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EXCLUSIVE: Fantasia To Move In With Married Lover; In Talks For Another Reality Show

Fantasia Barrino and her married lover Antwaun Cook are planning to move in together – despite the fact that her family does not approve. has learned exclusively that the couple are making plans to move in together and have been in talks with VH1 for a new reality show about their rollercoaster relationship.

The former American Idol winner recently reconciled with Cook after she unsuccessfully tried to take her own life when he ended the relationship.

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Fantasia Moves Forward Despite Personal Challenges

Fantasia has endured a roller coaster couple of weeks, as the mainstream and tabloid media have veered from one controversy (the singer being named in a divorce case that includes sex tape allegations) to the next (her being hospitalized for a “medical overdose”). But that isn’t stopping the former “American Idol” champ from honoring a previously scheduled promotional tour in support of her third album, “Back to Me” (J Records, Aug. 24).

Responding only to questions about the album via e-mail to Billboard, Fantasia says the love- and independence-fueled “Back to Me” has “allowed her to give back exactly what and who everyone fell in love with” during her “Idol” turn.


Joe Perry — The Steven Tyler Shove Was an Accident

Joe Perry claims he never intended to shove Steven Tyler off of the stage during an Aerosmith concert in Toronto earlier this week … no matter how intentional it may have looked on the video.

A rep for the band tells TMZ, “Joe wanted his fans to know he would never deliberately push Steven off the stage” … noting that Joe is a “total gentleman.”

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Adam Lambert Visits Children’s Hospital Boston

@AdamLambert: “Just visited Children’s Hospital in Boston. Good reminder to appreciate life’s value. Those kids have such incredible spirits in the face of illness. I’m inspired.”


Adam Lambert, Drew Barrymore In Gay Media Awards Show

A show that takes a peek behind the scenes at GLAAD’s 21st Annual Media Awards features singer Adam Lambert and actress Drew Barrymore.

The hour-long special, titled The Advocate On-Air: The GLAAD Media Awards Special, premieres Friday on all-gay cabler here! TV.

The show cobbles together short video vignettes originally produced for Here Media’s gay-themed online properties, which include,, and


‘Idols’ talk tour, future plans, show

“American Idol” is TV’s most popular show. But it’s also in a major transition period as producers mull new additions to the judging panel to replace the departed Simon Cowell.

Meanwhile, the “American Idols Live! Tour 2010” continues. The tour rolled into Arco Arena in Sacramento on Wednesday.

Casey James, Didi Benami, Tim Urban, Crystal Bowersox and Aaron Kelly were on hand to discuss the tour, future plans and the future of “Idol.”


Bucky Covington Plunges Head First Into ATV Race

Country artist BUCKY COVINGTON took part in the 3rd annual reunion show for “Fisher’s ATV World, ” which was being taped for the OUTDOOR CHANNEL, on SATURDAY, AUGUST 14th in PATTON, PA. Fans got an unexpected surprise from BUCKY when he and his twin brother ROCKY and band mates competed against each other in an ATV skills obstacle course to get the crowd pumped before the concert.

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Sons of Sylvia ‘Hanging On’ to Carrie Underwood Tour Gig

Sons of Sylvia, the trio of brothers comprised of Ashley, Adam and Austin Clark, are currently enjoying the gig of a lifetime, opening up for new bride Carrie Underwood on her Play On tour. But the guys, who seemed to come from obscurity to get the coveted role most artists only dream of, admit it’s still a bit shocking to them as well.

“She invited us by a phone call, ” Ashley recalls (quote via CMTT). “She called us and asked us if we wanted to open up for her, and I was like, ‘Um, let me check my schedule … Of course we want to open up for you!'”

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Is Steven Tyler the Key to Making ‘American Idol’ Good Again? Dream On …

After months of rumored judge candidates — Chris Isaak! Harry Connick Jr.! Justin Timberlake! Betty White! (OK, that one was wishful thinking, but we’ll take Betty on anything) — Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton, said during an interview with The Newark Star-Ledger that his bandmate had signed a contract with ‘American Idol.’

So, all should be right in the land of ‘Idol, ‘ and viewers should expect a rejuvenated show come next January, right?

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CNN is Waiting to Announce Piers Morgan Deal

Piers Morgan’s long, slow march to CNN continues — but not apace.

