Idol Headlines for 10/9/14

Skylar Laine Needs Your Help – The American Idol season 11 alum is halfway to her kickstarter goal, with a little less than two weeks to go. She tweets, “Kickstarter is almost to $4,000 which is half way there! We have about 13 days left to reach the goal for my EP!” You can help her fund her next record at Kickstarter.

Clay Aiken will tour U.S. House District 2 over the next three weeks – Candidates for North Carolina’s 2nd Congressional seat are ramping up their campaigns in the last few weeks before Election day. Clay Aiken will hop a bus to tour U.S. House District 2 in an effort to spend more time meeting voters in his campaign to unseat Rep. Renee Ellmers. “Often times, folks living in smaller towns or rural areas don’t have the same opportunity to meet their candidates as those who live in larger cities,” Aiken said in a news release. “I’m running to represent everybody in the Second District, so visiting Vass and Franklinville is just as important to me as making stops in Pinehurst and Asheboro.” – Read more at Fay Observer

Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood plan CMA laughs – “Carrie once again provided a huge spark for us by getting knocked up,” Wild says. “She gave us the greatest baby gift of all. … (The content) will be a balance of how much we want to go there vs. what she’ll put up with.” The show’s executive producer Robert Deaton says that while each artist has a separate career and brand outside of the CMA Awards, when they come together for the show, something entirely different happens. “Brad and Carrie are their own entity,” says Deaton. “That (combination) makes it unique. It’s Sonny and Cher.” – See the Video at USAToday

American Idol star Candice Glover takes lemon challenge – Beaufort High School students in LaRaine Fess’ class are trying to raise awareness about teen substance abuse and bullying. What they came up with is the Lemon Challenge. They hope it creates a dialogue similar to what the Ice Bucket Challenge did for the fundraising efforts of the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, or ALS. To see how it’s done, watch one star who has already committed, Candice Glover and her dancers.

Read more at Island Packet

‘X Factor’ Winners Alex & Sierra Reveal How Jason Mraz Brought Them Together – When Alex and Sierra were asked about their dream collaboration with any artist, dead or alive, Sierra said, “there’s only one big answer.” Host Nancy Redd put their bond to the test and asked the couple to answer together, at the exact same time. “The Beatles,” they chimed in unison. The couple also shared that they have Jason Mraz, with whom the duo collaborated for their album, to thank for bringing them together. – See the Video at Huffington Post

Mat Franco, winner of America’s Got Talent, joins Terry Fator on stage – Season 9 winner of “America’s Got Talent,” magician Mat Franco, joined Las Vegas headliner and Season 2 winner Terry Fator on stage during Fator’s show at The Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Franco used audience participation to perform a quick trick to the delight of the packed house which, judging by the loud cheers, was filled with fans that had been watching the show and rooting for Franco. – Read more at Las Vegas Informer

Ryan Murphy Spills on Scariest ‘Horror Story’ Yet, ‘Glee’s ‘Uplifting’ Ending and More! – Murphy’s other small screen baby, Glee is set to air its sixth and final season next year, and the showrunner promised ETonline that audiences will be extremely satisfied with the last leg of the journey. “We’ve really listened to what the fans want,” he said. “Everything that I’ve been reading from the last four years about what the fans want from Glee is what they’re going to get.” – Read more at ETOnline

‘Survivor’ host Jeff Probst on that ‘ugly’ confrontation – ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Well, Jeff, this seems pretty clearly to be a case of John Rocker’s past coming back to haunt him. Once Jeremy decided to use that as a weapon against him and Natalie seized upon it, was that pretty much it for him? JEFF PROBST: I think the incident at the challenge was probably a big impetus for voting out Rocker. I remember that challenge pretty clearly and I remember feeling “this is ugly.” All of it. Those are not the kind of moments I want for Survivor but when you take a group of strangers and let them build their own society you can’t control how they will behave or the decisions they will make. I think Rocker’s actions speak pretty clearly. He was baited by Natalie and he took the bait. Hard to recover from some of the things he said. From Natalie’s point of view, who knows if she meant it or was just playing the game, but either way, it was effective. – Read more at Entertainment Weekly

Survivor’s John Rocker: I Couldn’t Sit Back and Get Cussed Out By a Woman – Let’s talk about the challenge. Things got pretty heated with you and Natalie.Rocker: What you didn’t see was, in the challenge prior … every time their tribe would win, Natalie would leave the arena [trash-talking]. I mean, “Motherf—in” and “goddammit,” “you bunch of f—– pussies.” Not like 10 seconds. I mean, like, a minute worth of just dog-cussin’ us. And we’re like, ‘You just won. You’ve really got to be an assh–e? You’ve really got to do that?’ And so, [this] challenge was a little back and forth, doing the same thing. She’s walking across the top of those wood beams there, flipping us off with both hands. “F— you guys, f— you.” And then for whatever reason … she gets back to her side and starts singling me out personally. So now I’ve got a choice: Either sit there and look like a big wimp for getting dog-cussed by a woman and just taking it, or fire back and look like an assh–e. So, I chose to look like an assh–e. – Read more at TV Guide

