’s “American Idol” held up better than expected Wednesday, averaging 29.8 million total viewers over two hours, down just 2% compared with last season.

The results were somewhat surprising because “Idol’s” Tuesday premiere was, with 30.4 million viewers, down 9% compared with the previous year and represented the show’s lowest number for a season opener since 2004.

In the ad-friendly demographic of adults ages 18-49, “Idol” easily dominated the night with an 11.6 rating/29 share, or a decline of 8% compared with the first Wednesday show last year.

Why did the Wednesday “Idol” fare better, at least in percentage comparison terms, than Tuesday’s? At least part of the explanation is competition. On Tuesday, “Idol” faced off against two of CBS’ most-popular series, “NCIS” and “The Mentalist.” But on Wednesday, it was working against the less-watched “Criminal Minds” (14 million). Meanwhile, ABC, in preparation for the upcoming “Lost” season premiere, ran an entire night of “Lost” repeats, averaging just 4.5 million total viewers.

Fox’s rivals may be in for another very long winter.

LA Times

That’s not our bikini girl, but ‘American Idol’ debut was a real hoot

Call me crazy, but I’m still watching “American Idol

The eighth season of Fox’s ultra-cheesy reality series debuted Tuesday night, and like millions of other folks, I made sure to tune in.

Look, I understand your reasons, “Idol” haters, but anything that dominates pop culture is a must-see for me. That’s why I read Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight” saga, why I know the names of all three Jonas Brothers, and why I suffered through a holiday screening of “Marley & Me.”

‘Idol’ 8: a new sensibility and the rise of sensitivity

Fact about the number eight: In the Judaic religion, eight is a very auspicious number, designating both the complete days of Hanukkah (the faith’s second-biggest miracle) and the moment, when a Jewish boy has lived this many days, that the rite of circumcision is performed.

As with any “Idol” dawn, the premiere of Season 8 is an event too huge for its full consequence to be adequately represented in any one episode of television programming. As when a child gets on the bus for his first day at school or an army crosses over the border of its neighbors, the first inches may be but a small step — but they commit one to a journey of such enormousness that we can only begin to guess how we will emerge at the other end. So we take that deep breath and plunge ahead.

LA Times

Nice guys finish last (in the ratings)

Fact about the number eight: Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac. Scorpio traits include loyalty, passion and commitment. On the flip side, those can manifest themselves as possessiveness, jealousy and manipulative or controlling behavior.

The march to Kansas City, Mo., confirmed many of the trends seen on the Season 8 premiere (a more energetic judging panel, a gentler spirit of mockery toward the misbegotten). This night, however, produced the first real star of the season, the stunning Lil’ Rounds, who appeared in what my blogging compatriot Phil Stacey referred to as the “pimp slot” — the prime real estate closing the show. For the first time this season, we experienced that special feeling that we lie in wait for — that moment of revelation when you feel you just might be looking at a superstar for the very first time, before she herself even knows it.

LA Times

“American Idol” Brings The Pain To Kansas City

Perhaps in honor of Kansas City-area native David Cook’s grunging up all his songs, there was definitely a weird pall over last night’s audition episode of American Idol. Sure, it was great to see Jason Castro again (he was there in support of his brother, Michael, who’s pictured at left), but there was a little too much sadness: One of the contestants who made it through to Hollywood had an interview segment where he talked about his wife passing away four weeks before the audition; another singer sang “Cry-Baby”; some dude’s backup singers, dressed as cheerleaders, got teary-eyed in the wake of his rejection; and there was a montage of rejected singers freaking out in various ways. (The latter sort of had its dramatic importance undercut by the mortality-related reasons for tears.) The show itself was sort of weird, with people getting through more because they were, in the words of Paula, “not a disaster” than actually spot-on with everything, but I guess that’s in keeping with all the tears. More observations from the show after the jump!