An individual close to the parties confirmed that CNN is nearing an official announcement to have the British journalist and “America’s Got Talent” host replace Larry King at 9 p.m. The network.

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Can Simon Cowell save our summer?

Who was it that said April is the cruellest month? Ah, yes,
T S Eliot, that’s who: breeding, lilacs, blah blah blah. What did the Nobel Prize-winning Eliot know anyway? He should have stuck to cats. August is clearly the cruellest month.

Look out the window. Even if it’s sunny, I bet you’ll be clouded over by the afternoon, unless you’re on a Greek island, in which case, go and have a swim or something. August is almost always rubbish, the best weather behind us, the worst of it to come; after the Bank Holiday next week, there’s nothing to look forward to until… well, May 2011.


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  1. Lifehouse has been tweeting about their upcoming fall tour today, and that has led to some speculation on twitter about whether this is who Kris will be opening for. They already played a gig together up in Golden Gate Park this summer, and Jason has been quoted about wanting to tour with Kris and how much he like his voice and music. But right now, it’s just speculation…


    #@lifehousemusic who is opening up for you guys? We can’t tell you yet, but we are fans of them/him/her 32 minutes ago via Facebook

    #And by the way, we are psyched for this tour.. It’s going to be our biggest/baddest yet, and our support act rules. -B 37 minutes ago via Facebook

    #We just took a look at the rough schedule of our headlining tour starting mid-October and it looks amazing!! Details soon. about 3 hours ago via Facebook

    ETA: one reason for this speculation. Way back in May, Lifehouse tweeted this:

    He’s great..Love to tour with him sometimeRT @lily2185: @lifehousemusic ok so… what do you think of @KrisAllen? do you have his album? Saturday, May 22, 2010 9:30:44 AM via Echofon

  2. Haven’t been around much the past day or two, apologies if this was already posted. But Danny will be doing a free concert in Boston Weds.

    Country 102.5 with partnership with Mayor Menino’s Concert Series is hosting a FREE concert with DANNY GOKEY on City Hall Plaza, Wednesday, August 25th.
    Join us for a night of great country music!! The show starts at 7pm.

    Danny hasn’t been up in the northeast as much as some other areas, but in addition to this one over the next few weeks he has a date coming up at the Vermont State Fair and another at the “Big E” in Mass (Springfield, maybe?). Also two dates in PA / NJ.

  3. From Monte Pittman’s interview with Rock Star Weekly in which he discusses the AMA’s among his various projects :)

    Part of me was thinking… “this could ruin everything” , but there was a part of me thinking . . . “Here we go. (laughs) Everybody buckle into the rollercoaster, we’re taking off.”
    The same thing happened when Madonna kissed Britney Spears. I was there for that too. When I play guitar, people just can’t help it, they have to start kissing.

  4. adamlambert

    #Another circus, another show! :) I think I’m going a wee bit crazy- as many touring artists do. It’s a good crazy though. Gonna start writing some tunes w this sacred lack of reality giving me new perspective.

  5. Joe Perry claims he never intended to shove Steven Tyler off of the stage during an Aerosmith concert in Toronto earlier this week.

    Of course he didn’t!!! :lol:

  6. LOL at Kris’s pranking that LeBron and Dwayne were at his concert … particularly after the hilarious radio interview video where the DJ showed him a pic of Lebron.

    Fantasia just makes me shake my head. Another reality show? Seriously?

  7. IamCarmit: Just finished shooting E! True hollywood story for an amazing friend. Sshh! Can u guess who?! :)
    about 3 hours ago

    This is Carmit Bachar, Adam’s friend and performer in the zodiac show.

  8. It’s great that Kris’s video is now up on Vevo. I’m happy for you all. Enjoy it and bask in the glow.

    But if you wonder why Cook fans angst so much, Cook’s video for “Come Back To Me” is STILL not up on Vevo, and you can’t view the official version that was uploaded by Cook’s channel, since you get the following message when you try to view it there:

    “David Cook – Come Back to Me”

    This video is not available.

    You have to either watch the ones uploaded by fans, or go to DCO to view through MyPlay, if & when the site is running well.

  9. wordnerdarchie

    that sucks. but maybe this will help?


    #Having fun, writing with @nealfingtiemann and @andyskib. cool idea. will it come to fruition? time will tell. 4 minutes ago via web

  10. Cook, Tiemann & Skib are writing together? Maybe this is one of those last minute “kick-*ss” songs that make the record. WooHoo! Thanks girlygirl. It certainly does help. LOL!

