Idol Headlines for 09/09/07

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“American Idol” finally clinches an Emmy

With a dash of charity and some posthumous help from Elvis Presley, smash hit “American Idol” clinched its first Emmy in six years on Saturday to avoid becoming the biggest loser in the history of U.S. television’s highest honors………


Should ‘American Idol’ be forced to give back its Emmy win?

…But then ATAS, quite strangely, decided that it also is a special and permitted it to compete there, too. Is that fair?

If not, then it means that “Idol Gives Back” should not have been permitted to compete in the category that it won tonight — Outstanding Technical Direction, Camerawork, Video for a Miniseries, Movie or a Special. Right? Or if “Idol” is permitted to keep this Emmy, then its entry next Sunday might, theoretically, be disqualified since the exact same TV footage, minute for minute, is being judged in a separate category reserved for regular series.

All of this matters a lot because the stakes are so high in another respect….


‘American Idol’ contestants head to N.C. for tour

Phil Stacey made it to the top 10 on …American Idol but he hasnt been mobbed by fans, yet.

…Most of the time, I can go places without being recognized unless Im with Chris Sligh or Sanjaya (Malakar). They seem more readily recognizable, Stacey said in a phone interview from Worcester, Mass., on Wednesday afternoon. The American Idols Live Tour stopped in Worcester for a show Wednesday night…….

The Times News

Like Clockwork, Country Time Is Here Again

…And then there Carrie Underwood, one of a dwindling number of young stars who can still claim to be more popular than Chris Daughtry. Like him she was catapulted into the firmament by …American Idol, and she has figured out a way to stay there. Her debut album, …Some Hearts, has sold around six million copies in America.

Her second album, …Carnival Ride (19 Recordings/Arista Nashville), is also due on Oct. 23, and she can currently be found on a radio station near you, belting …So Small, a grand inspirational ballad, out of the park. One more reason that this fall it might be impossible to find a record executive who doesnt at least pretend to love country music.


Music: A new stage at Mystic Lake

…Flom hopes to use the showroom to develop new — possibly younger — audiences for the casino. As an example, he pointed to Mystic Lake booking current stars Carrie Underwood and Taylor Hicks in the past year.

“You’ll see names that you wouldn’t have seen here a few years ago, ” said Flom, the showroom’s chief booker. “It used to be the mentality that a casino was an artist at the end of their career. Now, with venues like ours and other casinos, this is not like playing a ballroom somewhere.”…

Star Tribune

A Neo-Soul Star as She Is: Nurturing Her Inner Rebel

…Getting it right is essential both for Ms. Keys as a musician and for a recording business with few young stars that inspire loyalty. In the four years between Ms. Keys studio albums, CD sales have stayed in a tailspin and albums have been dismantled in favor of singles and ring tones. Careers have been forged by …American Idol, which boosts singers rather than songwriters, entertainers more than musicians ‘  nearly the opposite of a self-determined performer like Ms. Keys…

……She doesnt compromise, said Clive Davis, the chairman of BMG North America (the parent of J Records), who has nurtured her career since he signed her as a teenager and his company released her 2001 debut, the multimillion-selling …Songs in A Minor. …I would never think of remotely asking her to compromise.

Although he has appeared on …American Idol as a musical coach, …I dont give her any advice, he said. …And she doesnt rest on any laurels….


Welcome to La La land

…There’s no sign of Simon Cowell disappearing any time soon. His £45 million earnings have made him the second-highest-paid person on US television (beaten only by Oprah Winfrey); American Idol attracted viewing figures of 30 million per episode and he is now planning on bringing the concept to the big screen, with a film he says will be along the lines of Fame.

Such is Cowell’s power that he managed to persuade the American public to take Piers Morgan to their hearts…


Underwood Signs Language

“American Idol” country phenom Carrie Underwood sure loves her fans — no matter what time it is!

Around 2:00 AM, the stunning singer made what she thought was going to be a quiet exit from club Marquee, only to have a guitar-wielding fan wanting her to sign his six string. Underwood obliged, then hopped into an SUV with a hot blonde of her own. Carrie’s comrade wanted her full attention and grabbed her Blackberry, faking a toss out the window. Don’t forget to remember me!

Then Jesus took the wheel.


Preview of fall CD releases
Autumn offers battle of the bands

… ¢ Jordin Sparks. November. Now standing apart from her “American Idol” competition, this year’s winner will issue her risky debut…

Just as exciting second-time around
Fans were out in droves Saturday to see Carrie Underwood at the York Fair

Saturday night was girls’ night out at the York Fair.
Moms, daughters, grandmothers and sisters were out to see Carrie Underwood at the grandstand.

Underwood is no stranger to the area; she played a show with Andy Griggs last year at the fair. York fans seemed just as excited the second-time around….

York Daily Record

So long, Sanjaya; hello, Hand

…SANJAYA, YOU’RE GOING TO HOLLYWOOD: The Federal Way home to the “American Idol” star can be yours for $360, 000! The four-bedroom, 1.75-bathroom went on sale this week as the family plans to move to Los Angeles next month. Realtor Dennis Fletcher, a personal friend of Sanjaya’s mother’s fiancà ©, is promoting the listing with autographed posters of Sanjaya. The 1963 split-level (MLS #: 27160229) includes a recording studio and will be open to visitors today from 1 to 4 p.m. at 2313 SW 339th St. Hurry. “Do I think it’s gonna sell quick?” Fletcher says. “Yes.” …

Seattle Times

`American Idol’ performer stops by G-W

Former “American Idol” star George Huff recently performed at Gardner-Webb University in Boiling Springs.

Huff’s appearance in the Lutz-Yelton Convocation Center was part of the university’s Dimensions series…

‘Storm’ clouds
There’s no thunder or lightning in Travis Tritt’s new CD.

“The Storm”

** (Category 5)

You can’t get “American Idol” judge Randy Jackson to shut up about the time he played in Journey, as if this makes him an expert on “Idol’s” rock theme nights. It’s a safe bet he’ll lord his country music cred over Simon next season, given his latest eye-opening collaboration: He’s coproduced country vet Travis Tritt’s new CD…….


TV presenter Ryan Seacrest is America answer to Simon Cowell, but without the high-waisted trousers….

Sunday Mirror