Idol Headlines for 10/04/07

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‘American Idol’ Champ Jordin Sparks Puts Finishing Touches On Debut, Considers Acting
‘I’d love to do a movie or Broadway, ‘ says singer, whose self-titled album drops November 20.

The debut album from America’s latest “Idol, ” Jordin Sparks, will drop November 20. So why is the 17-year-old songstress ‘  and youngest “American Idol” champ ‘  still sitting in a Los Angeles recording studio? Well, she’s not done with the self-titled LP yet, which has her feeling a bit nervous…….

…..Sparks said her label has largely been hands-off when it comes to her debut disc, but that the process has been very collaborative and filled with compromise. Sparks has enlisted several producers for Jordin Sparks, including production team the Underdogs (Ne-Yo, Chris Brown); Robbie Nevil (who has worked on the “High School Musical” and “Hannah Montana” soundtracks); Norwegian duo Stargate (Nas, Rihanna); Sam Watters (Diana DeGarmo, Jessica Simpson); and Eman (Nick Lachey, Katharine McPhee)…..


Elliot Yamin: Fighting Diabetes
The American Idol star says “it’s OK to have diabetes and still dream big”

…In the October issue of the American Diabetes Association’s Diabetes Forecast magazine, Yamin talks openly about his diagnosis at age 16 — and how hard it is to manage his diabetes while keeping up a busy schedule as a pop star…


Aniston ranked top celebrity covergirl

…Singers and American Idol contestants Carrie Underwood and Jennifer Hudson tied for seventh place, and were followed by actress and Jenny Craig spokeswoman Valerie Bertinelli and morning talk show host Kelly Ripa…


Rosie O’Donnell Outs Clay Aiken – Again

Rosie O’Donnell has again decided that she believes that Clay Aiken is gay. Did I miss a memo – despite constant speculation to the contrary the last I can recall is that Clay was still maintaining that he was straight. But ever the constant drum roll of selfishness and controversy O’Donnell takes to her book “Celebrity Detox” and again claims the one time American Idol is homosexual…….

National Ledger

Q&A With Fox Digital Media President Dan Fawcett

….Fox doesn’t have the Internet distribution rights to American Idol, your biggest show. Will we see full-streaming episodes of Idol on your Web properties any time soon?

We do have, which is owned by Fox, Fremantle and 19 [Entertainment]. And right now the content on that site is exclusive to that site. Fox can’t decide on its own to do anything, it’d have to be a three-party arrangement. There’s obviously also the music clearance issues that are sort of unique to a show like that. I think we’d love to do it. We’ve had discussions with Fremantle/19 on the best ways of exploiting American Idol content online. I don’t think we have any definitive agreements or arrangements. They haven’t said no, nor are we really that far advanced. And they haven’t seen Hulu. The season doesn’t start until January, so we have a lot of time….


Phillies today

….”American Idol” alum and Bucks County native Anthony Federov will sing the national anthem, while Peter Tork of The Monkees will perform “God Bless America” before the seventh-inning stretch….


The weekend picks

…On the horizon
Former “American Idol” contestant Elliott Yamin rolls into Grand Rapids Monday for a concert at The Intersection. The Last Goodnight and Josh Hoge also are on the bill….

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Bucky Covington
9:30 p.m. Saturday at the Budweiser Pavilion

Country music singer and “American Idol” finalist Bucky Covington will entertain fairgoers at 9:30 p.m. Saturday at the Budweiser Pavilion at the Southern New Mexico State Fair……..

Las Cruces Sun

Bowwow Wow


Kellie Pickler is a small-town girl with a hard-luck story who earned her big break on “American Idol.” The rising country star is touring in support of her debut album, “Small Town Girl.” With singles such as the sassy “Red High Heels” and the sad “I Wonder, ” Pickler will play Wichita’s Club Rodeo, 10001 E. Kellogg, on Friday……

As for Music, Gates Taste May Not Be Adventurous but His Strategies Are

Even Bill Gates might admit that some of the ways he discovers new music could be regarded as quaint in the digital era: he has favored the folk-inflected soundtrack from the film …Once after seeing the movie recently, and he learned about Kelly Clarkson not from watching …American Idol, but from his 11-year-old daughter….


Kellie Pickler says “Tootootles” to her ex

…The 21-year-old singer confessed to the screaming crowd saying that her former boyfriend, Nashville Predator hockey player Jordin Tootoo, cheated on her. Joking to concertgoers, she said she hoped Jordin got his teeth knocked out during that night game…

OK Magazine

The choreographer can do

Q Do you think all the reality-TV talent shows are changing people’s expectations of what live performance should be?

A I think so. The good part is it brings in a new audience of people that would never have gone to the theater before, which is great. Like when we did “West Side Story” here with Diana DeGarmo, and the young girls who watch “American Idol” came out to see her. That’s terrific, to get them into the theater. It’s the same thing with Max [Crumm] and Laura [Osnes] now being in “Grease” on Broadway, or with “High School Musical.” But on the other hand, it’s asking theater to be more commercial. Because of the nature of those shows and the heightened expectations for them, they can manipulate the viewer. So when they come to the theater, they don’t know what to expect. They can’t add the energy by adding camera shots. You’ve got to really sit back and absorb it. You’ve got to listen to what’s happening. You’ve actually got to pay attention in the theater. Our job is to keep it artistic….

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