  11. #Having fun, writing with @nealfingtiemann and @andyskib. cool idea. will it come to fruition? time will tell. 4 minutes ago via web

    So is Cook still writing for his album? That must mean he is pretty far off from a release date. I wonder if the label hasn’t liked a lot of the stuff he’d already worked on. It sure seems to be taking a long time and he doesn’t seem to have gotten any PR support in forever. I wonder if RCA is giving up on him.

    I also wonder if they want him releasing around the same time as so many other Idols this Fall/early winter. Adam with his acoustic stuff, plus Lee, Kelly, etc it might be Idol overload. And I don’t see him as a priority compared to those.

    I hope I’m wrong. He is one of my favs.

  12. So is Cook still writing for his album? That must mean he is pretty far off from a release date.

    Not necessarily. In mid-June, Ryan Star wrote a song called “Start a Fire”. His release date for his album was August 3. Star gave the demo to the president of Atlantic Records and told him that he wanted it on his record, even though the CD was going to be pressed in the next few weeks. Two weeks later he was in LA recording it and it was included on his album that released first week of August. So a song written today could be ready in time for a release less than 2 months down the road. Ryan Star proved that.

    ETA: Also, the song Permanent was a last minute song recorded for DCTR. Cook has said that he felt there was a need for a ballad on DCTR once the rest of the tracks were nailed down. It was written very quickly, and recorded with just two takes. That one turned out very well.

  13. Soooo thrilled David, Neal and Andy are collaborating. Last time we had a David/Neal co-write, we got Kiss On the Neck, which is possibly my favorite song on the album. And the time before that, we got Anodyne, which is my absolute favorite MWK song. For whatever reason, from the limited sample of two songs, I probably like Neal + David songs better than the MWK Neal-only songs, or a lot of David-only or David + other cowriters songs. Oh, and wasn’t KOTN done as a last minute add that was written during the recording phase of DCTR? I remember David saying that in an interview. So all in all, this last minute cowrite is looking good…

    Yeah the CBTM Vevo disaster is such bullshit. SMH…

  14. If anyone needs some iTunes cover art for some little song that can’t be named, here is a nice one for you to grab. Busch Gardens

  15. And the time before that, we got Anodyne, which is my absolute favorite MWK song.

    Mine too, mine too! I also absolutely adore ‘Til I’m Blue and when I finally got David singing that at one of my shows (Charlottesville) I might’ve jumped around a bit hollering that’smysongthat’smysong or something similar. Heh.

    If anyone needs some iTunes cover art for some little song that can’t be named, here is a nice one for you to grab. Busch Gardens

    Um, wow. Hi, lips erm David. If I were to have that song on my iPod – now IF, mind you – I would love that picture of lips David to be the album art.



    #Ladies and gentlemen, the governator (and Conan the Barbarian) is following @KrisAllen. This is a milestone of epic proportions. less than a minute ago via web

  17. Sigh. In my wildest dreams, the whole album would be David/Neal/Andy cowrites. Somehow I don’t think RCA came to David and said, “So, we were listening to all the demos and it hit us. We have a fever, and the only cure, is more cowrites with your band!” Although that would be awesome and finally restore my faith in RCA, LOL. (Don’t EVEN get me started on the lack of timetable for the new album and the possibility of a 2011 release date.) If anything I’d put money on this being the brainchild of the boys. Permanent being written very late in the process was my first thought, too, wordnerdarchie. I recall something about David thinking DCTR was missing a a super stripped down, emmotionally raw song, and bringing the idea to Raine and Chantal. It all came together quickly and perfectly, David wrote the lyrics in a day and recorded the song in two takes, yada yada yada.

    ANYway, if things are really vibing with the band in the studio, I can see them fooling around with some random new ideas and then thinking maybe they are on to something. And yeah, didn’t KOTN get written that way, too? If it’s as good as KOTN it best not be relegated to sooper hidden song status this time.

  18. In my wildest dreams, the whole album would be David/Neal/Andy cowrites.

    I’d be ok with that, lol.

    If it’s as good as KOTN it best not be relegated to sooper hidden song status this time.

    And THAT. Wonder how many people never did find lovely KOTN hidden there in the big silence?