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  1. Signs of Trouble in Grammy Land; Two Labels That Are Hitting Q4 Running;
    the Latest on Scott Borchetta and Jason Flom

    “It seems that the Alternative Committee, headed by industry veterans Andy Factor and John Kilpatrick, had rejected Beck’s Morning Phase from the field of potential nominees in the Alternative Album category.”

  2. I’ve contributed to several Kickstarters and every one of them met the goal. Most of them were a few to several thousand dollars short on the last day and a “fairy godmother/father” appeared in the last few hours and made up the difference. All but one I did were contestants from the Voice. I always wonder if it was the coach or someone else associated with the show. The other was an indi artist and she actually hit her goal about halfway through the 30 day period. I think it would help if Skylar had something between the $10 and $35 dollar pledge amounts where the perk is just the CD. That’s what I usually go for as a backer.

  3. He’s been talking about it since his show last Saturday in Reno too. Funny to have a 20-year-old performing and not be allowed to put a dollar in a slot machine.

  4. every one of them met the goal

    56% of Kickstarter projects fail to reach their goal. However, once a project is more than halfway to goal, it’s much more likely to get the rest of the way there.

    However, Kickstarter does better than older, larger rival Indie Gogo, where only ~10% of projects meet their goals:

  5. Happy Birthday to Scotty! I hope he doesn’t do what I did when I was 21, which was drink too much, then throw up on a bus after being asked to come into work even though I was supposed to have the day off (it was for a surprise party, which was a nice thought, but still, lol)

  6. Seems like some of these people have no clue about what is alternative music. Beck would definitely fit in that category, IMO.

  7. I noticed that Skylar’s not even offering the EP if you donate $10. All you get is a signed photo. Sorry, but if I’m donating to a music kickstarter, I expect to get a copy of the EP, CD, etc, even at the lowest level of the donations listed.

    Meanwhile over on Pledge Music, Angie is at 74% of her goal. I wonder what happens if, by some chance, she doesn’t reach her goal. Because from what I can tell the EP is already recorded.

  8. I don’t think he’s going to drink. He’s said in numerous recent interviews that nothing will change from before. He’s surrounded himself with a fair amount of non-drinkers. Basically, he sounds like he’s already decided he’s not going to drink.

  9. Well, as I said, all the artists I backed met their goal, and I’ve done several. If only 56% do, I guess I’m choosing winners (I’m not into stats to be honest). And yes Girlygirl, I agree you should get the CD/EP (and most offer it signed and often with an early download). That is the package I always go for. But with hers, you have to have the tshirt/picture thrown in which brings the price higher. Since it’s a donation, I don’t mind paying more then the retail value, but not $35 for an EP!

    ETA: I’ve also watched several artists from the Voice Kickstarters besides those I contributed to. I haven’t seen one yet that didn’t meet the goal. But to be honest, I haven’t watched every single one of them.

  10. Then you have Paul Mcdonald’s kickstarter for his solo album with 32 days to go and only collected 3,738 of the 20k he is trying to raise.

  11. Given the company that she keeps, I can’t get upset about that.

  12. Drop in the bucket for his ex. Is there a reason these people use kickstarter, when the amount isn’t really that much, and it seems they probably could fund these projects?

  13. The reasoning I’ve heard is that it’s to increase the sense of fan involvement, so fans do more to street-team the record, are more likely to buy ancillary stuff from T-shirts to show tickets, and just feel greater investment in the artist and therefore greater willingness to stick around through multiple projects.

    I have never seen any research that actually tests this effect in this specific context, so I don’t know if this is what really happens or just what people hope will happen.

  14. Many people use it as a promotional tool. It’s a way to show those in power that there is a demand for the music, and that the artist has an audience.

  15. Aren’t there like about 15million Mormons…so this is a nice start.

  16. Just curious. Do these Kickstarter deals ever do a lot for anybody’s career? The albums and EPs I’ve kept up with that were financed that way haven’t seemed to help ignite careers or get labels to take notice at all. When artists can’t find money-hungry labels willing to take a chance on them and have to rely on their fans as a last resort, there must be good reason. But maybe I’ve missed the really successful ones.

