Idol Headlines for 10/30/07

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Britney’s back with ‘Blackout’

…CARRIE’S TURN: It’s hard to say a bad word about “American Idol’s” squeaky-clean sweetheart Carrie Underwood, ‘ceptin’ maybe that she didn’t pay the same kind of dues as other country stars and soft-pedals that music for crossover appeal.

Her sophomore album “Carnival Ride” (Arista, B) is not going to make the Nashville purists happy. But this “lite country” affair should please her huge fan base, and it shows off her vocal range reasonably well, from the topical war-widow’s lament “Just A Dream” to the flamboyant, string-swept “I Know You Won’t, ” to her fiddle-flecked, tongue-wagging put-down of video-game-obsessed guys, “The More Boys I Meet (The More I Love My Dog).”

Jordin Sparks: staying a virgin is hard

‹American Idol winner Jordin Sparks has revealed that staying a virgin has no been easy.

Sparks, who won he sixth season of the reality television show told Us magazine at KIIS-FM Homecoming Concert: …Temptation is always there, it hard everyday, but I made a promise to myself.

Us Magazine reports that Jordin, a committed Christian has worn a platinum …promise ring since she was 13-years-old ‘  bearing the inscription …True Love Waits ‘  that her parents gave her, and she plans to keep it on……..

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Australia FOXTEL Acquires FME American Idol

In a multi-year deal, FremantleMedia Enterprises (FME) has sold the hit reality competition series American Idol to Australian pay-TV platform FOXTEL primary channel, FOX8.

The seventh season of the show will air from January 2008 onwards in tandem with the U.S. broadcast schedule………

World Screen

ITTY BITTY BITS: Cuba at ‘War’; Ne-Yo ‘Apologizes’; Warwick heckled; J-Hud and a Jet?; Osse named Ad Legend.

*Has Jennifer Hudson dropped her longtime boyfriend for an NFL player? According to the New York Daily News, the “American Idol” finalist-turned-Oscar winner was getting cozy with New York Jets free safety Kerri Rhodes Thursday at the Fashion Group International’s Night of Star’s gala at Cipriani. Referring to the baller as “her new man, ” the Daily News said: “He followed right behind her in a separate car, but when they were inside they were holding hands all night and taking trips to the bathroom together.”


Jennifer Hudson doesnt like shoes

American Idol star Jennifer Hudson, who is currently filming her scenes for the movie version of hit TV show Sex and the City in New York & plays an assistant to Carrie Bradshaw played by Sarah Jessica Parker ‘  is having trouble adjusting to her character sky-high heels…..

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The Red Sox Sweep!


Scott Raab: Blogitor Eric Gillin mentioned yesterday that my pointless American Idol anecdote drove our Web traffic through the roof, thanks mainly to the miracle of Google Alerts — so I figured today I’d offer up a shout-out to Yorvit Torrealba’s firm, thrusting nipples and Curt Schilling’s soiled panties.



X Factor Rhydian Shrugs Off Death Threats

….The X Factor’s creative director Brian Friedman has called for all contestants to be mentally tested to make sure they are fit enough to cope with this sort of stress that comes with the show.

His comments come after finalist Sisi Jghalef swallowed pills in a suicide attempt after being thrown off the hit series.

He said: “On American Idol everyone is tested first and I really do think it should happen here.

“You have to be mentally strong to deal with that level of rejection in such a public way.”

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