  19. I believe Permanent was written right after Heroes– I think the story goes, David was over at Raine and Chantal’s with Cathy Dennis working out Heroes, and then they finished, but Chantal started playing this beautiful piano melody, and David, who was on his way out, stopped and said, we have to do something with this. I think he was scheduled to go somewhere but he stayed behind to hash out the melody of the song with Raine and Chantal and made himself late for his next thing. And then later, he sat down and wrote out the lyrics in like 20 minutes or something. I think it was a spur of the moment thing, and one of the later songs to be written, but not that last minute. I believe KOTN was the last song to be written, and they didn’t know how it fit, which was why it was relegated to a hidden track.

    tierbee– oh nooos, we diverge! I don’t like Til I’m Blue… or Make Me, or really any of the other songs from the MWK show that much. Circles Anthem was maybe okay. Bad band fan… I might only like Neal’s songwriting when paired with David…?

  20. Good to know the last minute writes could end up on the CD and don’t mean he is on the slow road to the next CD. I’m not familiar with the songs you mentioned, but I like the idea of a last minute creative burst generating a great song.

  21. tierbee– oh nooos, we diverge!

    That’s ok – *sniff* – we still have Anodyne!

    I’m not familiar with the songs you mentioned

    Permanent is the most heartbreaking song – and I love what they did to it for the live version. I bought that version from the S8 finale and stuck it on my iPod and… well, when I found out my grandma was very ill and I had a hard time crying over it (I adored my grandma) I went off by myself in the car and played Permanent and hello, floodgates! So thanks, Cook, for that therapy. It’s so raw and real.

  22. Kiss on the Neck Busch Gardens- now with more guitar spankage!

    He was… aggressive… wasn’t he? :)

  23. LOL! Loved the spankage. Sadly, not so much the song. But I do know Permanent. It’s my sole Idol itunes download purchase in all 9 years of watching the show, from the S8 show where he sang it live. Great song and great cause.

  24. ^Upside down guitar spanking is my new favorite thing doncha know. Pssst….tierbee….I lwill share your love for Till I’m Blue. (And I totally did the “that’s my song” thing, too, when he sang Honest.) The bridge in TIB bridge kills me. When I know, when I know, when I know something’s gone wrong, I look to the crowd and I see faces….faces….guiding me back home
    Ugg. I’m with smallie on Make Me, though. Not my cuppa. Anyway, back on point, more Cook/Tiemann cowrites, please. Work it out.

    ETA: Happy Together! LOL Man, that was a flat ironed hair don’t of epic proportions. (Even for Cookie.) My eyes, my eyes…

  25. Ooh, the bridge, I love the bridge. It gives me goosebumps. I can only listen to that song when my kids are not in the car ’cause I like ‘Til I’m Blue *loud*.

    (Make Me is just ok for me, so we’re good there. I like Railway Reality…)

    That guitar got the bejeesus beat out of it at Busch Gardens day #2. I liked. Was terribly glad for my closer seats ;)

    And to prove that I can think of something other than Mr. Cook (hee) – I like when we get Kris tweets… followed by Jim…

    Instead of watching the show tonight @ETMills just “chatted online with babes all night.” Please @ETMills put a shirt on!

    @KrisAllen The ladies can’t resist @ETMills’ way with words. Or his magical light-up finger. Wait, what?!!

  26. My eyes, my eyes…

    That’s when I thought he looked like the Joker. I was like hmm… I like that voice but… Joker! Do not want!

    Then he got much better the next week, though he talked back to Simon and irritated me. Took me a bit to fall in love ;)

  27. Those two, they are too many things. I wouldn’t be surprised to discover Jim sleeps with Kris Allen sheets and pillowcases. ;)

  28. Anyway, back on point, more Cook/Tiemann cowrites, please. Work it out.

    And yes. I second that. Do it. And them GIMME ALBUM. Or at least a single?! C’mon, Cook.

  29. I wouldn’t be surprised to discover Jim sleeps with Kris Allen sheets and pillowcases.

    If my sister could have New Kids pillowcases back in the day… surely Jim can have Kris Allen pillowcases ;)

  30. So is Cook still writing for his album? That must mean he is pretty far off from a release date. I wonder if the label hasn’t liked a lot of the stuff he’d already worked on.