  17. Makes sense, but if it’s such a struggle to reach their goal, I don’t know what that says about their future prospects.

  18. When did Kris lose weight? I can’t imagine Cale looking as nerdy as Kris once did (as he described himself, wearing thick glasses and overweight).

  19. Happy! “21” Birthday Scotty!!! Scotty is so well loved as a singer/performer and a great guy, that the tweets wishing him happiness on his Birthday and in the year ahead, are flowing in from all over!!!

  20. There are some well known indie artists who have had good success with kickstarter (or indiegogo, or pledgemusic, etc). But those seem to be artists who already have built fanbases through other methods such as touring for years and years and aren’t necessarily looking to get a label deal, etc. through this route.

    Labels are signing very few people these days, so hopefully the ex-reality show contestatnts aren’t using these projects solely for the hope of shopping an EP/CD around.

  21. I think it is a nice start since many haven’t been very supportive. And there are many who aren’t Mormon and are being supportive. So I’d say a good mix for future projects :).

  22. Kris lost a lot of weight when he got really ill on one of his mission trips. That was back when he was 18 or 19, I think? He’s definitely been more or less this skinny at least since he went on AI almost 6 yrs ago.

  23. I don’t think Kickstarter is meant to do anything directly for your career. It’s a means for indi artists to supplement their projects. I have a friend that did one. Although she could have financed her own indi CD, Kickstarter allowed her to get the additional funds to make her dream CD. She was able to add in additional intsruments (violins, etc) beyond her own band, add some studio time, etc. I don’t think you get any new fans out of it but as mentioned by others you do get fan involvement in the campaign. Kat Robichaud had a CD release party for all her contributors and live streamed it for the people out of town. Some of the best CDs I have were done independently, not funded by the big labels.

  24. Kris looked really good on AI, and continues to keep fit. I wonder if his brother helped him cuz, as a competitive cheerleader, you need to be very fit and strong.

  25. From what I can see, most are using it so that they have a CD to sell at the merchandise table when they go on tour. They may get it on iTunes or something also, but they want to have it when they hit the road.

  26. From what he’s said and some tweets (both from himself and from people who’ve seen him at the gym), he works out a lot.

  27. I agree. I’ve been surprised at the response to the song, not because I don’t think it’s good but because some think it’s only for LDS folk and these tweets show a stark opposite of who is liking the song. There are many more responses from non LDS though not as extreme.

  28. Happy Birthday Scotty. Big 21, very exciting!????????????????????

  29. With Kris’ Christian background I have always been a little curious why he hasn’t gone that route musically. I would think he could do both and successfully.

  30. warren huart @warrenhuart
    Tracking with @JesseKinch at Sunset Sound with @blairsinta @Seanehurley and @stevethewreck #jessekinch

  31. Yeah. I’m pretty sure David would NOT be proud of that. He seems like a really decent young man.

  32. Very old (2006?) but interesting interview with Matthew Hager, Allison’s husband and bandmate.

    It’s the first time I’ve ever read very much about him — nice to get a feeling for who he is (which has mostly been a producer, I guess…) I like what he says about how he worked with artists. Seems like maybe he’s helping Allison with his approach. ….
    Also notice that at the time of the interview he was working with saxophonist/singer Mindy Abair. Elliott’s been appearing with her a lot in the past year or two. Small world, I guess.

  33. I remember watching a bunch of youtubes they did in college and Cale seems to love doing this stuff.

  34. I think I’ve watched this about 10 times whenever it pops up. Still cracks me up. Sadly the LA show sold out in minutes.

  35. I’ve seen tweets that people think it is too religious (which I disagree with) and tweets where people think it isn’t religious enough. “He didn’t mention God once” and “There is no mention of Jesus.” Stephanie Mabey, who wrote it didn’t write it as a religious song. She calls it a “human song”. You certainly can’t please everybody.

  36. Chris Mann’s also done a lot of work with Mindi Abair. She appeared on both of his PBS specials.

  37. Oh, that’s right. I remember that now.
    I think she and Hager attended Berklee at the same time.

  38. did we know this?


    #@LaurenAlaina revealed that she had vocal chord surgery back in August and couldn’t make a peep for 8 days!

  39. The song is for the movie Meet The Mormons. David Archuleta is a very well known Mormon. So I’m not sure how is not a faith based song.

  40. IMO, It is what I would called an “inspirational” song more than a flat out “religious” song. But as I said before, if it was going to be sent to radio, it would be going straight to Christian radio.

  41. He has said numerous times that he has no interest in going the CCM route. And if you listen to his songs, they are very much straightforward mainstream pop/rock/singer-songwriter stuff. The only song of his that has ever gotten any CCM radio play was LLWD, and he didn’t even write that.