Phil Stacey, …American Idol Insider explaining the audition process

In a single city, I personally had four different auditions. First the cattle call, where everyone in the coliseum gets to sing for one of the 15 (give or take) tables on the floor. Next I sang for Ken Warwick the first (and now only) executive producer. Then, I made it through Nigel Lythgoe, the other (and now ex) executive producer. Finally, about a month after I first lined up at the FedEx Forum, I got to travel back to Memphis and sing for Randy, Paula, and Simon. This is when my wife decided to have our baby.

By the time I saw the judges, producers had narrowed the field down from 16, 000 to around 350. It was quiet in the waiting room because people were filming their “stories” in the front of the room. Each of us was just waiting our turn. I had already become friends with Chris Sligh (we made it through the first round at exactly the same time, but he went to Birmingham for the subsequent rounds of auditions). I met Gina Glocksen and Melinda Doolitte on this final city audition day along with several other people who are still friends. Chris, Gina and I became MySpace friends and stayed closely connected until the day all three of us moved to Los Angeles as semi-finalists for the show.

Times Free Press

Sparks to sing anthem before NFC title game

Grammy-nominated recording artist and American Idol winner Jordin Sparks will sing the national anthem before Sunday’s kickoff of the NFC championship game, and Collective Soul will perform a halftime set.

Sparks, a Glendale native, performed at Super Bowl XLII in February and has sung The Star Spangled Banner at numerous Arizona Cardinals games.

The Cards face the Philadephia Eagles on their home turf, University of Phoenix Stadium, with the winner advancing to the Super Bowl. Sparks’ self-titled debut album was certified platinum last year with such hits as Tattoo, No Air and One Step at a Time. She is the first and only American Idol contestant ever to have their first four singles all crack the Top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100.

AZ Central

New Country Cast Warms Up

Grab your partner and get ready for Gone Country 3, the reality show that turns ordinary rock stars into country music sensations.

This season features former American Idol runner-up Justin Guarini, 80’s singer Taylor Dane, funk master George Clinton, drummers Sheila E. and Micky Dolenz (of the Monkees), 2006 Miss USA Tara Conner, and actor Richard Grieco.

The celebrities must compose a country song and the winner’s single will air on Nashville radio.

Skid Row legend Sebastian Bach won last year with his soupy single “Battle with the Bottle”.

Cowboy up for Gone Country 3 next Saturday on CMT.

Radar Online

Check Out ‘American Idol’ Judge Kara DioGuardi’s Fake Rock Band, Platinum Weird

Back in 2004, “American Idol” judge Kara DioGuardi and Eurythmics vet/producer Dave Stewart were commissioned to write some songs for the Pussycat Dolls that ultimately were felt not to be appropriate for the group. So instead, the duo created a “band that didn’t really exist” called Platinum Weird.

“Kara was so nervous about the idea of singing and being an artist because she had such a bad rejection experience earlier on, ” Stewart told The New York Times. “It’s partly the reason in my mind we created a band that didn’t really exist.”

The duo recorded some of the songs and made up a backstory for the group. That fictional backstory later become the subject of a VH1 mockumentary focused around a 1970s-era Fleetwood Mac-esque band called Platinum Weird and its ethereal lead singer Erin Grace, as well as Stewart. In the mockumentary, rock icons like Elton John, Mick Jagger and Stevie Nicks make appearances.


Winner of FOX dance show teaches classes at Southern Union

Joshua Allen, reigning champion of the FOX acclaimed dance competition So You Think You Can Dance, brought his unique hip-hop style of dance to Southern Union this weekend.

More than 100 students from throughout Alabama and Georgia took part in the master classes taught by Allen on SU’s Wadley campus. He offered a class for beginners and a more advanced class where students learned a variety of techniques in this popular style of dance.

Allen, a native of Texas, recently ended a cross-country tour of the Top 10 finalists of So You Think You Can Dance. He outlasted the top 20 dancers through several rounds of competition on SYTYCD, including former SU Dancer Stephen “Twitch” Boss, who finished as runner-up to Allen, to be named the winner of this year’s competition.

The Randolph Leader

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