    I seriously doubt they would decide until he started recording they dont like all the months of material he wrote on. Dont labels review songs before they hit the studio? IMO if that was the case they would send him back in to the studio with the more proven RCA/19 stable writers. I think there are issues which are stalling the recording process but likely not that. Idont make much of him sitting around with his friends writing. He’s sounded so bored lately the extent of his tweets have been about TV shows and themes.

    That said I dont think RCA is overly concerned about him releasing against the other Idols. Doubt they care much at all. Why yes I AM cranky about all this. This shit with the recent YouTube pullings has me pissed.

  31. Hmmmm. Perhaps David, Neal and Andy are knocking out some new Midwest Kings material? And perhaps (probably) that MWK album will be released before DCTR2. LOL.

  32. I’ll put my vote in for a DC&TA written album – in fact it would be my pony of ponies! I’m still loving Axium and suspect that a band driven writing/recording environment would suit very well again now…

    That said, I love Paper Heart and had I had the chance yesterday to listen to it again, my enthusiasm for the upcoming record might very well have been renewed: of course such a thing could not have occured, with RCA being so enthusiastic in pulling down all the vids…

    I listened to Make Believe and U and I again yesterday too and this made me happy and sad for different reasons. Make Believe, because I love it and very much doubt whether it will be on the album: what can I say, I love Cook’s music when he’s writing alone or with a truely sympathetic co-writer (Kiss On The Neck is definitely my favourite off DCTR). U and I makes me sad, because I love the instrumentation at the start and in the verses (and the lyrics are pretty good there too) but then it all gets thrown away on a chorus that!

    Anyway – it’s all a way of passing the time until DCTR2 gets released, sometime in 2012 :lol

  33. I like U & I a lot, probably as much as Paper Heart, except David & the band performed PH a lot tighter than they did U & I, which is swaying me. I’m not bummed about Make Believe though– some good parts, but it’s hard to describe– it sits in that angry part of David’s voice the whole song. It may be blashphemy, but I’d like to hear someone else’s voice sing that song– like a girl voice maybe– the melody sounds almost like a pop song?

  34. Yep, I guess Make Believe does have some pop root directions there, but I’ve got to be honest, I am a musical dunce in some ways. I only know what I like and am not great on recognising genre influences, unless they’re staring me right in the face :lol

    In Cook terms, musically I can see a development there from We’re Only Honest and Souvenir. And it also has proper Cook lyrics…The versions I’ve got him singing on he sounds a bit strained, so I’d love to hear a recorded version, but, as I said, I doubt we’re going to get it.

    U and I – I really love the musical intro: really love it. And I like the verses full stop. But I just cannot warm to that chorus – it’s lyrically and musically nondescript to me.

    It’s weird how different things can strike different people – differently.

  35. ^tru dat, fadetowhite. Now see, tbh I’m not sure what you mean by angry voice, smallie, but I actually secretly wish for the triumphant return of what I consider the Angry!Dave voice a la Feed Your Ego (vastly underappreciated gem of the Axium back catalogue IMO) and Stitches (see: Feed Your Ego, and replace Axium with AH) and Let Go, etc etc. Loves it when he gets that guttural thing going on. (Come on, Boomerage! Four Letter Word! I’ve got high hopes for you…) My only prob with Make Believe is the verses need some TLC. A hodgepodge of good ideas that just don’t hang as a whole. I think it needs to be rewritten backwards from “tell me where does love go when it dies” which can stay as is, and the chorus is just perfection. In later versions he took out “oh how we were, now we’re always so unsure” line which I would have kept. Hmm. I can see he was trying for a life/death antithetical thing in some parts (weren’t afraid of living if it made you alive, not enough to help the feeling survive, where does love go when it dies), which is good and Cookian. Just needs to be tweaked some more.

  36. I fell asleep before I got to see the Cookie pillowcase – haha!

    but I actually secretly wish for what I consider the Angry!Dave voice a la Feed Your Ego

    You know I love his lower register… the Axium stuff spent a lot more time there. *Puts Feed Your Ego on the iPod*

  37. I’ve never been one to worry too much or angst about Cook, however, it seems he has been put on the backburner by RCA. I will never understand why another single wasn’t released. Now with the press lumping him Kris and Lee(no offense to fans of both), it seems they forget how strong Cook’s fanbase was(is I hope), and how well he sold albums compared to Kris, Adam, and even Jordin. I just hope they do well by Cook.

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