    And honestly, I would say that most of his fans do not want him to go that route. He still has his very strong personal faith and is very supportive of his church (in fact he just performed at the opening of a new branch of the church in Fayetteville) but he sees himself as a mainstream artist, not a CCM artist.

  42. Yep..I’ve seen/met Elliott 5 times and saw/met Chris twice and they are the most talented singers and most humble people I’ve ever met. Don’t get why they aren’t super famous. I only saw Allison once on the Idol tour but, I bought her album back in 2009 and it was amazing. Hope she comes to the Philly area with Halo Circus someday.

  43. Amen to all of that. I’ve followed all three of them as much as I’ve been able to as well, and I’m amazed at their musicianship. (I’m not the kind of fan who goes and meets people though — sort of wish I was, however! — but I’ve heard many reports that echo what you say about Elliott and Chris.)

    Hope Allison and Halo Circus come to DC, too. I’m eager to see her in her grownup state.

  44. Well looks like his wrist surgery still allows him to throw a football – good for him! Very funny video.

  45. Is that the Wilton show? There seems to be plenty of tickets available.

  46. Stephanie Mabey wrote this song long before Meet the Mormons. It was not written as a religious song. I’m sure she was thrilled that it was chosen as part of this project. Not many song writers would turn down such an opportunity to have their song heard. I guess each person can decide on their own how they feel about the song.

  47. The Wiltern. yeah. I think she means the VIP tickets (which is what the video is promoting) are sold out

  48. I like Katy but her live performances are hit or miss. Hope she can pull it off.

  49. “IMO, It is what I would called an “inspirational” song more than a flat out “religious” song.”

    You are very likely correct, considering the loose parameters for songs about that subject, I wouldn’t really know, and reading about it convinced me I don’t care to. No doubt, Archie sings it very well, with lots of conviction.

    Still, I’m not even close to the target market for Inspirational/Religious songs; if they are about the Mormon religion or some other faith, doesn’t really matter – – so I have no interest in the song. If that’s where Archie wants to go, I wish him all kinds of Good Fortune.

  50. Why assume that person isn’t Mormon?? It’s not like the Mormon church has been supportive of gay rights at all.

  51. If Lauren is damaging her vocal chords singing, she seriously needs training to keep it from happening again. It’s not always fixable. She could do permanent damage.

  52. So young to be having so many problems with her vocal chords. Seems like she has been having issues since AI.

  53. Shedd Aquarium @shedd_aquarium
    Join us Oct. 30, 5-10 p.m. for Penguin Hops Release Party w/ music by @CalebJohnson & Penguin Hops by @RevBrewChicago

  54. Caleb Perry Johnson @CalebJohnson
    Tune in to @1015WQUT at 1230 today ! Interview and performance !!

  55. That’s a classic rock station. Obviously, it’s not NY, LA, or even Raleigh-Durham (Johnson City, TN looks very BFE), but it’s a radio station that actually reaches the audience that fits the album.

    It’s too bad that more classic rock stations won’t devote a lunch hour or something to newbies in the classic rock style. Stuff costs money, etc., etc., and a lot of oldies stations are auto-programmed and therefore ultra-cheap to run… but from the “art” standpoint, it’d be a good thing.

  56. Without a doubt. Maybe the example I chose was to extreme but there are many non religious people loving this song by the comments I’ve seen and of course also those that are.

  57. There are a ton of very very talented artists who aren’t super famous. Only a very small percentage of artists ever have any kind of real success, let alone become superfamous. Like the majority of ex-reality show contestants, Chris and Elliott are niche artists, in genres that don’t produce a lot of artists who become superstars and/or are able to crossover to genres other than their specific one.

  58. Glad he’s doing better, healthwise. I’m assuming the album he is planning will be an indie release?

  59. David A recorded a spanish song and shot a music video in Costa Rica that is rumored to be coming by end of year.

    And then this conversation on twitter with the writer of Glorious. Sounds like other stuff coming.

    Batya ?@Batya11394
    #NoMoreJesusMusic #GiveMePop

    Stephanie Mabey @stephaniemabey
    @Batya11394 oh, don’t you worry. :)

    Batya @Batya11394

    Batya @Batya11394

    Stephanie Mabey @stephaniemabey
    @Batya11394 yes! and listen to the lyrics of that song without the context of that project. It’s human music :)

    Batya ?@Batya11394
    @stephaniemabey okay. I trust you, stephanie. don’t let me down. ????

    Stephanie Mabey ?@stephaniemabey
    @Batya11394 hahaha!

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